What are the Different Types of Men’s Underwear?

Men’s underwear used to be confined to boxer shorts and briefs. But there are more men’s undergarments styles available today than before. Men’s underwear is so diverse that you could wear a different kind of underwear every day for months. Men’s underwear can be far more interesting than a simple white brief. While this option is necessary, there are numerous other styles to discover and explore.

Nobody tells you this, but the unsuitable pair of underwear can ruin your day. An awkward fabric and insufficient support will affect your business and prevent you from focusing on your work. Sadly, men do not place more importance on their underwear. Picking the best underwear for men, on the other hand, is not always complicated. Though there are various kinds and styles of underwear for men on the market, getting the best and ideal one for you can make a significant difference in your daily life.

Some of the different types of male underwear are discussed below, as well as how to choose the best one for you.

Different Types of Men’s Underwear


The majority of men buy a few pairs of briefs. They are your standard daily underwear, available in various rises and designs suitable for light sports and going out. They cover your package and buttocks but do not cover or confine your thighs or legs. This keeps them comfy regardless of what you wear over them. Men who prefer briefs require support to retain everything in place but dislike the extended fabric found in boxers.

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Briefs are available in low-, medium-and high-rise cuts to highlight the buttocks and profile. They emphasize the thigh and the side of the thigh. And the lack of extra fabric is essential. Briefs can be worn underneath tighter-fitting clothing without causing a wedgie. Quick-drying fabrics, waist-minimizing waistbands, and cuts that boost a man’s natural contours are all notable features of briefs. Briefs are typically sold wherever men’s clothing is sold.

Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are the iconic underwear style, famous since your father was a lad, if not earlier, and named after the shorts worn by boxers. It’s that simple. Boxers are typically made of 100% cotton and are somewhat loose-fitting, allowing air to flow and your moving parts to, well, move. They usually have a button fly and sit on your hips, reaching over the tops of your thighs.

Boxers are perfect if you wear loose trousers, such as a suit or maybe something high-waisted. Still, anything too snugly causes the fabric to bunch, which is uncomfy and shows through your garments. They are typically perfect for guys with slimmer legs and narrowness at the hips, so they hang rather than cling.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are a modification of the classic boxer but are made from stretchy material. It is often made of cotton with a touch of elastane, or modal, which is softer and silkier with a touch of elastane. The cut is typically more fitted, though the proportion varies depending on the brand. The best designs offer more support where it counts, better classification, and are cut closer to the thigh. They’re typically worn higher on the hips to highlight the waistband and sit between the middle and top of the thigh.

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They fit most men, but if you have notably well-developed thighs, you may find them slightly constraining at the top of the leg. The fabric may bunch up, which is both uncomfortable and unkempt.

Boxer briefs are best suited to taller, larger men, particularly those with larger posteriors. The additional fabric, which has a stretch component, covers, and defines, whereas the higher waistband offers a better fit. The high waist is also ideal for taller men, whose underwear frequently slips when bending down.


Trunks are becoming a more popular choice in men’s underwear. They vary between a brief and a boxer brief, but without the excess fabric found in boxer briefs. They have short legs and a square style. Trunks are an exciting option if you want to try something new. Boxer briefs are not like trunks. They are much more of a square-cut brief. A trunk is either a shorter or longer boxer brief, based on how you look. Many men are unaware that the undies they wear are trunks. If the leg is short, but not quite a brief, it’s most likely a trunk.

They’ve become a common choice in men’s underwear because they offer just enough support and coverage for casual clothing. They enable a man to display a little more of his sex appeal without feeling overly exposed. On the other hand, trunks aren’t ideal for sports, but they are suitable for men who want to strike a balance between sexy and comfy. They’re not too short, not too long, and entirely functional, with enough coverage for the parts that their wearers prefer to leave to the imagination.

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Jock Strap

A jockstrap comprises a wide elastic waistband with a support pouch holding a shock-absorbent-resistant protective cup or box. It is to safeguard the testicles from injury, and two straps extend from the bottom of the pocket around the buttocks to the sides of the waistband.

It can also be worn under a pair of pants. This is a perfect alternative to wearing briefs while hiking, biking, camping, or other recreational sports. It’s ideal because the jock strap takes less moisture than a set of cotton briefs and provides much-needed air circulation. Because the scrotum is lifted away from the thighs, the jockstrap can also avoid friction burns in the scrotum and impact – which is incredibly beneficial when hiking lengthy journeys.


G-strings or thongs are the “bare essentials” of men’s undergarments. A G-string comes with a thin layer of fabric that attaches a pouch to the waistband and is not for the faint-hearted. The buttocks are entirely exposed. And men who don’t want to “go commando” under their jeans may prefer wearing G-string underwear, as so many men do.

The Bottom Line

The fashion world is constantly changing. Gone are the days when inner wear was not included in the fashion dictionary. With everyone now being open to just about anything, there are so many choices for what you wear underneath your outfits., not just briefs.

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