Should Men Ever Wear White Pants?

An old saying from the 1960s says you can’t wear white after Labor Day, but this is a very outdated concept. White jeans are widely accepted throughout the year. Wearing white jeans no longer has to be a risky move. A pair of white jeans, when styled correctly, can add a touch of freshness to any outfit, regardless of the occasion.

White jeans are no longer just for sailors. Even the most die-hard denim fans can switch out their favorite jeans for a pair of white pants and still look cool. White pants may appear to be a specialized item, but they are incredibly versatile.

They can be dressed up or dressed down and can be partnered with almost any other color and worn on any occasion. So, yes. Men can wear white pants whenever.

How to Wear White Pants for Men

Wearing white jeans can be challenging for men at times. Even if you know how to wear your favorite blue and black denim, wearing white pants can be difficult.

However, don’t let that deter you from donning these wicked amazing pants. You’ll be able to wear these trousers in serious style if you know what to wear with white jeans and have a lot of confidence.

So, to help you pull off your white pants, here’s how.

  • White jeans look best with classic pieces and a simple color palette.
  • In the winter, try pairing your white jeans with a black leather jacket.
  • In the summer, you can pair your white jeans with a T-shirt and a blue denim jacket.
  • Make a statement with an all-white outfit and white jeans.
  • Wear your white jeans with a shirt for a smart-casual outfit or with a blazer for a semi-formal style.
  • To complete any outfit with white jeans, choose from sneakers, boots, loafers, and derby shoes to pair to.
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What to Wear With White Pants for Men

Blue jeans are a no-brainer, but what about white? The majority of men don’t even try. However, if you know what pieces to wear and pair with white pants, you’ll be able to pull them off.

Here are some of the many pieces you can match with your white pants.


White jeans are ideal for putting together stylish, smart casual, or semi-formal attire. These visually appealing trousers are easy to dress up due to their clean appearance. All you need to do to complete the look is add a tailored blazer. You will instantly lift your attire and your jeans by doing so.

If you’re not sure what blazer you can wear, you can try the following:

  • Brown and blue go well together, and when your brown blazer has flecks of white in the fabric, white jeans are an obvious pick to finish the look.
  • A teal blazer and white pant combination is also a great way to combine the best of both worlds. On the one hand, you have an ultra-light, breathable blazer, and on the other, you have snazzy white pants that don’t distract from the main focus up top.
  • Suppose there is a blazer and white pants combination for the man who appreciates a little contrast in their life. In that case, it is a pink shirt blazer and white pants combination. You will undoubtedly be the most remarkable person at the party when you try this combo.


Simply wearing white jeans with a shirt is one of the best ways to wear them. The combination is simple, but it is also highly stylish.

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When it comes to picking a shirt, lighter shades look best and can establish a coordinated look. A light blue denim shirt, for example, will look great with your white jeans. Optionally, you can pair your trousers with a striped button-up to add texture and color to your ensemble.

You can finish your shirt, white pants outfit, a belt, and a pair of loafers, espadrilles, derbies, or clean leather sneakers.


Even though white jeans aren’t as versatile as other styles, they can be worn with a wide range of shoes. It all comes down to what you’re wearing on your upper half when it comes to choosing the proper footwear for your look. If you’re wearing a blazer or a formal shirt, try on a pair of derby shoes.

On the other hand, sneakers are a better option if you’re wearing a T-shirt and a casual jacket. Loafers are another excellent choice for achieving a relaxed yet luxurious look.

Boots are yet another type of shoes to consider, and their style can alter your overall appearance. Chukka boots, for instance, will give you a smart casual look, whereas chunky, lace-up boots will give you an urban vibe.

White Pants Outfits For Men

White jeans make a bold statement on their own, so you must keep the rest of your outfit and color palette simple. Although black and white are an outstanding monochromatic combo, white also looks strikingly fresh and crisp when paired with blue. However, because it is such a versatile color, you can wear it with any other color you want.

That is why we have listed some outfit ideas for you to try.

Casual White Pants Outfit for Men

  • As we all know, a man’s appearance does not require much effort. You can wear a grayish shirt jacket and white pants, and you’ll look fantastic. And it’s incredible how a pair of gray suede desert boots can completely transform an outfit.
  • Have you ever tried pairing a navy crew-neck tee with white pants? These pieces are very functional and look great when combined. And if you want to boost this look with a pair of shoes quickly, pair it with brown suede desert boots.
  • When paired with white chinos, a mint wool turtleneck will instantly look cool. And the easiest way to add a touch of class to this outfit is with black leather Chelsea boots.
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Semi-Formal White Pants Outfit for Men

  • Combining a beige vertical striped blazer with white pants is a wise choice for a stylish menswear look. Choose a pair of black leather tassel loafers to finish this look on the dressier side of the spectrum.
  • Dress up your look with a navy double-breasted blazer and white pants. And if you want to amp up your outfit with a single item quickly, then pair it with a pair of dark brown leather casual boots.
  • When you need to look extra stylish, the combination of a black double-breasted blazer and white pants is a tried and true option. Put on a pair of black suede loafers to add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

The Bottom Line

White pants give you an edge because they make you stand out from the crowd. While white jeans will never be as popular as classic blue jeans, they are a wardrobe staple that is always in style, particularly on the spring/summer runways. So, it is safe to say that men should not let go of the opportunity to look great in white pants.

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