How To Wear A Puffer Vest Men: 10 Style Tips

When the temperature drops, a puffer vest is an excellent addition to any man’s wardrobe. Not only is it warm and comfortable, but it’s also versatile and can be worn in many different ways.

In this article, we’ll show you how to wear a puffer vest for men and look stylish while doing so. We’ll cover everything from choosing the right fit to layering it with different clothing items.

So, if you’re looking to up your fashion game this winter, keep reading for some expert advice. Let’s dive in and learn how to wear a puffer vest men will love.

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Best Ways To Wear A Puffer Vest

1. Layer Up Smartly in the Winter

When wearing a puffer vest in the winter, layering is key. To layer up smartly, start with a long-sleeved shirt, add a sweater or cardigan, and then top it off with a jacket or overcoat.

The puffer vest can be worn as an extra layer of warmth over the shirt and under the jacket. This combination can easily be dressed up with a pair of dress trousers and dress shoes or dressed down with jeans and sneakers.

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Man wearing a puffer vest in smart casual style

2. Keep it Casual and Laid-Back

For a casual and laid-back look, wear a puffer vest with a plaid or flannel shirt and a pair of distressed jeans or joggers. This outfit can be completed with a pair of sneakers or boots.

If it’s colder outside, add a beanie or scarf for extra warmth.

Man wearing a puffer vest in a laid-back outfit

3. Dress it Up for Business Casual

For a business casual look, wear a puffer vest over a button-up shirt with dress pants or chinos. To add a touch of formality, wear dress shoes or loafers.

This outfit can be worn to work or business meetings.

Man wearing a puffer vest in business casual attire

4. Take it Outdoors for Optimal Comfort

Puffer vests are great for outdoor activities because they are lightweight, warm, and easy to move in. Wear a puffer vest over a sweatshirt or fleece for added warmth, and pair it with hiking boots or trail shoes for optimal comfort.

Accessorize with a beanie or gloves for extra warmth.

Man wearing a puffer vest outdoors

5. Rock it with Confidence

Ultimately, how you wear a puffer vest comes down to personal style and confidence. Choose a puffer vest that fits your body type and style, and wear it with confidence.

Experiment with different outfits and combinations until you find the perfect look for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should You Wear with a Puffer Vest?

A puffer vest can be worn with different styles, including jeans, chinos, dress pants, and shirts. It can also be paired with sneakers, boots, or loafers depending on the occasion.

How Do You Layer a Puffer Vest?

To layer a puffer vest, start with a shirt or sweater as your base layer, followed by the vest, and top with a jacket or blazer. The key is to make sure the layers are not too bulky and fit comfortably.

Is it Okay to Wear a Puffer Vest for Business Casual?

Yes, a puffer vest can be worn for a business casual look. Pair it with dress pants or chinos, a shirt or sweater, and loafers or dress shoes to achieve a professional yet comfortable look.


When it comes to learning how to wear a puffer vest for men, it’s essential to ensure that the vest fits snuggly while remaining comfortable. The vest is versatile and can be styled with a polo shirt, shirt, sweater, or long-sleeved top, depending on the occasion.

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To take your puffer vest to the next level, consider pairing it with an oversized sweater and wide-legged pants for a trendy and fashionable look. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with fashion to find the perfect outfit combo that best suits your style.


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