2023 Style Guide: What to Wear Under Cap and Gown Men

Graduation day is a significant moment for every individual as it marks the completion of an academic milestone. While the graduation gown is a standard dress code for the event, figuring out what to wear under the cap and gown can be confusing, especially for men.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on what to wear under cap and gown for men, considering various factors such as weather, gender, type of graduation, and more.

According to fashion experts, the key to look good under the graduation gown is to wear something comfortable, stylish, and appropriate. Men should avoid wearing baggy or tight clothing that can create an uncomfortable or unflattering appearance.

A dress shirt with a tie and dress pants can be an excellent option for a classic and formal look. For a more casual look, a stylish t-shirt with khakis or chinos can be appropriate.

It is also essential to consider the weather when choosing what to wear under cap and gown. If the graduation is scheduled on a hot day, wearing comfortable and lightweight clothing can help you stay cool and prevent sweating.

On the other hand, if it’s a cold day, you may need to layer up with a light sweater or blazer under your gown to keep warm. Another important factor to consider is the type of graduation ceremony.

If it’s a formal event, dressing appropriately is crucial. Men should avoid wearing sneakers or athletic shoes and opt for dress shoes or loafers instead.

For a more relaxed ceremony, you can be more creative with your wardrobe and add some personality to your outfit, such as a hat or unique accessories. In conclusion, figuring out what to wear under cap and gown can be a challenging task for men.

To look your best on graduation day, it is essential to choose comfortable, stylish, and appropriate clothing while considering factors such as weather, type of graduation, and personal style. Always remember to dress for the occasion and enjoy the moment.

Check out this Youtube video to discover the perfect outfit for your graduation day and learn the best tips on what to wear under your cap and gown as a man!

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General Considerations

When it comes to deciding what to wear under a cap and gown, it’s important to consider several factors. Firstly, ensure that your outfit is comfortable and fits correctly since you will be sitting for a prolonged period.

Moreover, choose an outfit that complements your graduation gown and robe. Opt for a classic and minimalistic look that is appropriate for the event.

According to www.have-clothes-will-travel.com, a collared dress shirt coupled with a tie is a popular choice for men. Keep in mind that the collar of the shirt and the tie will be on display above the neckline of the gown, so double-check your institution’s regulations, as certain schools may impose rules regarding shirt hue.

Men in Graduation Gown - what to wear under cap and gown men

Type of Graduation

Elementary, Middle & High School

For graduations in elementary, middle, and high schools, the gown is typically provided by the school, thus men need to wear something underneath the gown. According to www.have-clothes-will-travel.com, men should wear a collared dress shirt and a matching tie to make a good impression.

However, it is important to double-check the school’s guidelines, especially regarding the color of the shirt. The school may require a specific color or pattern that matches the school’s colors or traditions.

Avoid dress code mishaps by following the guidelines and recommendations set by the school.

College (Associate, Bachelor, and Post-Graduate Degrees)

When attending a graduation ceremony, it’s important for men to wear a collared dress shirt and a tie. The gown will leave the collar of the shirt and the tie visible, so make sure to choose those that fit well and complement your gown.

It’s also crucial to check your college’s guidelines on dress shirts before deciding on a color. Avoid wearing shorts, jeans, and graphic tees, and opt for dark dress pants or khakis instead.


Female Graduates

As a male, the information provided in the Web search result is not applicable to my personal experience. However, according to harcourts.com, women should wear dress pants or a slightly shorter skirt to avoid visible hemlines.

It is also recommended to avoid vibrant hues as they may peek out from under the hemline. Men, on the other hand, should opt for khakis or dark-colored dress pants.

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Male Graduates

Male graduates should wear a collared dress shirt and tie with dark dress pants. It is important to select a shirt and tie that complements the color of your gown.

Avoid wearing graphic tees, shorts, or jeans under your gown. If you choose to wear a jacket, make sure it matches the color palette of your outfit.

For undergarments, wear a plain white undershirt and black socks. Keep it simple and polished.

Weather Conditions

Spring Ceremony

If you are attending a spring ceremony and want to know what to wear under cap and gown as a man, opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics. You can wear a simple dress shirt with khakis or light-colored dress pants.

It is best to avoid heavy fabrics or dark colors that may cause discomfort or make you feel hot. As suggested by www.have-clothes-will-travel.com, men can also choose to wear a classic dress shirt with a collar and tie that will peek out seamlessly above the gown’s neckline.

Winter Ceremony

For a winter ceremony, men can wear a dark-colored dress shirt paired with dress pants. To stay warm, layer up with a sweater or jacket.

Women can opt for dress pants or a longer skirt paired with a blouse for a polished look, and add a sweater or jacket for added warmth. When choosing what to wear under the cap and gown, prioritize warmth and comfort over style.

Man in a winter ceremony outfit with cap and gown - what to wear under cap and gown men

Accessories and Hairstyle

When it comes to accessories and hairstyle, it is important to keep it simple and elegant for a graduation ceremony. For men who are wearing a cap and gown, it is recommended to wear minimalistic jewelry that complements the dress code.

Keep in mind that the graduation cap is an accessory in itself, so ensure that the jewelry does not clash with the cap or gown.

Regarding hairstyle, it is suggested to opt for a style that is easy to manage and will not conflict with the graduation cap. Choose a hairstyle that will allow the cap to sit comfortably and securely on your head.

Avoid high hairstyles or any style that may create a bump on top of your head, as this may cause the cap to fall off.

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According to www.marstonrobing.com, it is recommended to wear dark formal trousers and a sharp shirt for a timeless yet polished look. Ties are optional, but they can add an extra level of sophistication to the overall outfit.

Keep in mind that neutral colors are best for a classic and elegant look that will complement any gown color.


When it comes to what to wear under a cap and gown for men, it’s important to prioritize comfort, minimalism, and sophistication. Opt for breathable fabrics, such as cotton or linen, and avoid anything too heavy or bulky.

Stick to neutral colors, like white or black, and consider wearing a dress shirt and pants or khakis for a polished look. If you’re unsure about your school’s dress code guidelines, consult with your administration to avoid any mishaps or distractions on your graduation day.

Remember, it’s your big day, so dress to impress and celebrate your achievements in style.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do guys wear under cap and gown?

Men should wear khakis or dark-colored dress pants. Brightly colored bottoms should be avoided to prevent them from sticking out under the gown.

What should a man wear under graduation?

A simple tailor-made men's suit and tie or a sports jacket, dark trousers, and necktie is a perfect ensemble. If you are robed, omit the jacket under the robe, but keep it handy to wear to the reception and photograph sessions.

What do you wear under a graduation gown for a guy in high school?

A dress shirt and tie under dark trousers are appropriate. Women can wear a lightweight dress, blouse, or skirt that is shorter than the gown.

Should I wear a suit under my graduation gown?

A suit is recommended for a more formal look, but tailored separates can also make a relaxed yet sharp ensemble. A darker color is best for the bottom half so it won't be seen beneath your gown.

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