Grooming: How to Texture Men’s Hair in 2023

Grooming: How to Texture Men’s Hair in 2023

Texturing your hair can give you a refreshing and trendy look. Here’s how you can texture men’s hair:

1. Start by Identifying Your Hair Type

Identifying your hair type and texture is crucial in creating a personalized texturizing plan. Different hair types require different treatments.

2. Choose the Right Length

The ideal hair length for texture is between 2 to 4 inches. Anything longer may not have the right texture, whilst anything shorter can be challenging to work with.

3. Find the Right Barber

Find a barber that has experience working with textured hair to get the best results. Show them photo references or popular hairstyles that you like.

4. Explore Your Product Options

Use wax or pomade products to achieve the desired texture. Experiment with different brands to find the one that works best for you.

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How to Texture Hair Men

Textured hair is a great way to give a fresh and effortless look. Here are some easy steps to achieve a textured cut:

Step 1: Choose the Right Cut

The key to achieving textured hair is to start with the right cut. Short, choppy layers are ideal to give hair movement and volume.

Talk with your stylist about your desired look and they can suggest the perfect cut for you.

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Step 2: Use the Right Products

Choosing the right products can make or break your textured hair. Look for products that add volume and texture such as sea salt sprays or texturizing hair pomades.

Apply them throughout your hair while it’s still damp and let it air dry for added texture.

Step 3: Use Hair Texturizers

Another way to add texture to your hair is to use hair texturizing products. Apply a small amount of texturizer to your hair and work it in using your fingers.

Focus on the ends and work upwards towards the roots.


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