What Hair Product Works Best to Slick Hair Back for Men?

You’ve probably tried getting slicked-back hair, a hairstyle for men that’s both stylish and professional. Men’s slick back hairstyles have long been used as a quick way to achieve a relaxed yet classy look. But whether slicked back hair is your go-to look or you’re just considering it for a special occasion, you’ll need to have the best product to pull it off.

The modern, slick back haircut is worth styling, whether it has an undercut or fade on the sides or long, thick, or curly hair on top. However, while it may appear seamless, maintaining the slicked-back style demands high-quality products and practice.

The Best Product for a Slick Hairstyle

First and foremost, you must choose the appropriate hair styling products to achieve the slicked-back look. However, it is critical to understand which is best for your hairstyle.

So, we have listed the best product we believe will help you slick your hair back.


Slicking your hair back is one thing, but getting it to remain in place is a whole other story. Pomade is the most popular styling product for men that want to slick their hair back. It strikes the perfect balance between holding back your hair and not weighing it down.

Using an excellent quality pomade on damp hair is a great way to keep hair in place. You can use it while providing that classic slick, vintage finish still desired by today’s modern gentleman.

And there are two kinds of pomade: oil-based and water-based. Oil-based pomades are great for adding shine to dry hair, but they are notoriously difficult to remove. On the other hand, most users opt for water-based pomades, which have a similar hold and can be easily removed with water.

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Hair Wax

Wax is more adaptable and easier to apply. It serves only one function: to keep your hair back. Unlike pomade, when you use hair wax, there is no risk of flattening your natural curls or losing volume. Wax, on the other hand, does not produce as much shine as a pomade.

Wax is the ideal styling product for men who want to keep their hair back looking natural without adding shine or weight.

Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray is an essential texture creator for those who want a slicked-back look that isn’t too slick. Brushing your hair thoroughly away from your face can make your complexion appear more chiseled, emphasizing the jawline and drawing more attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

Blow-dry your hair backward and brush through after applying the Sea Salt Spray to achieve a slicked-back hairdo with just the proper mix of texture. The coarseness of the salt adds natural texture and volume to the hair, making it ideal for a more defined style.


Clay has recently gained popularity as a barber’s tool for slicking back hair. It is suitable for oily hair because it dries it out and gives it a natural color. It should always be used infrequently because too much can dry out your hair and make it hard to style into a slick back.

Matt Mud

This one is ideal for those who dare to wear their hair in a slicked-back undercut. This style necessitates a super short buzz cut under it and 4-6 inches to play with on top. This look exudes stylish sophistication when done correctly, but it does necessitate a significant amount of upkeep.

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Longer hair can be challenging to keep on top, but with a firm hold provided by products like a Matt Mud, you should be able to keep your style for the whole day. The non-shine shaping clay has a strong, matt holds and contains vitamin E, which keeps hair nourished while also keeping it securely in place.

Shampoo and Conditioner

A good shampoo and conditioner set is essential for hair that is frequently sprayed with the product. While high-quality styling products can help you achieve the best look, using them daily can dry out your hair. This will even cause significant damage if it’s not washed and conditioned.

Wash your hair with a sulfate-free formula to keep it soft and hydrated while also protecting the scalp and follicles from chemical-based items.

How to Slick Back Your Hair

If you’ve ever tried the slick back hairstyle, you know there’s a fine line between looking handsome and looking downright greasy. While it is one of the simplest men’s hairstyles to achieve, it does entail using the proper products, some patience, and a few tricks.

So, to achieve this great hairstyle, we have listed below some tips just for you.

Make sure to wash your hair.

To get your hair as light as possible, wash it off the previous day’s products and any dirt. Afterward, make sure to towel dry your hair and leave it damp. If possible, avoid air drying and get to styling as soon as possible.

Apply the styling product of your choice to your palms.

The next step is applying the styling product that is ideally suited to your hair type. The key here is to use only a tiny amount and not too much. Using too much of it can result in an oily, heavy appearance. Get only a pea- or dime-sized portion instead.

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Once you’ve emulsified the gel or pomade in your palms, gently pat it onto your hair. Allow it to settle before equally massaging it all the way through without touching the roots.

Don’t forget to comb your hair back.

The essential step is to brush or comb your hair straight back and let the natural part do the trick. But do not just use any comb. Use a fine-toothed comb to avoid a greasy appearance. Many men make the mistake of using a wide-toothed comb, which results in intense tramlines.

Once you’ve applied the product to your hair, you can experiment with the style a little more. If you fight the natural part, it will look like a comb-over. Alternatively, make use of what you’ve got. Give your forehead creases some height for a hairdo or whatever look you want to go for.

Then zap it with hair spray.

If you want more control over the style, apply a light layer of hair spray, about eight inches from the head at this point.

The Bottom Line

Slicked back hair is undeniably a classic look for men. And using the tips and tricks we’ve provided above will guarantee you a stylish men’s hairstyle while training your hair to stay slicked back in its place.

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