How Many Men Have You Kissed? Very Few Tips for Better Kisses

“How many men have you kissed very few” – a question that many men may relate to. Kissing can be nerve-wracking, especially when you’re not sure how to do it right.

But fear not, as we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll share some kissing tips for men that will make you a better kisser and leave your partner wanting more.

The Benefits of Good Kissing

Have you ever heard the saying that a good kiss can make or break a relationship? Well, it turns out that there’s more truth to that than you might think.

Kissing isn’t just a simple act of physical intimacy, it’s also a way to express your emotions and feelings towards someone you care about.

Studies have shown that kissing can release a variety of neurotransmitters and hormones in the body, such as oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. These hormones and neurotransmitters play a significant role in our relationships, influencing feelings of attraction, intimacy, and bonding.

According to Kirshenbaum, oxytocin is linked with feelings of closeness, intimacy, and security. When we show affection with people we love, it can boost oxytocin levels and create a greater sense of emotional connection.

This is why good kissing skills are so important in relationships or even hook-ups. A good kiss can lead to increased arousal, relaxation, and bonding between partners.

A lot of people may be concerned about how many men they have kissed, but it’s important to remember that what matters most is the quality of those kisses. Whether you’ve kissed many men or very few, improving your kissing skills can lead to better emotional and physical connections in your relationships.

How Many Men Have You Kissed?

Have you ever been asked this question? If you answered “very few,” don’t worry because it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a bad kisser.

In fact, kissing is not just about technique but it’s also about chemistry and emotions.

Kissing influences neurotransmitters and hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, which also play a significant role in our relationships. Oxytocin, for example, is linked with feelings of closeness, intimacy, and security.

Showing affection with people you love can boost oxytocin.

So, if you haven’t kissed a lot of men, it doesn’t mean that you are not good at it or that you are not attractive. Instead, it can mean that you choose your partners carefully and that you value emotional and physical connections more than casual encounters.

Furthermore, one bad kiss can stop attraction dead in its tracks. Therefore, it’s important to be gentle and not overeager when you kiss someone.

Kristina, an expert on kissing, says that overeager kisses are always bad and that a good kiss should be gentle and passionate.

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In conclusion, how many men you have kissed is not a measure of your attractiveness or kissing skills. Kissing is a complex interaction between emotions, chemistry, and technique.

So, whether you have kissed a lot of men or very few, what matters most is that you create a meaningful connection with your partner and enjoy the moment.

Preparing for a Kiss

How to prepare for a first kiss and make it a good one.

Kissing is a way to show affection and intimacy towards someone. Before going in for a kiss, there are a few things you should consider to make sure it goes smoothly.

First, make sure you practice good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash. Bad breath or cavities can quickly ruin the mood and make the kiss unpleasant.

Another important thing to consider is the setting. Make sure you are in a comfortable and private place where both you and your partner can relax.

Avoid kissing in a noisy or crowded area where you may be distracted or embarrassed.

When kissing, start slow and be gentle. Rushing in or being too aggressive is not appealing and can be a turn-off for your partner.

Start with closed lips and progress to more passionate kissing only if it feels natural and comfortable for both of you.

Remember, kissing is about connecting with your partner and showing your affection towards them, not just about achieving a certain goal. So take your time, enjoy the moment, and don’t worry too much about how many men have you kissed very few or how many people your partner has kissed before.

The Art of Kissing

Kissing is an intimate and romantic act that can boost the production of neurotransmitters and hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. However, one bad kiss can stop attraction dead in its tracks.

To kiss with confidence and finesse, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Start with the lips

As you lean in to kiss your partner, begin by pressing your lips against theirs. Start with a gentle and closed-lip kiss.

Do not immediately stick your tongue in their mouth as this can be overwhelming for your partner. Instead, focus on the sensation of your lips against theirs.

Step 2: Move slowly

As the kiss deepens, gradually open your mouth and gently explore your partner’s mouth with your tongue. Take your time and do not rush the process.

Remember, less is more. Too much tongue or salivary exchange can ruin the mood.

Step 3: Pay attention to your partner

Be attentive and responsive to your partner’s cues. Are they pulling away or leaning in closer?

Are they reciprocating your movements or pulling back? A good kiss requires communication and understanding between partners.

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Step 4: Explore their face

Kissing is not just about the lips. As you kiss your partner, explore their face with your hands.

Run your fingers through their hair, gently stroke their cheek, or caress their neck. This can be an intimate and sensual experience for both partners.

Remember, the number of men you have kissed is not important. What matters is the quality of the connection you share with your partner. Take your time and enjoy the moment.

Following these simple steps can help improve your kissing skills and deepen your connection with your partner. Remember, the number of men you have kissed does not matter as long as you approach each kiss with sincerity and passion.

So go ahead, plant that kiss on your loved one and watch the sparks fly.

The Dos and Don’ts of Kissing

Kissing is an essential aspect of most romantic relationships. It is affectionate and can convey a myriad of emotions, from passion to love to tenderness.

However, bad kissing can negatively impact a relationship. If you want to improve your smooching game, it’s essential to consider the following dos and don’ts of kissing.

The Dos

  • Kiss gently: Most people agree that overeager kisses are always bad. An excellent kiss would be gentle and delicate. You don’t want to appear as though you’re eating your partner’s face off.
  • Start at the lips: Begin with a gentle kiss on the lips, then without tongue, move down towards the chin, then to the jawbone, and then towards the ear.
  • Mirror what your partner is doing: try not to force your pucker or kiss too hard. Follow your partner’s lead, since most people tend to kiss in the way they want to be kissed.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t be overly aggressive: Avoid the temptation to be too forceful. Everyone has different preferences for intensity and rhythm.
  • Don’t rush: Kissing is a sensual experience that requires attention and patience. Don’t rush into it, and take the time to make sure that your partner is comfortable.
  • Don’t forget about your breath: Bad breath can be a huge turn-off. Be sure to take care of your dental hygiene before kissing your partner. It’s also good to carry mints or gum as a precaution.
Remember, when it comes to kissing, it’s quality over quantity. Don’t worry about how many men have you kissed. The important thing is how you kiss the person you are with.

Troubleshooting Kissing Issues

It’s not uncommon to experience issues with kissing, whether you’re a beginner or someone who has kissed a lot of people before. If you’re asking the question of “how many men have you kissed very few,” it’s important to remember that quality is always better than quantity when it comes to kissing.

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Here are some issues you might encounter and how to fix them:

Bad breath

Bad breath can be a major turn-off when it comes to kissing. Before you kiss, make sure you have fresh breath by brushing your teeth, using mouthwash, and chewing gum or mints.

If you notice your partner has bad breath, it might be a good idea to suggest taking a break and freshening up before resuming kissing.

Overeager kissing

Sometimes people can get carried away when kissing and become too enthusiastic, leading to a less-than-enjoyable experience. Try to pace yourself and be conscious of your partner’s body language and reactions.

If your partner seems uncomfortable or hesitant, it’s probably best to take a step back and slow things down.


Whether it’s a first kiss or a new partner, it’s common to feel a bit awkward and unsure during a kiss. Remember that everyone has their own style, so communicate with your partner and take things slow.

Don’t be afraid to try different kissing techniques and move at your own pace.

Poor technique

Kissing is a skill that takes practice, so don’t worry if you don’t have it all figured out yet. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to kissing, but generally, starting with gentle, closed-mouth kisses and gradually increasing the intensity is a good way to go.

Follow your partner’s lead and pay attention to their body language to determine what they enjoy.

Kissing may seem simple, but it’s important to take your time and communicate with your partner to make the experience enjoyable for both parties. If you encounter any issues, don’t be afraid to take a break and regroup before trying again.

With practice and patience, you’ll become a kissing pro in no time!


In conclusion, kissing is an essential aspect of intimacy and can influence neurotransmitters and hormones, such as oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, which play a significant role in our relationships. Experts suggest starting at the lips and moving gently down the chin, along the jawbone towards the ear, mirroring your partner’s kisses, and avoiding puckering or kissing too hard.

Remember, one bad kiss can stop attraction in its tracks. Therefore, take it slow, be gentle, and enjoy the moment.

By applying these tips, you can make your kisses more memorable and full of passion, and when asked the question “how many men have you kissed?” you can confidently answer, “very few, but those kisses were definitely unforgettable.


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