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Short Answer for What Happened to Nick from Kindig It

Nick Panos left Kindig-It Design to co-found Legend Motor Co., focusing on reimagining iconic vehicles with modern functionalities.

Nick Panos, a name synonymous with creativity and innovation in the automotive world, took a step that left many wondering: “What happened to Nick from Kindig-It?” Imagine dedicating years to carving out success, only to embark on a new journey that promises personal growth and the pursuit of new challenges. This narrative isn’t just about a departure; it’s a leap towards exploring uncharted territories in the realm of car design and craftsmanship.

At Kindig-It Design, Nick was not just another cog in the machine; he was a cornerstone of their success story, infusing each project with his signature blend of talent and vision. So when news broke of his leaving, it sent ripples through the automotive community and beyond. Was it ambition, a quest for personal development, or something more that guided Nick’s decision? Dive into this exploration of passion, creativity, and the courage to evolve.

Nick’s next chapter begins with Legend Motor Co., a bold venture into reimagining iconic vehicles with a modern twist, where his legacy of excellence only continues to grow. This move is more than a shift; it’s a testament to the belief that to truly excel, one must sometimes venture beyond the familiar. Join us on this journey of discovery and resilience, understanding what drives a man to leave a mark of success and seek even greater heights.

Key Takeaways

  • Nick Panos left Kindig-it Design to pursue new opportunities, focusing on his passion for automotive design and craftsmanship.

  • He co-founded Legend Motor Co., venturing into reimagining iconic British 4×4 vehicles with modern functionalities.

  • Nick’s departure was driven by a combination of pursuing new challenges, creative differences, and personal growth.

  • His tenure at Kindig-it was marked by significant achievements, contributing immensely to the company’s success in car customization.

  • Nick’s move reflects his continual pursuit of excellence and innovation in the automotive field.

Why did Nick leave team Kindig-it?

Let’s be honest, folks. When it comes to Nick leaving Kindig-it, it’s like when I do something hugely successful – you know, like winning elections or making real estate deals. Everyone talks about it, but do they really know the details? I’m here to clear the air, big league.

Exploration of reasons behind his departure

Nick was a big part of the team, a really talented guy. People loved him, believe ME. But, just like in any successful show or business – like mine – changes happen.

It’s not always easy, not always simple. But folks, let me tell you, sometimes, for things to be “huge” or yuge, as some would say, changes need to be made.

Here’s the real scoop on why Nick left:

  • Pursuing new opportunities – Just like me, Nick is a winner, always looking for the next big challenge. The guy has talent, and sometimes, you’ve got to spread your wings. Believe me, I know a thing or two about grabbing opportunities.
  • Creative differences – Even in the best teams, like my administration, differences in vision occur. It’s normal. Nick had his vision, Kindig-it had theirs. It’s part of the business, part of the show.
  • Personal growth – Nick, a very smart guy, genius even, wanted to grow personally. Who wouldn’t? Growth is tremendous, fantastic even. It’s what makes America great!

Impact of his leaving on the team and the show

Nick’s departure, no doubt, was a sad moment. The guy was incredible, a real asset to the team.

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But let’s face it, folks, Kindig-it is a top-notch operation, a well-oiled machine. Just like my businesses, one person doesn’t define the whole operation.

Here’s how they handled it:

  • The show must go on – And it did. Kindig-it, under Dave’s leadership (a very good leader, by the way), continued to produce phenomenal cars.

  • New talent steps up – Just like in ‘The Apprentice’, when someone left, another stepped up. It’s the circle of success.

  • Adaptation – The team adapted. They’re winners, after all. Champions at what they do.

To wrap it up, Nick’s departure from Kindig-it was a big deal, but let’s not forget, the team is fabulous, doing tremendous work. Just like when I build things – whether it’s buildings or an unbeatable campaign – it’s about moving forward, aiming higher.

Kindig-it, folks, they’re aiming sky-high. And Nick, he’s pursuing new ventures, probably going to be huge, just like everything associated with Kindig-it.

Tremendous talents, both parties. Winners on both sides.

Aspect Details
Reason for Leaving Pursuing new opportunities, Creative differences, Personal growth
Impact on Kindig-it The show continued, New talent stepped up, The team adapted
Nick’s Contributions Talented team member, Loved by people
Reflection on Change Changes are necessary for growth, both for Nick and Kindig-it

What happened to Nick from Kindig-it?

Nick Panos, previously a notable figure at Kindig-it Design, chose to leave the renowned custom car shop to explore new opportunities and further his passion in automotive design and craftsmanship. He co-founded Legend Motor Co. with Sawyer Carpenter and James Frauenberg, focusing on reimagining an iconic British 4×4 by merging classic aesthetics with modern functionality, utilizing top American components. This transition underscores Nick’s ongoing commitment to innovation, excellence, and his unwavering passion for automotive art, marking a significant step in his professional journey.

Transition from Kindig-it to new ventures

Nick Panos, previously known from Kindig-it Design, made a significant transition from the well-known custom car shop to pursue new ventures. This shift represents a bold step, underlining Nick’s desire for growth and exploring new horizons within the automotive industry. It’s not uncommon for talented individuals to seek fresh challenges, and Nick embraced this fully by embarking on a journey to further his passion for automotive design and craftsmanship in a new setting. This move is a testament to his dedication to automotive art and his relentless pursuit of excellence in a field he deeply loves.

One of the notable ventures that Nick embarked on is the Legend Motor Co., which he co-founded with Sawyer Carpenter and James Frauenberg. The trio had a vision to reimagine an iconic British 4×4, melding classic aesthetics with modern functionality, using the finest American components. The venture draws on Nick’s extensive experience and passion for automotive design, aiming to deliver unparalleled vehicles that are both a nod to the past and fully equipped for the future. This move into creating such unique vehicles illustrates Nick’s ongoing commitment to innovation in the automotive field.

Continued passion for automotive art

Nick’s journey from Kindig-it Design to Legend Motor Co. and beyond is driven by his unwavering passion for automotive art. His background, deeply rooted in the love for cars, fuels his endeavors in the industry. From arriving home as a newborn in a 1985 FJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser, as mentioned on Legend Motor Co.’s About Us page, to leading projects that push the boundaries of car customization and restoration, Nick’s career is a fascinating narrative of passion meeting purpose. His story is a compelling reminder of how following one’s passion can lead to remarkable achievements and continuous evolution in one’s craft. Nick, through his work, inspires many in the automotive industry to pursue their dreams and keep the fire of creativity burning.

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Tribute to Nick’s Time at Kindig-it

Nick’s tenure at Kindig-it Design was marked by incredible achievements and a lasting legacy, particularly highlighted through his instrumental role in the stunning transformation of a 1929 Ford Roadster, amongst other projects. His passionate contributions propelled Kindig-it into a pinnacle position within the car design and restoration industry, earning widespread acclaim from both team members, led by Dave Kindig, and car enthusiasts around the world. Nick’s exceptional skills, visionary approach, and unwavering dedication not only fortified Kindig-it’s reputation as a top-notch custom shop but also inspired future generations of designers and car lovers, securing his legendary status within the community.

Highlighting key projects and achievements

Nick’s journey at Kindig-it Design was nothing short of spectacular. He was instrumental in transforming numerous cars into magnificent pieces of art. One of the most remarkable projects was the renovation of a 1929 Ford Roadster. This project wasn’t just a car restoration; it was a full-blown revival of history, turning the vehicle into a vintage dream. This masterpiece truly highlighted Nick’s exceptional skills and his ability to turn visions into reality.

Another significant achievement was his contribution to Kindig-it’s renowned reputation as a one-stop custom shop. Since its inception in 1999 by Dave and Charity Kindig, the shop has grown into a 27,000sqft facility located in Salt Lake City, UT. Nick played a pivotal role in ensuring the shop’s success, bringing unparalleled dedication and craftsmanship to the table. His hard work propelled Kindig-it to the pinnacle of the car design and restoration industry.

Reflections from team members and fans

Team members unanimously agree that Nick’s presence was a catalyst for creativity and excellence. Dave Kindig, the President, Owner, and Designer of Kindig-it Design, has often lauded Nick’s unique skills and visionary approach to car design.

This, coupled with his unwavering commitment, has left a lasting imprint on the team. It’s clear that Nick’s contributions were vital to shaping the modern identity of Kindig-it Design.

Fans of Kindig-it and car enthusiasts worldwide have also expressed their admiration for Nick’s work. Many have taken to social media platforms to share their fascination with the projects he was a part of. Through various discussions and forums, it’s evident that Nick’s artistry has inspired countless individuals to pursue their passion for car customization.

Nick’s tenure at Kindig-it was marked by monumental achievements and an indelible impact on both the team and fans alike. His legacy at Kindig-it Design, characterized by groundbreaking projects and a relentless pursuit of perfection, will continue to inspire future generations of car designers and enthusiasts.

There is no doubt that Nick’s time at Kindig-it was truly legendary.

For more incredible transformations and to explore some of the outstanding projects that Nick was a part of, you can visit Kindig-it Design’s official Facebook page and Kindig-it Design’s team page for an inside look at the masterpieces that were created under his guidance.

Services and Legacy Left by Nick

Nick’s services and legacy in the automotive customization and design industry are both extensive and impactful, marked by his unparalleled artistic flair and innovative approaches that transformed cars into bespoke masterpieces. He not only pushed the boundaries of traditional customization through his attention to detail, use of new technologies, and artistic vision but also played a pivotal role as a mentor, guiding the next generation of designers and customizers. Through education, encouragement of creativity, and networking, Nick’s influence both elevates automotive design to an art form and ensures a lasting legacy by fostering talent and innovation within the community.

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Influence on automotive customization and design

Nick’s contribution to the world of automotive customization and design is truly unparalleled. Drawing inspiration from the early custom coachbuilders, Nick has left a legacy that speaks volumes of artistic and innovative craftsmanship. His work, infused with a spirit of creativity, has made a significant mark by redefining automotive customization. Just like RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB) turned Porsche customization into an art form, Nick’s designs have captivated the hearts of automobile enthusiasts worldwide, turning every project into an embodiment of art and functionality.

  • Attention to Detail: His meticulous approach to customization, focusing on both aesthetics and performance, ensured every vehicle was both eye-catching and high-performing.

  • Innovative Techniques: Embracing the latest technologies and materials, Nick’s work pushed the boundaries, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern innovations.

  • Artistic Influence: By viewing automobiles as canvases, his designs transcended traditional customization, making each creation a masterpiece.

Mentorship and inspiration to upcoming talent in the field

Nick’s legacy is not only built on his designs but also on the lives he has touched and inspired. With a passion for sharing knowledge and fostering talent, his mentorship has paved the way for the next generation of customizers and designers. Through platforms like LinkedIn, he has shared insights and encouraged discussions that cultivate creativity and innovation.

  • Guidance to Novices: By openly sharing his experience, he guided many who were new to the field, helping them navigate challenges and hone their skills.
  • Encouragement of Creativity: Nick believed in pushing boundaries and encouraged upcoming talents to think outside the box, fostering a culture of innovation.
  • Networking and Opportunities: He played a crucial role in connecting budding designers and customizers with industry professionals and opportunities, amplifying their potential for success.

Summary of Nick’s Impact on Automotive Customization and Mentorship

Aspect Description
Customization Philosophy Emphasized artistic freedom and technological innovation, turning cars into bespoke artworks.
Education and Mentorship Guided new talents by sharing invaluable knowledge and facilitating opportunities.
Legacy in Automotive Art Set a standard in automotive design, blending aesthetics and performance seamlessly.

Nick’s unparalleled service and legacy in the automotive industry remains an inspiration to many. From his influential designs that artfully blend function and form to his mentorship that continues to light the path for future talents, his impact is indelible. As we look back at what Nick has accomplished, it’s clear that his passion, dedication, and genius have not only transformed vehicles but have also uplifted individuals, setting a gold standard in the realm of automotive customization and design.


Nick Panos left Kindig-it Design to pursue new opportunities and explore his passion for automotive design further. His departure was motivated by desires for personal growth, creative differences, and the ambition to undertake new challenges within the automotive industry. This bold step underlines Nick’s dedication to automotive art and his relentless pursuit of excellence.

Following his exit from Kindig-it, Nick co-founded Legend Motor Co., a venture that emphasizes reimagining iconic vehicles with modern functionality. This move showcases his ongoing commitment to innovation in automotive design, drawing upon his extensive experience and passion. Legend Motor Co. represents a significant milestone in Nick’s career, illustrating his continued influence on the custom car world.

Nick’s journey is a testament to following one’s passion and the importance of evolution in one’s craft. His story inspires many within the automotive industry, signalling that growth and success come from embracing change and new opportunities.

Nick’s legacy at Kindig-it Design remains impactful, and his future endeavors attest to his unwavering passion for automotive art.

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