Do Libra Men Like to Be Chased? Top Relationship Tips

Libra Men and Pursuit

Do Libra men like to be chased? This is a common question asked by those interested in pursuing a relationship with a Libra man.

According to astrology experts, Libra men enjoy the pursuit of a relationship as much as being pursued. They prefer to share the chase with their partner, rather than just being the sole aggressor or the passive participant.

It’s important to note that Libra men value balance and harmony in all aspects of their lives, including relationships. This means that they want their partner to show interest, but not to the point of being overly aggressive or clingy.

They want to feel desired, but not smothered.

So, if you’re interested in pursuing a relationship with a Libra man, be confident and show your interest, but also give him space and allow him to reciprocate the pursuit. It’s all about finding a happy balance for both parties involved.

In conclusion, when it comes to pursuing a relationship with a Libra man, it’s important to remember that balance is key. They enjoy the chase, but only when it’s shared with their partner and doesn’t become overwhelming.

So, go ahead and express your interest in a Libra man, just remember to remain levelheaded and respectful of each other’s boundaries.

According to, “Libra men like to be in control of where the relationship is heading. However, they also want you to make suggestions about what to do next” This means that while they enjoy being the one who plans the dates and initiates contact, they also want their partner to be an active participant and contribute their own ideas.

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When it comes to pursuing a Libra man, it’s important to be confident in yourself and your interests, but also be attentive to his preferences and boundaries. By finding a balance between being assertive and respecting his space, you can create a strong and healthy relationship with your Libra partner.

Check out this Youtube video: “4 Zodiac Signs who Always LIKES to be CHASED” if you want to know if the Libra man enjoys being pursued or not!

When to Chase a Libra Man

Chasing a Libra man should only be done if you are genuinely interested in him. Libra men appreciate when someone makes an effort in pursuing them, but it’s important to know when to back off.

If a Libra man is not reciprocating your advances, it’s time to give him space and let him initiate any pursuit. It’s best to show your interest in a subtle and respectful manner, rather than coming across as too forward or desperate.

Remember, Libra men value balance and harmony, so make sure to keep that in mind when pursuing them.

Top Tips for Chasing a Libra Man

Do Libra men like to be chased? Well, Libra men can be charming and romantic, but they also appreciate balance and harmony in relationships.

So, when it comes to chasing a Libra man, it’s important to show equal interest and effort in the relationship.

Communication is also key. Be clear and honest about your intentions and feelings.

Don’t be afraid to initiate flirtation, but also be mindful not to dominate the conversation.

It’s important to display confidence and self-worth, but avoid being needy or overwhelming. Give the Libra man space to pursue you and let things progress naturally.

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Lastly, remember the importance of balance in the relationship. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and your own needs as well.

By following these top tips for chasing a Libra man, you can increase your chances of success in a balanced and harmonious relationship.

Don’t Intimidate Him

Libra men appreciate independence and prefer not to feel intimidated in a relationship. They do not like to be dominated or controlled, so it is best to allow things to develop naturally.

Trying to force a relationship to move faster than it should will not end well and may push him away. Similarly, being too clingy or needy can make a Libra man feel suffocated.

The key is to strike a balance between showing interest and giving him space. Remember, Libras value harmony and balance in their relationships, so being easy-going and patient will go a long way towards winning his heart.


Based on the search results, Libra men may have different preferences if they like to be chased or not. To catch their attention, it is recommended to show genuine interest, avoid being too aggressive or intimidating, and maintain balance in the relationship.

Since Libra men value balance and harmony in their relationships, it is essential to let them pursue you as well.

According to astrology experts, Libra men tend to love the thrill of the chase, but they also appreciate women who are just as interested in them. They desire a partner who is independent and confident but not afraid to show their affection towards them.

In a Reddit thread, some Libra men shared that they like to be pursued but not to the point of being pressured or overwhelmed. They mentioned that they want mutual efforts in pursuing each other rather than one-sided pursuit.

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As found in a blog post, Libra men can be attracted to women who are feminine, elegant, and charming. They also appreciate intellectual conversations and someone who can understand their need for balance and justice.

In summary, chasing a Libra man can be a delicate balance between showing your interest and allowing them to pursue you too. Remember that every individual is different, and it is important to communicate with them and understand their preferences.

By keeping things balanced and mutual, you have a higher chance of winning over a Libra man’s heart.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Libra guys like to chase?

A Libra man will take his shot at any woman he finds attractive, but he won't chase a woman who shows no interest in him whatsoever.

What will happen if you ignore a Libra man?

A Libra man will not take it personally if he is ignored, and will move along making new friends and interacting with others who are more responsive to his friendly social banter.

How do you make a Libra man miss you like crazy?

To make a Libra man miss you, take distance in stride, show him what he's missing, prove that your social life doesn't depend on him, don't play games, and be subtle and upfront. Kill him with kindness.

What makes a Libra man obsessed with you?

Some believe Libra men are attracted to confidence. A Libra wants someone that's comfortable with the person they are and does not define themselves through others.

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