Why Do Men Like Virgins: The Truth Revealed

Men’s Perception of Virginity

Virginity has been a topic for centuries, and men’s attitude towards it has been no exception. There are various reasons why men like virgins, and it varies from person to person.

Virginity is an indicator of Purity

Many men prefer virgins because they perceive them as pure and innocent. Society has always instilled the concept that a woman’s purity is a sacred attribute.

So, men often relate virgins with higher qualities of character, and see them as a more faithful partner.

Sexual Inexperience

Another reason is that men like to be their partner’s first lover. They believe that they have a responsibility to teach or guide their partner in this aspect, which would make them feel more masculine and dominant.

Sexual inexperience can make the man feel more confident in bed as he will be her only point of reference.

The idea of less Insecurity

Finally, the idea of less insecurity drives men to prefer women who are virgins.

The Virginity Myth: Debunked

The idea that men prefer virgins is a harmful myth perpetuated by society. Virginity is a social construct and has no impact on a person’s worth or value.

Men are not entitled to a woman’s virginity and should not prioritize it over other qualities.

Choosing a sexual partner should be based on mutual respect, consent, and compatibility. Men who seek out virgin women may have insecure or possessive tendencies, which can lead to unhealthy relationships.

Additionally, the focus on virginity reinforces harmful gender stereotypes and places unrealistic expectations on women. Women should not be judged or shamed for their sexual history, and their worth should not be tied to their virginity.

It is important to prioritize mutual respect and consent in any sexual relationship, regardless of a person’s sexual history.

The Madonna-Whore complex is a psychological and cultural phenomenon that affects men’s preferences. It is a concept that Freud introduced in psychoanalytic theory, describing how some men separate women into two categories: those who are pure and chaste, and those who are promiscuous and sexually experienced. Men with this complex may have difficulties in maintaining relationships, and tend to idealize women they perceive as “virginal” or “pure” while viewing sexually liberated women as “whores.”

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One reason men may prefer virgins is the idea of purity and innocence associated with virginity. This perception can also lead to the idea of being a “protector” or “teacher” to a partner who is inexperienced, resulting in a sense of exclusivity that some men desire.

Another reason some men prefer virgins is because they do not want their partner to have a reference scale, meaning they do not want their partner to compare them to previous sexual partners. This can lead to feelings of insecurity towards past sexual experiences that a partner may have had.

Overall, while the concept of the Madonna-Whore complex can impact men’s preferences towards virginity, it is important to acknowledge that women’s sexual experiences and choices should not be viewed through a lens of purity or shame. It is important to prioritize mutual respect, trust, and open communication in any sexual relationship.

Why Do Men Prefer Virgins?

The Appeal of Purity and Innocence

Some men view virginity as a symbol of purity, innocence, and exclusivity. The idea of being with someone who has no sexual experience can be a turn on for men who value these qualities.

It can make them feel special to be the first to introduce their partner to sexual experiences.

The Role of Insecurity in Men’s Preference for Virgins

Older men may prefer to have sex with virgin women because they want to feel less insecure. Sleeping with a woman who has had sex with others may make them feel inadequate or unsure of their own sexual abilities.

Being with a virgin can give them a sense of control and validation.

The Connection Between Virgins and Female Submissiveness

Unfortunately, there is a cultural association between virginity and female submission that affects men’s preferences. Some men may seek out virgins because they think they will be more submissive or pliable.

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This is problematic and reinforces sexist and damaging ideas about women.

Being a virgin does not define your worth as a person.

Being a virgin should not define someone’s worth or value as a person. It is important to recognize that virginity is a social construct and that sexual experience does not determine someone’s character or worth. It is crucial to prioritize and respect consent and mutual respect in any sexual encounter, regardless of someone’s sexual history.

Why the Fetishization of Virgins Is Problematic

Virginity is often regarded as a symbol of purity, innocence, and exclusivity, which is why some men may prefer virgin women. However, the fetishization of virgins can perpetuate rape culture and misogyny.

This is because of the cultural value placed on virginity, which devalues and objectifies women by reducing their worth to their sexual status.

The Connection Between Virginity and Female Value

Virginity has been historically valued for women, with the idea that a woman’s worth is tied to her sexual status. The emphasis on virginity perpetuates the notion that female value is based solely on their sexual purity and restraint.

This contributes to the objectification of women by reducing them to a sexual object and devaluing their humanity.

The Negative Consequences of Virginity Pressure

The pressure to uphold virginity can be harmful to women’s sexual health and overall well-being. It can lead to a lack of sexual education, misinformation, and shame surrounding sex.

This can result in unhealthy sexual attitudes and behaviors, as well as a lack of agency over one’s own body. Moreover, the fetishization of virgins can lead to sexual violence by perpetuating the idea that women who are not virgins are “impure” and therefore, “deserving” of violence.

It is important to recognize the inherent value and worth of all individuals, including women, regardless of their sexual status.


While some men may prefer virgins, this preference is often rooted in harmful cultural and societal attitudes towards women and virginity. It’s important to recognize and challenge these attitudes in order to create a more equitable and respectful society.

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Men may like virgins because virginity symbolizes purity, innocence, character, and exclusivity. Some men also prefer virgins because they want to feel less insecure.

However, this preference can be harmful and contribute to the societal stigma surrounding women and their sexuality.

It’s important to recognize that virginity does not define a person’s worth or value. Everyone has the right to explore their own sexuality and make choices that feel right for them.

We should focus on creating a society that celebrates and respects individual choices and promotes healthy attitudes towards sexuality.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do guys prefer virgin or experienced?

A new study has found that women want to be bedded by experienced men, but men prefer to have women who have had no experience whatsoever.

Can guys tell if you're a virgin? Will he be able to tell you're a virgin by looking at you naked?

No.In fact, some experts say there may be no way to tell if a woman is a virgin, even with gynecological tests.

Do guys fantasize about virgins?

Men are conditioned to think that women's only value is her virginity, and once that is gone, she no longer has value.

Why is virginity important?

Being a virgin is something to be proud of.Saving one's body for their lifelong partner and sharing the most intimate human interaction with one person is healthy for the mind and body, which is why virginity is so much more than a 'social construct.

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