What to Wear to a Baseball Game for Men

Many men are known to be into sports, whether indoor or outdoor. And believe it or not, there is specific men’s attire to wear to specific sporting events, considering its location, the crowd, and the sport itself. One of the most-watched sports is a baseball game, but is your wardrobe ready to make a home run?

For guys searching for the right attire to wear to a baseball game, mainly when their clothing pieces and accessories are limited in style, can be hard. Well, don’t worry, we’ve listed ideas on what to wear to a baseball game for men, so you can up your attire from the cheap seats to Grand-Slam status. Men’s Venture has you covered!

Baseball Game Outfit for Men

Most men don’t bother themselves with planning what to wear to the next baseball game, but you should at least know some ideas for baseball game attire for men, and have some outfit staples ready.

Baseball Jersey, Jeans, and Sneakers

Adding a baseball jersey to your wardrobe is a smart move because it’s a super handy item to have. They can be used as a basic T-Shirt, but they can also be used as a layering piece if the weather leans towards the cooler side. There are also a lot of accessory choices that you can combine to achieve the kind of style you’re after.

You can pull off a street-style outfit with just a jersey and a pair of black or dark-washed jeans. Partner it with your favorite socks and sneakers and you’re game ready.

Also, closing the buttons on your jerseys will work best with your outfit, particularly if the jersey displays the name of your team on it. Keeping it hanging open doesn’t reveal anything.

Baseball Jersey, Hoodie, and Sweatpants

Another way to wear your jersey is to wear it over a hoodie. To pull off a more athletic look, you’ll never go wrong with a hoodie and matching sweatpants. Total comfort and style combined. It’s also the best time to use your white sneakers as it will surely complement the athletic style.

Plain Tee and Khaki Shorts

If you don’t have time to go shopping, make use of what is in your wardrobe. Going casual is always a good choice. A casual dress code for men is probably the best opportunity for you to convey a true sense of personal style.

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T-shirts are an essential part of the simple wardrobe of any guy. The humble t-shirt is simple to wear, effortlessly trendy, and as versatile as it can be worn with anything, even with khaki shorts. Wear your favorite sneakers with this attire for an added style. Want to make your baseball game outfit hassle-free? This combination is the best for you.

Denim Jacket, Striped Shirt, and Pants

This is another baseball game outfit idea that will make girls turn their heads. If you want something that’s light, comfortable, and easy to get in and out of, but that also has plenty of styles, go with a striped t-shirt. A striped tee is great for wearing with a denim jacket and partnered with your favorite pants.

Polo shirt and Jeans or Shorts

One tier of formality just above a T-shirt is the Polo shirt, and it’s a must in your baseball game outfit. You can never go wrong when you dress casually if you match a premium pair of jeans or shorts with a polo shirt.

Sleeveless Tee and Shorts

Aside from the usual white top or polo shirts, one can also opt to wear a sleeveless t-shirt. Matching it with comfortable shorts and sneakers, this will surely give you a carefree look. Make sure you have the biceps to pull it off though.

Baseball Game Outfit Staples for Men

If you’re a baseball fan, you sure want to at least look good while you’re sitting on the bleachers with your friends. To ensure a great baseball game experience, take note of the following baseball game outfit must-haves.

Baseball Cap

Every baseball fanatic surely has one or more baseball caps. These will give you a more edgy look, plus they can be partnered with almost every outfit idea.


A pair of sunglasses is perfect for keeping your eyes safe from the bright sun. It also adds a more casual vibe and will make you look sportier, too.

Cotton Tees

Not only are cotton tees extremely comfortable, but they’re also one of the most classic pieces of athletic apparel and men’s clothing out there. This will keep you cool the entire game.

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White Sneakers

Although chunky sport shoes and different colorways flit in and out of fashion, white sneakers are still and will always be in style. Because of their practicality and timeless appeal, minimalist shoes have gained a fundamental status in the working man’s wardrobe. Unlike their colored equivalent, the best white sneakers allow you to effortlessly add them to any style, as opposed to making clothing around your shoes.


A watch will go with any outfit you choose. Accessorizing a little bit will make your attire better.

Baseball Jersey

Of course, if there is one staple that a baseball fan must-have, it’s a jersey. With the name of your home team printed on it, people will easily recognize you as a fan.

Baseball Game Outfit Ensembles for Men in a Cold Weather

Long Sleeves

Long sleeves are a must in the cold weather or season of baseball. Cold weather undershirts or long sleeves are thicker than the usual sleeves. It gives you extra warmth as you play or even as you watch a baseball game.

Hand Warmer

If you’re a baseball player, keeping a hand warmer in your pocket is a must. This makes throwing so much easier, and it allows you to feel warmer in general.

On the other hand, if you’re out there supporting your favorite team on a cold day, keeping your hands warm is needed as well. Imagine clapping when they hit a home run with cold hands?

Bomber Jacket

What is the better clothing staple to wear in a cold-weather other than a bomber jacket? It does not just keep you warm, but it also keeps you in style.

What Not to Wear to a Baseball Game

Now that we have established your “what to wear to a baseball game for men” idea, it is time to take note of what to not wear.

Some decades ago, men used to wear suits when they’d watch a baseball game (because they didn’t have a lot of choices before), but that is a no-no in today’s time.  To keep you relaxed while watching your favorite team, wearing a suit isn’t an option.

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Over-sized or too small clothing is another example of what to not wear. You want to move freely, without the hassle of pants falling down as you jump up and cheer the team. Or even as you yell at the umpire.

Too many accessories are another no-no when going to a baseball game. Remember, you went there to relax and enjoy, over-accessorizing will cause you to be a little uncomfortable.

A lot of men equate being trendy with wearing a statement outfit or a ton of patterns. This is far from real, and it ends up making you look ridiculous. A good rule of thumb is to pick only one piece in your outfit that is a fashion item or has a template to make sure you look trendy and stylish.

You might be a colorful person and want to show it inside and out — and that’s okay — just make sure it’s not too much. Generally speaking, wearing bright colors isn’t a good idea, and putting them all together will certainly turn some heads, just not in a great way. Dressing in simple colors would make you look more stylish and put-together.

The Bottom Line

Wearing the right baseball outfit for men can mean a big difference between being comfortable throughout the day, or getting sweaty, irritated, and uncomfortable while you watch (or play). If you’re planning to watch a whole lot of baseball games in the future, you should start investing in the wardrobe staples and essentials that we’ve listed above. Not that you can only wear them when you watch or play a baseball game, most of our suggestions make great staples for every man’s closet.

Choosing the perfect outfit for men seems to be an easy thing to do, but it’s not. It entails a lot of effort to find which men’s clothing or outfit that suits them. There are a lot of things to consider. At the end of the day, what is important is that you feel comfortable with what you wear to a baseball game, but make sure to remember the list of what-not above, and to always dress appropriately.

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