Why Men Prefer Spending Time in the Bathroom – 2023

Have you ever wondered why men take so long in the bathroom? It’s not just to answer nature’s call.

From reading to grooming, men tend to spend more time in the bathroom than women. In this article, we explore the reasons why men prefer spending time in the bathroom.

According to a survey conducted by Scrubbing Bubbles, 60% of men take longer than 10 minutes to finish their bathroom routine, while only 28% of women do. So, why do men take so much time in the bathroom?

Some men use this time to have some peace and quiet away from work and family matters. Others use the bathroom as a place of reflection or for their usual routine activities such as reading.

Moreover, for some, grooming and personal hygiene require more time.

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Why Men Prefer Spending Time in The Bathroom

The Psychology Behind It

It is a common belief that men spend so much time in the bathroom for purely practical reasons. However, according to www.purewow.com, there is a psychological inclination behind it.

For men, the bathroom provides a much-needed temporary escape from the stress and chaos of everyday life. It is a private sanctuary where they can reflect on their thoughts, plan for the day, or just relax.

The desire for solitude and isolation makes the bathroom more of a psychological need than just a place for bodily waste.

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man enjoying a bubble bath - why do men spend so much time in the bathroom


According to purewow.com, the bathroom provides men with a private retreat where they can spend time indulging in their grooming habits without worrying about being interrupted. It’s a space where they can focus on perfecting their personal appearance, whether it’s shaving or trimming their beards, brushing their teeth, or styling their hair.

For many men, the bathroom is a place where they can take the time to feel their best before facing the world.

man grooming in the mirror - why do men spend so much time in the bathroom


Men spend a lot of time in the bathroom because it’s an opportunity to enjoy their entertainment. Not everyone appreciates being interrupted while reading a book, listening to music or watching a show.

The bathroom is a place of privacy, and guys can indulge in their passions without external forces bothering them. Additionally, according to a source from www.purewow.com, the bathroom can also be a psychological response to situations that overwhelming them emotionally, which is quite common among men.

man reading a book on the toilet - why do men spend so much time in the bathroom


Men spend a lot of time in the bathroom for various reasons. Personal hygiene is one of the main reasons, and it is essential to keep oneself looking and feeling healthy.

Mental isolation is another reason, and the bathroom can be a perfect place to unwind and collect one’s thoughts. Lastly, entertainment, such as using mobile phones, reading books, and playing games, is also a popular activity while in the bathroom.

Whatever the reason may be, the bathroom is a space of importance to men, and it should be respected as such.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do men spend so much time in the bathroom?

According to a survey, the most common response as to why men take so long in the bathroom is to get some alone time.

Why do men spend an hour on the toilet?

35% of male respondents stated they sat on the toilet to pee, to avoid splatter or reduce sound, to relax, or because it's easier to read sitting down.

How long should a man spend in the bathroom?

Pooping should take no longer than 10-15 minutes per sitting. Anyone who takes longer than this likely has an underlying issue, like hemorrhoids, constipation, or another condition.

Is it normal to spend a lot of time in the bathroom?

According to a Bathroom Habits Survey, the average person spends 30 minutes in the bathroom daily, which is more than 182 hours per year for each individual.

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