Why do Men Manspread? A Scientific Explanation.

What is manspreading and why do men do it? Manspreading refers to the act of men sitting with their legs spread wide apart, often taking up more space than necessary in a public seating area.

This phenomenon has sparked public debate and social media outcry. In this article, we explore the scientific explanation behind why men manspread and the reasons why it has become so controversial.

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Manspreading: Definition and Examples

Manspreading is a term used to describe a common phenomenon where men sit with their legs spread widely apart, taking up more space than necessary. It is often seen as an annoying behavior that infringes on the personal space of others.

Manspreading can occur in any public setting where people are seated close together, such as on public transportation, in waiting areas, or in lecture halls.

Manspreading has been depicted in various forms of popular culture and media. In 2014, New York City launched a campaign against manspreading on public transit, featuring posters that read “Dude… Stop the Spread, Please.”

The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the issue and encourage men to be more considerate of others.

Despite efforts to discourage it, manspreading continues to be a common sight in public spaces. The reasons behind why men do it, however, are not always clear.

What is the reason behind male’s habit of spreading their legs wide?

There are several theories as to why men engage in manspreading. Some suggest that it is a simple matter of comfort, as men have external genitalia that require more space.

Others argue that it is a power play, as manspreading is often associated with a sense of dominance and entitlement.

Studies have shown that there is a correlation between certain personality traits and the likelihood of manspreading. Men who exhibit higher levels of narcissism and aggression are more likely to manspread, while those who are more agreeable and considerate are less likely to do so.

Additionally, cultural factors may play a role in manspreading. In some societies, men are encouraged to take up more space and assert their dominance, while women are taught to be more passive and take up less space.

The Impact of Manspreading

Regardless of the reasons behind manspreading, its impact can be significant. When men take up more space than necessary, they can intrude on the personal space of others, particularly women.

This can make women feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, and disrespected.

Additionally, manspreading can make it difficult for others to find a seat or move through a crowded area. It can also create an overall sense of chaos and disorder in public settings.

How to Address Manspreading

Addressing manspreading can be a tricky issue, as it is often seen as a minor annoyance rather than a serious problem. However, there are steps that can be taken to discourage the behavior and promote more considerate seating practices.

  • Encourage the use of public seating etiquette, such as keeping bags and other items off of adjacent seats
  • Provide seating options that are more accommodating of different postures
  • Promote awareness and education about the issue through campaigns and media coverage
  • Encourage men to be more mindful of their posture and the impact it has on others

By taking these steps, we can create a more respectful and comfortable environment for all who use public spaces.

Remember to be mindful of your seating posture and to respect the personal space of others when in public settings. Let’s make an effort to create a more comfortable and considerate environment for all.

Why Do Men Manspread?

Have you ever wondered why men often sit with their legs spread wide apart? There are various reasons why this phenomenon, called manspreading, occurs.

First, it might be due to dominance as men tend to want to take up more space to assert their authority in a social setting. This is especially true in public transportation where seats are shared with strangers.

Second, some men might find sitting with their legs close together uncomfortable due to biological factors. Women have a wider pelvis and a more acute angle of the femoral neck, making sitting with their knees close together more comfortable than men.

Lastly, some men might see it as a way to showcase their sexual attractiveness by displaying their genitals. While manspreading may seem harmless to some, it can be an annoyance to others, especially in crowded spaces.

The Biology of Manspreading

When it comes to manspreading, there is a biological explanation that could shed light on why men tend to sit with their legs apart. Studies have shown that men’s bodies are built differently than women’s bodies, particularly in terms of bone and muscle structures.

For example, the overall width of the pelvis is typically greater in females, and the angle of the femoral neck is more acute. These factors could make sitting with the knees close together less comfortable for men – especially for longer periods of time.

Additionally, there is a specific muscle in the male body called the tensor fascia latae that can become tight or stretched when sitting with the legs together. This can lead to discomfort, pain, or even injury.

While manspreading may come across as a display of dominance or disregard for others, it’s important to consider the biological factors that could contribute to this behavior.

Manspreading as a Cultural and Social Issue

Manspreading is the practice of men sitting with their legs wide apart, often taking up too much space on public seating like in subways, buses, and trains. This practice has been a subject of controversy, with people expressing various opinions, preferences, and perspectives.

In exploring why men manspread, it is essential to consider the social and cultural implications of this behavior.

One possible explanation for why men manspread is anatomy. According to Dr.Malcolm Potts, a professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at UC Berkeley, the overall width of the pelvis is relatively greater in females, making the position of sitting with the knees close together less comfortable in men.

However, this explanation is quite controversial and not widely supported.

Another possible reason for manspreading could be gender and power dynamics. Some people argue that manspreading is a form of male privilege or dominance, where men occupy and claim more space than necessary as a way to assert their masculinity and power.

In contrast, women, especially those with long clothes or dresses, are often forced to sit with their legs together or crossed, taking up less space.

Moreover, manspreading can also be seen as a public space issue. The practice can be quite inconvenient and uncomfortable for others, especially during peak hours when the seats are limited.

It can sometimes lead to conflicts, confrontations, and discomfort, especially for those who have to stand or sit next to the manspreader.

In conclusion, manspreading is a complex behavior with various possible explanations, perspectives, and implications. Whether it is due to anatomy, gender dynamics, or public space issues, it is essential to be aware of this behavior and its impact on oneself and others.

Countering Manspreading: Alternatives and Solutions

Why do men manspread? There are various theories and explanations but one thing is clear: manspreading can be uncomfortable and even offensive to those around them.

So what are some alternatives and solutions to this common practice?

1. Alternative Postures

One alternative to manspreading is to adopt alternative postures while sitting. This includes cross-legged sitting or adopting a narrower stance with the legs closer together.

While these postures may take some getting used to, they can help to reduce the overall space taken up by a person on public transport.

2. Seating Options

An alternative to manspreading is to make use of different seating options. For example, some public transport options offer seats with larger spacing designed to be more comfortable for larger individuals or those who prefer sitting with a wider stance.

By making use of these alternative seating options, individuals can still remain comfortable without encroaching on others’ personal space.

3. Social Norms

Social norms can go a long way in curbing the practice of manspreading. By encouraging others to be mindful and considerate of those around them, we can create a more inclusive and comfortable public space.

Simple gestures like asking someone to move their legs or being conscious of your own posture can help to normalize alternative postures and eventually eliminate manspreading altogether.

Remember, manspreading may be a comfortable posture for some individuals, but it can be uncomfortable and even harmful to those around them. By promoting alternative postures, making use of alternative seating, and encouraging social norms, we can create a more considerate and comfortable public space for all.


While the act of manspreading may be a natural behavior for men, it can make others, especially women and those with disabilities, uncomfortable in public spaces. The social and cultural implications of manspreading are significant, and efforts should be made to promote more equitable and respectful behavior in shared areas.

Understanding the science behind manspreading can help individuals and communities work towards creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment.


Manspreading is a behavior that has become a topic of debate nowadays. Some people view it as a lack of etiquette that is insensitive to others, while others argue that it may be due to physical differences between males and females.

According to a study conducted by the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, men sit with their legs wide apart because of physical differences between genders. The overall width of the pelvis is greater in females and could be the reason why sitting with legs close together is less comfortable for men.

Cultural norms can also play a part in manspreading. Men may do it to establish dominance or demonstrate their masculinity.

Furthermore, some men may feel the need to spread their legs to avoid pressure on their genitals or to keep them cool.

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