Why Do Men Like Curves? 7 Surprising Facts in 2023

Why do men like curves? It seems that men’s preference for curvy women may be rooted in their biology, as curves signal fertility and health, and can also be associated with confidence and comfort.

According to a study by the University of Westminster, men tend to gravitate towards full-figured women under stress, as they offer a sense of instant relief and reassurance. So, let’s dive into this topic and explore the factors behind this intriguing question, unearthing some surprising insights along the way while focusing on the lifestyle and love categories.

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Evolving Tastes: The Role of Evolution

It’s believed that the reason why men like curves may be rooted in evolution. At its core, attraction is all about the propagation of the species, which often ties back to the survival and reproduction priorities of both men and women.

Curves in women, such as wider hips and larger breasts, often indicate higher levels of fertility and a better ability to bear and nurture children. Thus, men may have developed an evolutionary preference for curves as a way to increase their chances of successful reproduction. The role of evolution in shaping the preferences of men can be further understood by examining various survival and reproduction priorities across species.

Psychological Factors: Security and Comfort

Men’s attraction to curves is partly due to psychological factors, specifically the feelings of security and comfort they evoke. Curves are often regarded as symbols of femininity and nurturing, leading to a natural attraction between men and women.

For example, a curvy woman’s hips can be seen as an indication of her ability to bear children, while her full breasts signify the potential for successful breastfeeding. This biological connection between men and women dates back to our ancestors and their need to ensure the survival of their offspring. The inherent appeal of curves in women may also have effects on men’s stress levels. Research has shown that men who are exposed to images of curvy women experience a decrease in cortisol levels, leading to a reduction in stress and a heightened sense of wellbeing.

Some experts believe that the appeal of curves in women is deeply ingrained in men’s subconscious, with these physical attributes being linked to a woman’s health and fertility. This, in turn, likely contributes to the role that curves play in the psychological factors of security and comfort.

Overall, men’s attraction to curves can be attributed to a combination of innate biological preferences and psychological factors, which serve to reinforce the bond between the sexes and provide a sense of security and comfort.

Psychology Today, Why Do Guys Get Breast Fixed”

Curves as an Indicator of Health and Fertility

Men are attracted to curves because they signal health and fertility. Fat distribution plays a crucial role in overall health, particularly in women. Hourglass-shaped women tend to have a more balanced fat distribution, which is associated with healthier profiles for hormone balance, metabolic rate, and fertility. This is also linked to better reproductive outcomes, which further enhances their desirability to men from an evolutionary perspective.

Understanding the significance of the waist-to-hip ratio is vital in this context. A lower waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) indicates an hourglass figure, which has long been considered attractive.

According to studies from Georgia Gwinnett College and the University of Texas at Austin, shapely women stimulate the male mind comparably to how a narcotic would operate. Furthermore, a lower WHR is associated with lower risks of heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers.

As a result, men tend to be drawn to curves because they are a sign of good health and optimal fertility potential.

Societal Standards and Beauty Ideals

Men’s attraction to curves can be traced back to societal standards and beauty ideals. Throughout history, these preferences evolved based on factors like economic conditions, media representation, and cultural values. For example, in some eras, a curvier figure represented fertility and wealth, making it more desirable.

Media and culture play a significant role in shaping men’s preferences, including their attraction to curves. Movies, television shows, and advertising campaigns often feature women with curvy bodies, potentially influencing men’s preferences.

In addition, cultural norms and values can heavily impact the perception of beauty and body shapes, contributing to variations in what men find attractive.

Pin-ups and Iconic Curvy Women

The history of pin-ups and their impact on desirability has played a significant role in why do men like curves. Pin-up models, such as Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe, showcased their voluptuous figures, captivating the attention of both men and women alike. These iconic beauties promoted the notion that curves are not only attractive but also powerful and desirable.

Over the years, several role models and icons of curvy beauty have emerged, reaffirming the allure of curves. Some notable examples include Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, and Beyoncé, who have all redefined beauty standards with their shapely, hourglass figures. These influential women have further contributed to why men are drawn to curves, emphasizing their association with femininity, sensuality, and fertility.

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Scientific Studies Supporting Men’s Attraction to Curves

A University of Westminster study found that men prefer women with curvier figures due to their association with fertility and well-being. This research examined men’s preferences for curvy figures and the reasoning behind this attraction. In essence, curves are appealing because they indicate fertile bodies more apt for childbearing.

Additionally, neurological studies have shown that men’s reactions to curvy figures are rooted in evolutionary biology. Scientists discovered that when men are presented with images of women with curvier figures, their brain’s reward centers become more active.

This suggests that the attraction to curves might be hardwired into the male brain, making it an innate preference rather than a learned one.


In conclusion, men’s preference for curvy women can be attributed to various factors, including evolution, psychology, health, societal standards, and the media. The fascination with curves transcends time and will likely continue to be a part of human attraction and desire.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do guys like curved figures?

Guys like curved figures as they are drawn to a woman's shapely body, which suggests fertility and well-being. Curves represent a healthy lifestyle, and men often perceive curvy women as healthier and more fertile than thin women.

Why do we find curves attractive?

Curves are attractive because they symbolize fertility and well-being. Women with curves are perceived as having greater fertility and bodies better suited for bearing children.

Do men prefer curvy or skinny?

Studies show that 70% of men prefer curvy women, with 67% open to marrying them and 66% enjoying a night of passion. Size 14 is the most preferred, as curvy women are seen as lively, stunning, and nurturing.

Why do men like wide hips?

Men like wide hips because numerous cultures find a curvy feminine figure sexually appealing. Broad hips in women correlate with wellness and reproductive viability, aligning with evolutionary principles.

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