Why Do Men Like Asses: The Ultimate Guide to Male Attraction

When it comes to physical attraction, people have different preferences. Some may find toned abs or defined biceps sexy, while others may prefer curves in all the right places.

However, one body part that seems to pique the interest of many men is the buttocks. In this blog post, we’ll explore the question: why do men like asses?

We’ll delve into the science behind this attraction and examine cultural factors that may contribute to it. So, buckle up and let’s dive in!

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Why Do Men Like Asses?

Evolutionary Perspective

The evolutionary perspective suggests that men’s attraction to butts may have developed as a way to identify suitable mating partners for reproduction. Biologically, wider hips in women suggest higher estrogen levels and better reproductive capabilities, thus making them more desirable to men regardless of conscious awareness.

Psychological Perspective

From a psychological perspective, men may find butts attractive because it is a sign of health, fertility, and youthfulness. The curviness of the butt signifies the presence of soft tissue and fat, which is attractive to many people regardless of gender.

Additionally, men’s brains are wired to be attracted to visual stimuli, and a round butt is simply visually pleasing to many men.

Societal Perspective

Societal beauty standards also have a significant impact on men’s attraction to butts. Popular culture, social media, and advertising often feature women with curvy and prominent butts as an ideal of beauty.

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This has led to a normalization of the beauty standards, causing men to view butts as desirable and attractive.

The Science Behind Male Attraction to Butts

Butts Activate Reward Centers in Men’s Brains

One reason why men like butts is because it activates the reward centers in their brains. Whenever men see butts, the brain releases dopamine which causes a feeling of pleasure and happiness.

According to a study, men who viewed pictures of women with larger butts had a higher level of dopamine in their brain. This explains why men find butts to be attractive and irresistible.

Large Butts Indicate Better Health

Studies have shown that women with larger butts have better health and are more fertile. Researchers found that a larger butt size is an indicator of lower cholesterol and glucose levels, which means better metabolic health.

It also suggests that women with larger butts can produce more hormones that are essential for brain development. This is why men are subconsciously attracted to women with larger butts as it is a sign of good health and fertility.

A Squishy Butt is Sexy

Men find squishy butts attractive as it signals youthfulness. A full, round and squishy butt is a sign of youthfulness and is visually appealing.

When men see a squishy butt, they associate it with youthfulness, which make it attractive. Squishy butts are also softer, which is why they are more pleasant to touch and hold.

The Media’s Impact on Men’s Attraction to Butts

Celebrities and Body Trends

It is no secret that celebrities play a significant role in shaping our culture’s beauty standards. Their highly-followed lifestyles portray a certain image of what is considered desirable, causing people to strive for an appearance that matches the trend.

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This influence can be seen in the media’s portrayal of attractive butts, with certain celebrity figures creating such a demand for round and toned derrières that it has become a cultural phenomenon.

The Hyper-Sexualization of Women’s Bodies

Another factor that contributes to men’s attraction to butts is the hyper-sexualization of women’s bodies in the media. Society has normalized the objectification of women’s bodies, often portraying them as objects of desire to be consumed by men’s gaze rather than complex individuals.

This can be seen through the media’s representation of the ideal female body, with perfectly rounded and toned butt being one of the physical features that is highly emphasized.

Asses and Sexual Performance

Butts as a Sign of Good Sexual Performance

It’s no secret that a lot of men like looking at butts. But did you know that some men believe that women with larger butts are better in bed?

This belief may have originated from a study conducted by Devendra Singh in 1993, which found that men preferred women with a low waist-to-hip ratio (WHR), or with wider hips and smaller waists. According to Singh, these physical traits are indicators of a woman’s reproductive capabilities, and as a result, he suggested that women with a low WHR are physically more attractive (Singh, 1993a).

This idea might be why many men equate larger butts with better sexual performance, even though there isn’t any concrete scientific evidence to support this.

The Relationship Between Butts and Sexual Health

Interestingly, there is some research that suggests women with larger butts may have healthier vaginal flora. A 2014 study published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior found that women with a larger buttock size had lower levels of cholesterol and were more likely to produce hormones that are crucial for brain health.

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Scientists believe that these hormones may help combat inflammation in the body, which could indirectly contribute to better sexual health (Kaczmarek et al., 2014). While there is no direct evidence connecting butt size and sexual health, these findings could suggest that men, on a subconscious level, may be attracted to women with larger butts due to an innate desire to find a healthy mate.

The Male Gaze and Other Considerations

Butts as a Feminine Trait

One reason why men like asses could be the fact that a woman’s buttocks are often viewed as a feminine trait. In many cultures, a curvaceous butt is considered a sign of fertility and signifies that the woman has enough body fat to bear children.

Additionally, some studies have shown that a small waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) enhances a woman’s attractiveness and is associated with good health.

The Influence of Media on Body Image

The media significantly impacts how men perceive women’s bodies and contributes to toxic masculinity. It often highlights women with thin, toned bodies and promotes unrealistic beauty standards.

Female celebrities are also pressured to sexualize themselves, causing them to conform to a particular body image. This idealization of certain body types can ultimately lead to negative self-image, self-esteem issues, and even eating disorders in both men and women.


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