Who Played Kandi’s Mom on Two and a Half Men: A Look Back in Entertainment.

Who played Kandi’s mom on Two and a Half Men? In this article, we will take a look back at the actress who played the role of Mandi in the hit TV series.

Gail Ann O’Grady, an American actress and producer, is the talented actress behind the character.

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Gail O’Grady as Mandi

Gail O’Grady is the outstanding actress who played Mandi, Kandi’s mother, on the famous American sitcom, Two and a Half Men. She appeared in six episodes from 2007 to 2008 as Mandi, who is a troubled, selfish, and promiscuous woman.

Kandi is a recurring character on the show, and Mandi’s appearances added depth and context to her dysfunctional family life.

Gail O’Grady’s Early Life and Career

Gail Ann O’Grady was born on January 23, 1963, in Detroit, Michigan. She was raised in Wheaton, Illinois, and graduated from Wheaton North High School in 1981.

O’Grady began her career in the entertainment industry as a hostess and dancer for a show in Las Vegas. She then moved to Los Angeles in the late 1980s and started working as a model and actress.

O’Grady’s first major acting gig was as a regular on the CBS comedy TV series “Good Company” from 1996-1997. She then appeared in various TV shows such as “Quantum Leap”, “The John Larroquette Show”, “Murder, She Wrote”, and “L. A. Law”.

However, O’Grady gained widespread recognition for her role as Donna Abandando in the hit TV series “NYPD Blue” from 1993-1996.

In 2004, O’Grady joined the cast of the CBS sitcom “Two and a Half Men”, playing the controversial role of Mandi, Kandi’s mother, during season 3.

Aside from her acting career, O’Grady also produced and co-produced TV shows such as “Lucky” and “Philly”.

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Gail O'Grady

Note: Despite Gail O’Grady’s success as an actress, the role of “Mandi” in “Two and a Half Men” is considered one of her most controversial due to the nature of the character’s relationship with her daughter’s boyfriend on the show.

Gail O’Grady’s Filmography


Gail O’Grady, who played Kandi’s mom on Two and a Half Men, appeared in several films throughout her career, including “She’s Having a Baby” (1988), “Little Vegas” (1990), and “Nobody’s Perfect” (1990).

Television Films

Aside from her role on Two and a Half Men, Gail O’Grady has appeared in various television films, such as “Another Woman’s Husband” (2000), “The Spiral Staircase” (2000), and “Sex and the Single Mom” (2003).

Television Series

Throughout her career, Gail O’Grady has appeared in many popular television series, including “NYPD Blue”, where she played Donna Abandando, “American Dreams”, where she played Helen Pryor, and “Desperate Housewives”, where she played Anne Schilling.

Personal Life and Quotes

Gail Ann O’Grady, an American actress born on January 23, 1963, has been in the acting business for years, and as such, has some interesting things to say about her craft. She has been married six times, and has one son, Michael.

In interviews, Gail O’Grady has spoken about her enjoyment of complex and emotional roles, and about her desire to portray mature women on-screen, who have lived full lives. In a quote about her acting career, she said, “I want to be known as a great – not just a good – actress.”

When asked about working in the entertainment industry, Gail O’Grady responded with these words: “I love every bit of acting. The highs, the lows, it’s all just part of the adventure.

And I truly believe that the best roles are yet to come!”

Regarding her role as Mandi, Kandi’s mother, in the third season of “Two and a Half Men”, Gail O’Grady said “The writing on ‘Two and a Half Men’ is so smart and hilarious, it’s a privilege to be a part of the show. I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with such talented people.”

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Gail O’Grady continues to act in television shows and movies, as well as produce her own content.

Who Else Played Kandi’s Family Members?

Aside from Gail O’Grady, who played Kandi’s mother, several other actors appeared as Kandi’s family members in Two and a Half Men. April Bowlby, an American actress, played Kandi’s half-sister, and Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, also an American actress, played Kandi’s stepmother.

April Bowlby
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe

Interesting Facts About Two and a Half Men Cast and Crew

Two and a Half Men is an iconic American television sitcom that aired from 2003 to 2015. It follows the life of a womanizing jingle writer, Charlie Harper, his uptight brother, Alan, and his nephew, Jake.

In its twelve seasons, the show received multiple awards and nominations for its writing, directing, and acting performances.

The Role of Kandi’s Mother

One of the show’s recurring characters is Kandi, a beautiful but airheaded woman who is Alan’s ex-wife and Jake’s stepmother. In season three, Mandi, Kandi’s mother, made an appearance in the show.

Mandi was portrayed by Gail Ann O’Grady, an American actress known for her roles in multiple television series.

Gail Ann O’Grady was born on January 23, 1963, and her acting career spans over three decades. She is best known for playing Donna Abandando in the ABC police drama NYPD Blue and Helen Pryor in the NBC drama series American Dreams.

On Two and a Half Men, she played Mandi, Kandi’s mother in one episode.

The Cast and Crew of Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men is created and produced by Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn. The show features an ensemble cast that includes Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones, Melanie Lynskey, Holland Taylor, Conchata Ferrell, and more.

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The show has received critical acclaim for its screenplay, humor, and cast performances. Angus T. Jones, who played Jake Harper, won a Young Artist Award in 2006 for his role.

The show also won two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series and Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series.

Fun Fact: April Bowlby, who played Kandi on the show, was also cast in multiple other television series such as How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Doom Patrol.

The Legacy of Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men is considered as one of the most successful sitcoms of all time, with its high ratings and longevity. The show has been praised for its humor and writing, but it has also generated controversy over the years.

Charlie Sheen’s public meltdown and firing from the show became major news in the entertainment industry.

Despite its controversies, Two and a Half Men remains a benchmark for television sitcoms, popularizing the multi-camera format that involves live audience and multiple cameras on the set. The show brought laughter and tears to many viewers around the world, and its legacy continues to inspire future sitcoms.

Two and a Half Men Cast


Frequently Asked Questions

Who played Mandy in Two and a Half Men?

Gail O'Grady played Mandi in Two and a Half Men.

What show was Gail O Grady in?

Gail O'Grady was in TV shows such as NYPD Blue and American Dreams.

Who played Gloria Weldon Boston Legal?

Gail O'Grady played Judge Gloria Weldon in Boston Legal.

Is Gail O Grady married?

Gail O'Grady has been married and divorced six times, including one instance where she sought a restraining order against her ex-partner.

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