Where Was Men Filmed? Discover The Stunning Locations

Yes, Men was filmed in different locations including London. One of the main filming locations in London was St Katherine’s Docks.

Other locations include St. Michael’s and All Angels Church, Withington, and Withington Manor Farm Horse Livery. See the table below for the complete list of filming locations.

Filming Location Latitude Longitude
St Katherine’s Docks 51.5075 -0.0718
St. Michael’s and All Angels Church 51.5754 -0.1798
Withington 51.7860 -1.8537
Withington Manor Farm Horse Livery 51.7689 -1.

Check out this Youtube video: “No Country For Old Men – Filming Locations in New Mexico …” to discover the stunning locations where this classic movie was filmed, perfect for entertainment lovers!

The Filming Locations of Men

London, England

Men was primarily filmed in London, particularly in well-known landmarks such as St Katherine’s Docks and St. Michael’s and All Angels Church. These locations beautifully highlighted the urban and cultural scenes present in the film, perfectly blending with the atmosphere of the story.

Check out these picturesque filming locations in London for a glimpse of where Men was made.

St. Michael's and All Angels Church
St Katherine's Docks

Gloucestershire, England

Another filming location of Men is the countryside locations found in Gloucestershire. The film crew captured the scenic areas of Withington and Withington Manor Farm Horse Livery, and these locations added an additional layer of visual flair to the film.

Take a look at the charming countryside locations in Gloucestershire to understand the serene, picturesque atmosphere of Men.

Withington Manor Farm Horse Livery
Withington, Gloucestershire

The Making of Men


The British folk horror film, Men, was written and directed by Alex Garland, and produced by DNA Films.

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Men was released on January 21, 2022, in the United States and the United Kingdom. The film was distributed by A24 Studios and received a limited theatrical release.


Men was met with mixed critical reception. The film currently holds a 54% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 71 reviews, with an average rating of 5.7/10.

The box office success of Men has not been disclosed, as of this writing.

Men was filmed in London, St Katherine’s Docks, St. Michael’s and All Angels Church, Withington and Withington Manor Farm Horse Livery.


The filming locations of Men, including London, St Katherine’s Docks, St. Michael’s and All Angels Church, Withington and Withington Manor Farm Horse Livery, played a significant role in bringing the folk horror story to life. Alex Garland’s unique storytelling and direction, along with Jessie Buckley’s outstanding performance, created a masterpiece that left a lasting impression on audiences all over the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of the movie Men?

The movie Men is about Harper's struggle with PTSD after leaving an abusive relationship which ended with her husband's death.James, her ex-husband, manipulated Harper to feel guilty and her guilt has only changed form.

Where was the church in Men?

The Sheela-na-gig church is located in Kilpeck, Herefordshire. It's a 12th-century church called the Church of St Mary.

What city was the company Men filmed?

Partial filming for Men took place in several locations including the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston and Boston suburbs such as Burlington, Wellesley, Framingham, Marblehead and the Quincy shipyard.

Where was the Best of Men filmed?

The Best of Men, also known as Los Mejores Hombres, was filmed in Clifton, Bristol, England, UK. The movie was released on August 16, 2012 in the United Kingdom and produced by several production companies.

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