Where Was Grumpy Old Men Filmed? The Ultimate Guide!

In this article, we will look into the various filming locations for the classic Hollywood movie, “Grumpy Old Men.” The focus keyword is “where was Grumpy Old Men filmed,” and we will dive into the different places where the film was shot, along with other interesting details about the production.

Let’s begin our journey into the behind-the-scenes world of this hilarious and heartwarming film!

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What is “Grumpy Old Men”?

“Grumpy Old Men” is a 1993 American romantic comedy film directed by Donald Petrie. It stars Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau as neighbors who have been feuding for decades.

The movie’s storyline revolves around the competition between the two men for the affections of a new neighbor, played by Ann-Margret. The film is set in the fictional town of Wabasha, Minnesota during the winter season.

Where was “Grumpy Old Men” filmed?

Location scouting

The location scouts for “Grumpy Old Men” scoured various towns around the United States for the film’s setting. They eventually decided on the town of Wabasha, Minnesota, which became the location for the film’s main setting.

The town’s picturesque scenery and small-town charm made it an ideal location for the movie.

Filming locations

Aside from Wabasha, “Grumpy Old Men” also filmed in several other locations in Minnesota such as Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and Saint Cloud. Some scenes were also filmed in Hollywood, California.

The ice fishing scenes

The iconic ice fishing scenes in “Grumpy Old Men” were filmed on Horseshoe Lake in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin. The filmmakers also used special effects to create a frozen lake environment that could stand up to the warm temperatures during filming.

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The “Grumpy Old Men” neighborhood

The “Grumpy Old Men” neighborhood where John Gustafson and Max Goldman, the two main characters, lived was filmed on the 1800 block of Milwaukee Street in Wabasha, Minnesota. This street has since become a popular tourist attraction.

The bar

The location of the bar scenes in “Grumpy Old Men” was filmed at Wiederholt’s Supper Club in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The filmmakers chose this location because they wanted a classic bar setting that fit the story’s small-town vibe.

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The making of “Grumpy Old Men”

The cast

“Grumpy Old Men” stars legendary actors Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau as two aging neighbors who have been feuding for decades. In the movie, they compete for the affections of their new neighbor, played by Ann-Margret.

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Burgess Meredith also stars as the ornery grandfather of one of the main characters, and Daryl Hannah plays the daughter of the other.

Production details

“Grumpy Old Men” was directed by Donald Petrie and written by Mark Steven Johnson. It was produced by John Davis and Richard C. Berman.

The movie was shot in various locations in Minnesota, USA, particularly in St. Paul and Stillwater. The filmmakers chose to shoot in these locations to give the movie an authentic midwestern feel.

The production also utilized practical effects, such as real snow instead of artificial snow, to further emphasize the naturalistic setting.

Release and critical reception

“Grumpy Old Men” was released on December 25, 1993, and was a commercial success, grossing over $70 million at the box office. The movie received mixed-to-positive reviews from critics, with many praising the chemistry and comedic timing between Lemmon and Matthau.

Get inspired by “Grumpy Old Men”

If you’re a fan of the classic comedy movie “Grumpy Old Men,” you might be wondering where it was filmed and how you can recreate the look and feel of the film. Here are some tips to help you get inspired.

Recreating the look

The characters in “Grumpy Old Men” had a classic and timeless sense of style. While their clothing choices may not be the latest fashion trends, they were comfortable and had a certain charm that is still appealing today.

To dress like the characters in the movie, you can look for clothing items in neutral colors like beige, brown, and blue. Sport jackets, plaid shirts, corduroy pants, and suspenders are all great options.

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You can find similar clothing items in thrift stores or second-hand shops. To complete the look, don’t forget to add a classic hat.

Grumpy Old Men-inspired travel

The movie “Grumpy Old Men” was filmed in beautiful locations that inspire travel. Some of the places to consider visiting include Wabasha, Minnesota, which was the primary location for the film.

The beautiful small town, situated on the banks of the Mississippi River, is a great place to explore. Additionally, Lake Mille Lacs, which features prominently in the movie, is a great place for fishing or boating.

In conclusion, “Grumpy Old Men” was a classic movie that still resonates with audiences today. If you want to recreate the classic and timeless style depicted in the movie or you want to travel to the beautiful locations featured in the film, be sure to follow the tips provided in this article.


In conclusion, “Grumpy Old Men” was filmed in various locations in Minnesota, including Wabasha, Saint Paul, and Minneapolis. Despite its simple premise of two old men fighting over a woman, the movie remains beloved for its heartwarming moments and hilarious comedic scenes.

The film also showcases the beauty of small-town America and the importance of strong friendships. Overall, “Grumpy Old Men” is a classic feel-good movie that will continue to entertain audiences for generations to come.


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