Where are all the Good Men? 10 Surprising Places to Find Them!

Where are all the good men? It’s a question on many women’s minds, especially those who are tired of swiping through dating apps and not finding what they’re looking for.

While online dating can work for some, it’s not for everyone. In this article, we’ll explore 10 surprising places to find good men that you may not have thought of before.

From the grocery store to the gym, there are plenty of opportunities for meeting someone special in person.

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The Problem with Finding Good Men in Today’s Dating Culture

In today’s dating culture, finding a good man seems like an impossible task for many women. Despite various dating apps and websites, meeting quality men remains a struggle.

But why is this the case? Let’s explore some of the reasons behind this problem.

Hookup Culture Makes Dating Harder

One of the biggest challenges in finding a good man is the prevalence of hookup culture. Many men are not looking for serious relationships and only want something casual.

This makes it difficult for women who are seeking meaningful connections.

You’re Not Using the Right Dating Site

Using the wrong dating site can also contribute to the difficulty in finding good men. Some dating apps are geared towards hookups, while others focus on serious relationships.

Make sure you choose a dating platform that aligns with your goals and values.

You Come Off as Intimidating to Men

Being independent and confident is admirable, but it can sometimes come across as intimidating to men. If you’re having trouble finding a good man, reflect on how you present yourself and consider adjusting your approach.

The Prevalence of the “Man Child”

In recent years, there has been an increase in men who are not ready to take on adult responsibilities. These “man child” types can be charming and fun, but ultimately are not suitable partners for women who are looking for stability and commitment.

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Potential Matches Have Emotional Baggage

Everyone carries some emotional baggage, but some people are more weighed down than others. If you’re having trouble finding a good man, it could be that the men you’re meeting are dealing with unresolved issues from their past relationships or personal lives.

You’re Not Looking for the Same Things

It’s important to be clear about your goals and what you’re looking for in a partner. If you’re seeking a serious relationship, but the men you’re meeting only want something casual, then it’s unlikely that you’ll find a good match.

You Haven’t Focused on Improving Yourself

Finally, it’s important to remember that you’re in control of your own life and happiness. If you’re having trouble finding a good man, take the time to focus on yourself and your own personal growth.

When you’re confident and fulfilled, you’ll be more attractive to potential partners.

Remember that finding a good man takes time and effort. Don’t give up hope and keep putting yourself out there!

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The Surprising Places to Find Good Men

1. Volunteering and Community Service

Volunteering and community service are great ways to meet good men with similar values and interests. Whether you are giving back to your local community, helping the homeless or participating in environmental cleanup, this type of activity presents an opportunity to meet men who are similarly inclined to volunteer their time and make a difference.

  • Join volunteer clubs that align with your hobbies and passions.
  • Participate in community events and festivals.
  • Attend charity events and fundraisers.

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2. Professional Networking Events

Professional networking events are another great way to meet like-minded men who are interested in advancing their careers and building relationships. These events present opportunities to expand your professional network and potentially meet someone who shares similar career aspirations.

  • Attend industry-specific meetups and events.
  • Participate in conferences and trade shows.
  • Join professional organizations and attend their networking events.
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3. Hiking and Outdoor Adventure Groups

If you’re into outdoor activities, joining a hiking or outdoor adventure group can be an excellent way to connect with other men with similar interests. These groups often organize activities like camping trips, kayaking, or rock climbing excursions, and they provide an opportunity to bond over shared experiences.

  • Join a local hiking or outdoor adventure group
  • Attend outdoor festivals and events
  • Participate in community sports leagues

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4. Book Clubs and Discussion Groups

If you’re an avid reader, joining a book club or attending a discussion group can be a great way to meet intelligent, similarly-minded men. There are plenty of options in most areas, from general-interest book clubs to more specialized groups focused on particular genres or topics.

  • Join a local book club or writer’s group
  • Attend local lectures or speaking events
  • Participate in online book clubs or forums

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5. Sports Leagues and Fitness Classes

Bonding over sports can often lead to forming lasting friendships, and potentially even finding a romantic partner. Joining a sports league or fitness class can be an excellent way to connect with active men with similar interests.

  • Join a local intramural league team
  • Attend group fitness classes such as yoga or Pilates
  • Participate in local sports events and tournaments

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6. Art Galleries and Museums

Art galleries and museums can be great places to meet men with an appreciation for the arts. You’ll encounter a diverse range of people with different backgrounds and interests here, making it a great place to strike up a conversation with someone who might share your passions.

  • Attend local art shows and exhibitions
  • Join an art or photography group
  • Take a guided tour of a museum or cultural center

Image for Art Galleries and Museums

7. Cooking Classes and Culinary Events

Cooking classes or food events can give you the opportunity to meet men who share your culinary interests. This setting allows for fun and interactive conversations and gives you a chance to show off your cooking skills.

  • Attend cooking classes or workshops
  • Join a local food and wine club
  • Go to food or wine tasting events

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8. Travel Groups and Adventure Tours

If you have a love for adventure and exploring new places, travel groups and adventure tours are a great way to meet adventurous men who share similar interests. These trips provide unique opportunities to forge friendships or possibly find a romantic connection with someone special.

  • Join a local travel club or adventure group
  • Attend travel expositions and events
  • Sign up for adventure tours
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9. Church and Spiritual Organizations

If spirituality is an essential aspect of your life, attending religious services and joining local church or spiritual organizations is a great place to start meeting potential long-lasting partners who share your values.

  • Attend religious services and events
  • Join a local church or spiritual group

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do women often struggle to find good men?

Women often struggle to find good men due to several factors such as hookup culture, not using the right dating site, coming off as intimidating, prevalence of man-child, emotional baggage of potential matches, not looking for the same things, and not focusing on self-improvement.

Are there any drawbacks to finding good men in non-dating environments?

Although meeting men organically can be promising, there may be drawbacks such as difficulty in finding men in the desired age range, limited options in local areas, and struggles in finding compatible interests.


Don’t limit yourself to typical dating scenarios when searching for good men. There are many places where you can meet men organically, including coffee shops, grocery stores, parks, public transportation, bars, and the gym.

If you’re having trouble finding good men, it could be due to hookup culture, using the wrong dating site, coming off as intimidating, emotional baggage, not looking for the same things, or not focusing on self-improvement. Consider expanding your interests and knowledge to broaden your horizons and increase your chances of meeting new people.

Remember, the key is to keep an open mind and be willing to try new things.


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