When Old Men Plant Trees: A Guide to Rugged Fashion

When Old Men Plant Trees: A Guide to Rugged Fashion” is an informative article that explores how older men can maintain their rugged and timeless style while rocking the latest fashion trends. The Greek proverb, “when old men plant trees,” emphasizes the importance of investing in future generations and leaving behind a better world for those who come after us.

According to medium.com, this proverb serves as a reminder that each of us has a role to play in shaping the future, even if we do not personally reap its rewards. In this article, we will focus on rugged fashion for men and how this proverb applies to the fashion industry.

Bags for Men

“When old men plant trees,” it’s important to have the right bag to hold all the necessary tools and supplies. For a rugged fashion style, a leather backpack or messenger bag can be a great option.

Make sure to choose the right size to fit everything you need without being too bulky. When it comes to color, brown or black are classic choices that can match any outfit.

Rugged leather bag - when old men plant trees

Color Matching

Matching colors is an important aspect of a rugged fashion style. When it comes to mixing and matching colors, it’s important to stick to neutral colors such as brown, grey, and navy blue.

These colors can easily be paired with other colors without looking too overwhelming.

To achieve a timeless look, consider pairing contrasting colors such as black and white or blue and orange. Additionally, you can look at the color wheel and match colors that are opposite each other for a bold and stylish look.

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When it comes to prints, it’s best to stick to one printed item and pair it with solid colors.

Remember that color matching is all about balance and finding what works best for you. Experiment with different color combinations and take risks to find your unique style.

Hats for Men

As old men plant trees, complement their ageless rugged style with various types of hats such as fedoras, flat caps, and beanies. Opt for a fedora for a more formal occasion or a flat cap for a casual day out.

A beanie can be a great option for colder weather. When choosing a hat, consider the occasion, weather, and the shape of your face.

A round face can be balanced with a fedora while a slimmer face can be complemented with a beanie. Ultimately, choose a hat that reflects your personal style and makes you feel confident.


When old men plant trees, they are demonstrating the importance of investing in the future. A rugged fashion style can complement this lifestyle by emphasizing durability and longevity in clothing and accessories.

Investing in high-quality and durable clothing not only contributes to sustainability but also saves money in the long run. By choosing pieces that can withstand wear and tear, we reduce the frequency of replacements and contribute to a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Therefore, a rugged fashion style is not only stylish but also practical and sustainable.

Additionally, planting trees is a legacy that benefits generations to come, and so is investing in quality clothing and accessories. By choosing pieces that are timeless and versatile, we can create a lasting and meaningful contribution to society.

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So, investing in quality clothing and accessories is not only an investment in oneself but also in future generations.


When old men plant trees, they may still want to maintain a rugged yet polished look. Grooming plays a crucial role in achieving this kind of style, especially for mature men.

To achieve a rugged yet polished look, start with basic grooming habits like taking showers regularly and keeping facial hair well-trimmed. At the same time, invest in high-quality grooming products like moisturizers and facial cleansers to keep skin looking healthy and vibrant.

Opt for natural or earthy scents to complement the earthy and natural aesthetic of a rugged style.

Rugged grooming tips - when old men plant trees


Investing in a future that one will not witness can leave a lasting impact on society far beyond one’s lifetime. The ancient proverb “when old men plant trees” highlights the significance of prioritizing the long-term well-being of one’s community.

By planting trees, elderly individuals contribute to a legacy that benefits future generations. This altruistic act is a testament to the power of collective responsibility and the importance of considering the needs of the future in our present actions.

Thus, the proverb emphasizes the significance of investing in quality items, just like planting a tree, that will last for years and leave a lasting impact on society.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the phrase 'old men plant trees' mean?

The phrase means that people should plant trees that may take a long time to grow and benefit others in the future.

What is the old Chinese proverb about planting a tree?

The old Chinese proverb is 'The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.' which encourages people to start planting trees now.

Who wrote 'A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit in'?

The author of the quote is an ancient Greek proverb. It is attributed to Roger Pearse.

What does the quote 'the one who plants trees' mean?

The quote praises people who plant trees even though they may not live long enough to enjoy the shade. It encourages selfless actions that benefit future generations.

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