What to Wear with a Vest Men’s: Trendy and Classy Outfit Ideas

A vest, also known as a waistcoat, is a sleeveless garment typically worn over a shirt and usually buttoned up. It is a versatile and stylish addition to any wardrobe, especially for men.

A vest can be dressed up or down, making it suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Plus, it adds a layer of warmth during colder seasons while still maintaining a polished look.

In this article, we will explore different styles of vests wear with a vest men and what to wear with a vest men’s to achieve a dapper and sophisticated look.

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What to Wear with a Vest Men’s

Outfit Ideas with Lightweight Vests

A lightweight vest adds the right amount of style and comfort to your casual look. Pair it with a Henley shirt and jeans for a cool and effortless outfit.

You can also layer it over a short-sleeve shirt and shorts for a relaxed summer look. Wear white sneakers to complete this outfit.

Layered Look with a Vest

To dress up a vest and add warmth to your outfit, layer it over a long-sleeve shirt with jeans or khaki pants. Consider wearing boots or loafers with this outfit.

Men's Outfit with a Vest and Layered Look

Vest with Shorts

A vest with shorts is a great option for a casual outfit in the summer. You can wear a vest with a graphic t-shirt or a short-sleeve button-up shirt and white sneakers.

Men's Outfit with a Vest and Shorts

Vest over a Hoodie

A hoodie and vest combination is an easy casual look that adds some style. Wear a solid color hoodie with a neutral vest, and consider adding black jeans and sneakers to finish this look.

Formal Look with a Vest

For a formal event, choose a vest with matching trousers and a dress shirt. You can also wear a tie and a blazer to complete the outfit.

Ensure that the colors and styles of the vest, tie, and blazer complement each other.

Vest with a Three-Piece Suit

For a formal and stylish look try a three-piece suit with a vest. Choose a vest with a bold pattern or color that complements the color and style of your suit.

Wear a matching tie and dress shoes to finish the look.

Men's Outfit with a Vest and Three-piece Suit

Contrasting Waistcoat

To add some personality to your outfit, consider a contrasting waistcoat. A blue suit can be paired with a light grey vest to create a stylish but eye-catching look.

A dark grey suit with a light grey Prince of Wales vest is perfect for the office and business settings. For a casual look, try a beige suit with a brown vest.

Blue Suit and Light Grey Vest

Match a blue suit with a light grey vest for a ceremony or wedding. Consider wearing brown leather shoes to complete this outfit.

Men's Outfit with a Blue Suit and Light Grey Vest

Dark Grey Suit and Light Grey Prince of Wales Vest

For the office or business settings match a dark grey suit with a light grey Prince of Wales vest. Complete the outfit with black leather shoes.

Men's Outfit with Dark Grey Suit and Light Grey Prince of Wales Vest

Beige Suit and Brown Vest

For a casual and disengaged look consider a beige suit with a brown vest combination. Wear brown leather shoes with this outfit.

Matching Accessories with a Vest

When matching your vest with accessories, consider belts, ties, and shoes that complement your outfit. Wear a belt in the same color as your shoes and choose a tie with a color similar to the vest or shirt.

Belt or Suspenders?

Pairing a vest with suspenders can create a unique and sophisticated look, while a belt can provide more support for your pants and a more completed outfit. The choice comes down to personal preference and style.

Tie or Bow Tie?

A tie is perfect for a more formal setting, while a bow tie is good for a less formal or casual look. Match the color of your tie or bow tie with your vest or shirt.

Tips for Perfecting the Vest Look

Choosing the Right Vest for Your Body Type

When it comes to vests, choosing the right style and fit can make or break your entire outfit. One of the most important things to consider is your body type.

If you’re on the slimmer side, opt for a slim-fit vest that hugs your body and adds a sleek silhouette. If you’re more muscular or broad-shouldered, try a regular-fit vest that’s not too tight or too loose.

You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a corset.

Another factor to consider is your personal style and the occasion you’ll be wearing the vest for. For example, if you’re going for a more casual look, a denim or quilted vest is a great option.

For a formal event, a wool or tweed vest will elevate your outfit to the next level.

Keeping the Vest Look Balanced

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect vest, it’s important to make sure the rest of your outfit is balanced. You don’t want the vest to overpower the rest of your look.

One great way to achieve balance is by layering the vest over a Henley shirt. This casual yet stylish option allows the vest to be the focus point while the Henley provides an extra layer and contrast to your outfit.

Another option is to wear the vest under a field jacket. This creates a rugged yet put-together look, and allows the vest to peek through without taking over the entire outfit.

For a more classic look, try wearing the vest over a button-up shirt. This timeless option looks great with slacks or even jeans, and provides a structured and polished look.

Lastly, when it comes to pants, it’s all about balance. If your vest is puffy or has a lot of volume, try pairing it with slim-cut pants to create a balanced and structured look.

If your vest is more fitted, you can play around with the cut of your pants. Jeans and chinos are great options for a casual look, while slacks will elevate your outfit for a more formal occasion.


Wearing a vest can add versatility and style to any outfit. There are several ways to create different outfit ideas with a vest, such as pairing it with a Henley shirt, under a field jacket, over a button-up shirt, or with casual pants.

It is important to keep in mind that the puffier the vest, the slimmer the cut of the pants worn with it. This helps to balance out the outfit.

Some outfit inspiration for vests this season includes the cropped vest, button-up knit vest, oversized sweater vest, and more.


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