What to Wear in Vegas Men 2023: Outfit Ideas

Why is it important to dress well in Vegas?

Overview of the article

It’s no secret that Las Vegas is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. From world-class casinos to dazzling entertainment options, everything about Vegas screams glamour and luxury.

For men visiting the city, it’s important to dress well to fit in and feel like they belong in the city’s high-end hotspots. In this article, we’ll discuss what to wear in Vegas to make sure you look your best, including tips on color matching, grooming, and accessories.

Whether you’re hitting up the casino or exploring the city’s nightlife, this guide will help you look and feel your best.

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The Best Outfits for Men in Vegas

When in Vegas, men should aim for a business casual attire to suit most occasions. This includes dress shirts, chinos, and blazers.

For fine dining and nightlife, consider upgrading to a suit. This will give you a more polished and put-together look, especially in higher-end establishments.

For versatility, it is advisable to bring both dress shoes and sneakers. Dress shoes will complete a formal attire while sneakers are a great option for walking around and exploring Vegas.

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Accessories can complete your outfit and make it more stylish. Consider wearing a watch and sunglasses.

These will not only serve practical purposes but also add personality to your outfit.

Business casual outfit for men

Outfit Ideas for Different Activities

Pool Parties

If you’re attending a pool party in Las Vegas, you want to look stylish while keeping cool. Opt for swim trunks, sandals or flip flops, sunglasses, and a lightweight shirt.

A straw hat or bucket hat can also be added for sun protection.

Pool party outfit for men

Concerts and Shows

For concerts and shows, black or dark wash jeans paired with sneakers or dress shoes is a great option. Add a graphic t-shirt or button-up and finish off with a leather jacket or blazer.

Accessorize with a statement watch and bracelets to complete the look.

Concert outfit for men

Fine Dining and Nightlife

If you’re heading to a fine dining restaurant or a club, it’s time to bring out your formal attire. A well-tailored suit with dress shoes paired with a pocket square is a classic option.

A dress shirt in a bold color can also be added to make a statement. Accessorize further with cufflinks and a watch.

Suit and tie outfit for men

Remember to dress comfortably and confidently, and to take into consideration the specific dress codes of the venues you’ll be attending. With these outfit ideas, you’ll be ready for any activity in Las Vegas.

Footwear Tips

When it comes to footwear for Vegas, it’s important to keep in mind both comfort and style. The strip is quite long, so you’ll want to bring a comfortable pair of sneakers for daytime exploring.

For nighttime activities, such as hitting the clubs, dress shoes are a must.

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Additionally, opt for darker colored shoes or materials that are more durable, as Vegas can be rough on footwear.

Men's shoes for Vegas

What NOT to Wear in Vegas

When in Vegas, it’s important to make sure that you’re dressed appropriately for the occasion. While it’s okay to dress casually when exploring the city, there are certain items that you should avoid wearing.

First and foremost, avoid wearing athletic wear such as basketball shorts and tank tops. Most establishments in Vegas have dress codes that prohibit this type of clothing.

Instead, opt for a more stylish look by wearing nice jeans or slacks with a collared shirt.

Another item that you should leave at home is the fedora. While it may seem like a fashionable choice, it’s seen as outdated and may make you stand out in a negative way.

Instead, opt for a stylish baseball cap to complete your outfit.

Additionally, it’s important to avoid wearing offensive or inappropriate graphic tees. Many establishments in Vegas have a certain level of decorum, and wearing offensive clothing may result in being denied entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors should I wear in Vegas as a man?

Bright colors like pink and red are popular in Vegas, but sticking with neutrals like black, white, and grey is a safe choice.

Can I wear shorts in Las Vegas?

While not ideal for fine dining or nightlife, shorts are acceptable for daytime activities like pool parties and outdoor exploration.


In summary, when it comes to what to wear in Vegas men should choose their outfits carefully depending on the occasion. Business casual outfits with trousers or knee-length skirts paired with a blouse or button-down shirt are appropriate for most venues.

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Casual dress codes are the most relaxed, but still require investing in classic items that never go out of fashion. It’s important to avoid athletic wear, jeans, t-shirts, baggy or ripped clothes, and sneakers or flip-flops.

No matter the occasion, dressing well is important for making a good impression and feeling confident.


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