What Should Men Wear with Their Hoodies?

Even if it may not be the most stylish piece in your collection, the basic hoodie is one of the coziest, most useful clothing pieces a man could ever own. As a result, the warm, loose-fitting item is a current menswear essential that each gentleman ought to possess.

For guys who want to enhance a selection of looks, the hoodie is a versatile and stylish sweatshirt to choose from it. Although a hoodie is easy to sport around the house, you can pair it with the right items. You can also wear one as part of a smart, casual weekend look.

Also, hoodies may be fashionable and simple, providing a stylish appearance that can be worn for any event. And there are various straightforward ways to style a hoodie, whether you want to dress up or down.

What’s a Hoodie and Where Did It Come From?

A sweatshirt or jacket with a hood is called a hoodie. Hoodies typically come with a huge linked pocket in the front and are constructed of heavy cotton or a combination of materials to give warmth and comfort. They frequently have a drawstring to modify the opening as well.

The hoodie was most likely invented in New York, specifically by Champion USA, according to the prevailing opinion on its history. The hoods were attached to sweatshirts in the 1930s to shield athletes, and anyone working outside from the outdoors, said a former company president. Because of the high demand, they quickly took off.

A garment created out of necessity quickly developed a name of its own. It became an essential part of the 1970s hip-hop scene and later the skate and punk subcultures of the 1980s and 1990s.

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The utility of the hoodie evolved along with its rebellious attitude, offering warmth, low-profile dressing, and anonymity. In the meantime, the hoodie’s relationship with sports persisted throughout, especially as producers continued to push the edge with the introduction of avant-garde new fabrics and styles.

What to Look for in a Hoodie


Here is a fantastic chance to spend money on high-quality materials. Granted, most of what’s available will probably be 100% cotton, and a high-quality loopback version is always a good choice. Still, there are also a ton of intriguing new textiles on the market. There’s the TECHMERIN and merino wool, which are well worthwhile to explore. Also, you can look for upscale details in silk and suede, or if you want ultimate quality and have money to burn, think about a cashmere version hoodie.


Generally speaking, the hoodie needs to be fitted. The hoodie’s sides should drape over the torso, with the shoulders fitting snugly. A billowy body instantly gives off the appearance of a weekend parent. Placing beneath a topcoat or jacket makes layering difficult and clumsy since the fabric bunches and folds up. You can afford additional room if the hoodie is your primary outerwear item. To cover all fashion bases, a guy needs two types of hoodies—one fitting and one loose.


Because the hoodie is versatile, you can layer it under a sweater or pullover. Wear delicate hues that complement your outfit, or make it your distinctive piece with logos and solid and eye-catching colors. Everything relies on the style you want to project and the level of danger you’re willing to accept.

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If durability and adaptability are essential to you, you should stay subdued and impartial. In this regard, a simple gray marl color is unrivaled.


Checking where a garment is made, considering the quality of components like zips and drawstrings, and being extremely picky about fit should go without saying at this point. Consider the hoodie an essential part of your wardrobe, and choose the greatest one you can purchase.

What to Wear with Hoodies

Bomber Jacket

Think about wearing a bomber jacket with a hoodie for a modern urban look. Despite not being as traditional as some other combinations, the hoodie’s straightforward design and the current appeal of bombers make this one as effective. Choose a zip-up hoodie in a timeless color, like gray, black, or navy, to pull the outfit off.

Next, wear it with your preferred bomber style, such as wool, nylon, or leather-sleeved. Simply add some black or dark denim jeans and a pair of fashionable sneakers to finish your casual urban style. The final result will be a contemporary inner-city look with hints of athleisure.

Denim Jacket

An excellent method to create a relaxed and cool style is to wear a hoodie with a denim jacket. Denim jackets come in various fashions, but a blue choice works exceptionally well and may go with multiple styles. Consider wearing a jacket with a white or gray hooded sweatshirt for a fashionable casual approach. You can also add some shoes and thin jeans to complete your look.

Parka Jacket

You can wear a hoodie with a parka jacket this winter to be warm, dry, and stylishly protected from the wind, rain, and cold. The pairing is not only cozy and helpful, but it may also look chic and contemporary. Just keep everything modern and spotless to pull off the look. A black parka with a black hoodie makes a subtle fashion statement. Also, drawstring pants or tailored trousers can complete the style for a smart-casual appearance.

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Shirt Over Hoodie

A shirt over a hoodie is one of the trendiest looks for men who want to look stylish and dapper. To add layers and create visual appeal for a daring fashion statement, you can layer a hoodie under a shirt for a classic and laid-back look.

To create a contemporary layered look, there are many shirts to layer over a hoodie, such as oversized graphic tees and designer tops. A graphic t-shirt, jeans or chinos, a low-neck sweater, or a half-done zip-up in gray, black, or white go well with sneakers.


A hoodie and jeans are a timeless combination that can keep any man warm on frigid weekends. You can play around with the color schemes, and keep in mind that, thanks to the available modern denim color palette, just about every color scheme can go well here.

The Bottom Line

It can be challenging to determine what to wear with your favorite hoodie because there are so many color schemes and combinations to consider. So, we hope that this hoodie style guide will give you some ideas. Explore these hoodie outfits for men to uncover hip looks and inspiration.

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