What Should Men Wear for an Office Christmas Party?

The holiday season is just around the corner, and there’s no surprise you’ll attend a few office parties over the upcoming holiday. But putting down the briefcase and slipping into your party shoes can be a stumbling block for many. Even though one last office party is supposed to be all fun and games, finding the right outfit could be stressful.

Knowing what to wear is crucial if you’re having Christmas drinks with your CEO or coworkers or attending your annual office Christmas blast. So, here is your reference to dressing for a Christmas party if you want to master the dress code, know where to add some unique style, and appear as classy as heck.

Different Christmas Party Dress Codes for Men

You should dress according to the occasion, which is a no-brainer and the most influential fashion advice. If there is one, adhere to the party’s theme or dress code. Keep it formal and suit up if you’re heading to a sit-down meal at a fancy restaurant or a formal party. You can dress down smart casual if it’s a more relaxed event or just a regular night out with the office. Regardless, you need to stick to the dress code.

The Casual Office Christmas Party

You can enjoy a great time at the office Christmas party while dressed casually. It’s the season when wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers will not make you feel unprepared. Consider wearing a pair of black slacks and a clean, white button-down if you want to spend the night at a pub. You can wear stylish sneakers or formal shoes to complement the appearance and incorporate different colors to add festive brightness to your ensemble. Remember, it’s the holiday season. A little vibrance in your outfit will complete it.

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Also, it will work just as well to replace a traditional crewneck sweater with a Fair Isle tank top or jumper. Alternately, a great new cashmere scarf will add elegance to your ensemble without requiring any work. And lastly, make sure you’re comfortable.

The Smart Casual Office Christmas Party

This dress code is the most difficult to style yet the most straightforward and pleasant to wear. First, smart casual attire can include sneakers, pants, and a t-shirt. But of a particular sort. Prime examples of high-end footwear include low-cut, typically white, brown, or black leather shoes that don’t have any fluorescent or gym-like colors.

Your top should be as clean and stain-free as your sneakers, and your jeans should be slim-to-straight and dark indigo or black.

Adding a blazer is acceptable if the situation requires it. The stylish bomber jacket, on the other hand, is the ultimate dressed-up, dress-down piece to own this holiday season.

The Cocktail Office Christmas Party

The cocktail dress code offers the ideal fusion of formality and modernity, equal parts chic and casual. Don’t panic if you receive an invitation with this dress code. A sharp suit in muted greys, deep navy blues, and pale versions of those colors will do the trick. Consider cocktail clothing as the ideal occasion to include vintage prints like checks.

Then, match with dark-colored chinos or separates with a slim fit. Add a collared shirt, a pair of leather brogues, a pair of buttery Chelsea boots, or this season’s go-to pair of loafers. A striking belt, tie, or pocket square will give your ensemble some individuality. You also have some freedom with the accessories here.

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The Formal Office Christmas Party

You must be ready for a classy Christmas party if your invitation calls for a formal or “black tie” dress. These occasions require a tuxedo, a formal shirt, and outstanding tailoring. To accentuate your shoulders, go for a shawl or peak lapel.

For the occasion, choose darker colors. You can also consider the double-breasted cut for a festive touch. It is just as appropriate as the single-breasted style but is less common, so you’ll stand out. To add more flair, consider wearing a blazer in green or burgundy. The final touches of a bowtie and pocket square are ideal. Try out different fabrics, like silk and velvet, to help you stand out from the rest.

If you’re more of a fashion man, choose a black Oxford cap-toe or a pair of dark slippers.

The Wear-Whatever-You-Like Office Christmas Party

The majority of guys prefer this. This entails dressing in a manner befitting a guy of taste, poise, and style. And the outfit choices for such kind of Christmas party are endless.

You can choose a statement-making bomber jacket or a loud blazer. Consider picking a look that complements the holiday party’s theme. Is it a theme from a film? Then select your inspiration, a person who was both fashionable and wild. Go all out with the florals, patterns, velvet, and accessories.

Things to Remember


Dress guidelines and workplace expectations will determine your overall Christmas party look. Still, your accessories will win you the best-dressed employee prize. There are always colorful socks or pocket squares, but don’t conform.

If you work in an office, now is the perfect moment to ditch business attire and quietly add casual wear essentials like distinctive jewelry and timepieces.

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You can choose otherwise average clothing, like a black suit. Still, by adding a few finishing touches, you can transform it from your standard white shirt and black suit into something distinctive.

Small touches can make a big difference. This includes a tie and pocket square, cufflinks, and watches, all of which can give a touch of elegance or color and make you stand out from the crowd.


Establish a proper grooming regimen for the party if one hasn’t already been. At most, a week before the event, get a haircut in plenty of time but not too early, and style it whatever you like.

You can shave that evening, or if you have facial hair, make sure it looks presentable. Choose a scent, and apply it before going out.

Face scrubs, moisturizers, and under-eye treatments are also essential to remember. These can improve your appearance and offer you that needed confidence.

The Bottom Line

Whatever the dress code, remember to pan your clothes ahead of time. Make sure everything fits and looks decent when you try them on, and you’ll be good to go. Also, Christmas parties are fun, so don’t forget to enjoy the party.

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