What Shirt Color Goes with Denim Jeans for Men?

The versatility of jeans is unmatched by other ensemble pieces in a man’s closet. Any clothing, such as t-shirts, blazers, jackets, and polos, can be paired with jeans to complete any look. Thanks to the popularity of numerous stars, it was entirely recognized worldwide. Now, denim jeans are the most popular and are becoming more and more fashionable.

No matter the season, wearing jeans with a colored T-shirt is a timeless, classic outfit. But not every T-shirt and jeans outfit works; there are several more fashionable methods to achieve the look. T-shirts and jeans are two of the most adaptable items in a person’s closet. When worn correctly, they make an excellent ensemble for many different events.

When deciding what to wear with denim jeans, you want the ensemble to look relaxed and carefree. You don’t want it to appear that you’re making an excessive effort. This can be difficult because of how standard denim jeans are in casual wear.

Most Popular Colored-Denim Jeans

Today’s jeans come in a variety of colors that are being used for jeans, and they go with nearly anything.

Light Blue Jeans

For more laid-back settings, light blue jeans are a terrific alternative. They are an excellent choice for spring (because dark jeans absorb more heat than light jeans).

Jeans with a light wash are perfect for barbecues and other casual weekend outings. You can wear them with a tank top if you want to wear them as casually as possible, a flannel shirt, a T-shirt, or both. Also, you can add a pair of boots or casual white sneakers to finish the look.

Dark Blue Jeans

For a good reason, dark blue jeans are a mainstay of men’s wardrobe. They are an absolute necessity for every man’s outfit. 

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Since dark blue jeans are more adaptable than medium or light blue, it is the best shade of blue for jeans. Your dark blue jeans can be dressed up or down as necessary. Although dark-wash jeans are more likely to remain dark since they are fade-resistant, you can choose raw denim if you like. Each wash will cause raw denim to fade.

Dark Wash Denim Jeans

In contrast to the other colors, there is disagreement over what qualifies as “dark denim.” To be clear, we’re referring to shades of raw indigo and charcoal, which broadly refers to anything that is more or less uniform in color and isn’t black. Generally speaking, denim jeans may be dressed for more formal settings. As many fashion enthusiasts believe, the darker the denim is and the less decoration there is, the more it is suited for formal events. Although, there are still a few things to consider about despite this versatility.

It would be best to think about the balance of your entire ensemble when pairing it with off-duty mainstays like a sweatshirt or blazer for a great smart-casual blend. Make sure that everything you wear up top and on your feet isn’t too form-fitting, as tight denim tends to sit away from the body. While that is off the table, pretty much anything else, including textures, additional denim colors, and colors like neutrals and primary tones, works very well here.

What to Wear with Denim Jeans

White Shirt

The epitome of refinement is simplicity; pair a plain white t-shirt with denim jeans and brown leather shoes for a stylish daytime outfit. Depending on your style, you can choose a crewneck, V-neck, or polo shirt for your tee. There are many different T-shirt styles available.

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Navy Button-Down

The contrast between a blue button-down and denim jeans is striking. You should also consider the one with red and light blue stripes. A pattern emerges when different colors are used, which gives the ensemble more appeal.

Your outfit’s formality level naturally rises if you’re wearing a button-down. This makes it a perfect attire to go to a dinner or any other occasion where you must dress a little more formally.

Black Blazer

The blazer is one of the classic menswear items that may be worn with anything and come in any hue. There is no better method to achieve the most desired intelligent casual style than wearing casual blazers for men with denim jeans. The secret is knowing how to style a blazer with jeans to make you stand out from the crowd. A slim-fitting blazer will fit tightly without bulging from the sides of men with a slimmer build.

Tan Overcoat

A tan overcoat and black top go perfectly with light-wash denim jeans. Your denim jeans will stand out sharply against the rest of the ensemble, giving it a highly polished appearance. This is a reasonably basic ensemble because there aren’t many colors to draw your attention.

The overcoat is ideal for a day out with friends, a date, or most occasions that don’t call for formal attire because it also makes you look more stylish.

Chambray Shirt

If you don’t own a chambray shirt in your arsenal, think about purchasing one because chambray shirts are one of the significant trends of 2020. You can wear it with dark wash blue jeans and leather lace-up shoes for a stylishly casual appearance.

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The urban gent’s everyday wardrobe now includes the rather formal waistcoat. A pair of well-fitting skinny or slim denim jeans, especially in indigo or black, should be your choice of denim if you want to carry off a waistcoat with style. This will give you a clean-cut look. A dark-colored waistcoat over a fresh white Oxford shirt will also look great. Otherwise, Grandad collars offer a polished look and are your best bet.

But if you choose a collared shirt, you may add a casual touch by switching out your striped tie for a bowtie. A charcoal waistcoat and trousers with a tie are wardrobe essentials that never go out of style. Waistcoats and ties go together like peanut butter and jelly. Suppose you’re a gentleman who prefers to take the alternative route. In that case, you can substitute a more fashionable bow tie for the more conventional tie. Even if wearing a charcoal waistcoat with a red bow tie with stripes is a bit unconventional, you can wear anything if you can do it.

The Bottom Line

Men cannot live without denim jeans, which have become a wardrobe essential. Indeed, denim jean has come a long way from being the height of young revolt to an essential fashion item. 

With the newest fashions continually showing the item in a fresh light, jeans have recently become more popular. Men’s casual wear with jeans is also a tried-and-true alternative for last-minute outfit decisions, thanks to its widespread appeal. Regardless of the various styles, cuts fit, or accents that adorn it, this piece of clothing has established itself as a classic.

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