What is the Best Running Men’s Shirt for Hot Weather?

When a heatwave seems to hit every month, humidity starts to rise along with the temperature, making the air feel like an oppressive sweater. When days like this are around, you must first reset your expectations. You should know that running on hot days will be slower, and everything will feel more difficult. Now that you’re running in the blazing sun, you might be wondering what the best outfit to wear is. You may be wondering which shirt and which brand will keep you cool.

According to the runner’s rule of thumb, you must always dress as if it’s 20 degrees warmer than it is. That’s why racers wear singlets and shorts when it’s 45 degrees outside. Runners understand the importance of being prepared for inclement weather. Whether it’s the tropical or rainy season, you need to make sure you’ve dressed appropriately. And we got that covered!

Best Running Shirt Material

Men’s running shirts are specifically designed to keep you comfortable as your workout warms up. Modern technical fabrics wick sweat and moisture away from your skin and dry quickly, keeping you feeling relaxed and dry.

To ensure that you are purchasing the fitting shirt, you first need to know the materials used for that specific shirt, just like the materials listed below.


Polyester is the most common material found on the labels of exercise equipment. It may be the best material for running shirts. Polyester is non-absorbent in addition to being lightweight and durable. This means that the moisture in your skin evaporates rather than being drawn into the material.

This material is essentially plastic cloth, is durable, wrinkle-resistant, and moisture-wicking. It also protects you from the sun because it repels Ultraviolet rays.


Even though you might think of nylon when you think of pantyhose, this synthetic fabric is also excellent for creating running apparel. It is as soft as silk and as absorbent like silk, trying to make it mildew resistant.

It is elastic, just like pantyhose, so you will not feel constrained when wearing a nylon running shirt. Nylon is also sweat-resistant and dries quickly. It wicks sweat from your skin to the fabric’s surface, where it evaporates, guaranteeing that you don’t run in a wet shirt on hot days.


This fabric is suitable for cold and hot weather because it helps regulate your body temperature by creating pockets that trap air. This means that it can maintain your body warm during cold weather and cool during extreme heat.


When it comes to fabric, spandex is the definition of “stretchy,” as it can expand to nearly 600% of its standard size. This gives users a free range of motion without causing the fabric to lose its original shape. Aside from that, it’s also breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying. Spandex has antibacterial properties as well.

It’s critical to have the best materials for your running clothes, so you don’t heat, but a few other things to consider when purchasing summer clothes.


It is a kind of plastic that is sweat and completely waterproof. This type of fabric will keep your skin dry no matter how sweaty you get while running, making it an excellent base layer to wear while running.

Although if you perspire heavily and the outside of your shirt becomes wet, the material in contact with you will remain dry. Polypropylene draws moisture from its fibers and draws it to the fabric’s surface, where it evaporates.


Natural fabric is made from bamboo pulp. It is lightweight, breathable, and sweat-wicking. It also protects your skin from UV rays with an SPF of 50+. People like this material because it is soft and odor-resistant.

Even though bamboo regulates your temp, you can wear this fabric from your summer run to running errands and stay cool and dry the whole time.

Best Running Men’s Shirt for Hot Weather

If you’ve been trying to put off your cardio because of the heat, we’ve compiled a list of the best warm-weather running men’s shirts below. This is the best running shirt for summer, with everything like loose, breathable T-shirts

Nike Breathe Rise 365 Short Sleeve

The Nike Breathe Rise 365 Short Sleeve running shirt features mesh zones and sweat-wicking fabric to keep you cool in hot weather. Nike used an 85 percent polyester-15 percent cotton blend fabric that wicks sweat away quickly.

The design team also used knit mesh in high-heat areas such as the abdomen, arms, and shoulders to vent excess heat and increase air circulation. The Breathe 365 has a fitness evaluation for easy movement and reflective detailing to help you stand out in low-light situations.

New Balance Q Speed Fuel Short Sleeve

New Balance designed the Q Speed Fuel Short Sleeve for the fastest runs. The shirt was created using a jacquard knit fabric for a soft touch and stretchy performance. The athletic fit eliminates excess material for unrestricted movement. The short-sleeve style is ideal for hot weather runs or layering in chilly temperatures.

Hill City Short Sleeve Essential Seamless Train Tee

The body-mapped sweat zones make this short-sleeve essential for training. For sweaty workouts, mesh panels on the underarms, back, and chest offer ventilation. Hill City’s anti-odor claim piqued the testers’ interest, but despite back-to-back runs, the shirt didn’t stink.

Patagonia Capilene Cool Trail Short Sleeve

Whether you’re on the road or the trail, the Patagonia Capilene Cool Trail Short Sleeve is your perfect running companion. From its tagless design and flatlock seams to its underarm gussets, we love that this tee is built for chafe-free comfort in mind.

The Patagonia Capilene Cool Trail Short Sleeve is the ideal running companion, whether you’re on the road or the trail. This tee is designed for chafe-free comfort, from the tag-less design and flatlock seams to the underarm gussets.

Under Armour Tech Short Sleeve

When you want a looser, more relaxed fit in your running shirts, the Under Armour Tech Short Sleeve should be your go-to option. It has an invitingly soft and lightweight material, which remains comfortable even when you begin to sweat.

The stretchy fabric of this shirt moves with your body for an unrestricted run, so clinginess is not an issue. This short sleeve tee also has anti-odor and anti-chafe properties for long-lasting convenience and freshness.

The Bottom Line

A high-degree day plus a hundred percent humidity or the anguish of having to log miles in both cannot be changed. However, you can dress in light, sweat-wicking clothing that will make your summer runs feel like the good kind of run. We hope you’ll consider the tips we have listed above for your next running shirt on the hottest of days.

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