What is the Best Hairstyle and Beard Style for the Rugged Man?

A great hair and beard style may elevate an ordinary man to the level of class and sense of style. And a fantastic haircut is the foundation of any good hairstyle. Just in case you don’t know, having a nice haircut or beard style isn’t rocket science. There are a plethora of appealing men’s hair and beard styles to select from for your rugged look.

Many tried-and-true haircuts and beard styles are adaptable and suitable for the vast majority of guys. They combine the primary characteristics that a man looks for in an attractive hairstyle. Most men want their haircut and beard style to be stylish, presentable, uncomplicated, and simple to style.

Stylish Hairstyles for Rugged Men

Rugged hairstyles are typically identified by their edgy appearance and are eerily similar to several of today’s fashionable hairstyles. This haircut includes a variety of modern men’s cuts and styles, such as braids, ponytails, shaved back and sides, a mohawk, undercut, and epic beard.

We have listed some of the most stylish hairstyles a rugged man can indeed pull off.

Mohawk and Faux Hawk Styles

The mohawk and faux hawk are rugged hairstyles that most guys associate with their favorite punk rockers. An upgraded version of the style is expected to become prominent as a low-maintenance but fashionable look.

The modern mohawk and faux hawk fade feature more subtle shifts between long hair on top and shaved or faded sides. It also retains the distinguishing strip of longer hair running down the center of the head. If you want a more conservative haircut that can be worn wherever and every day, you can try the faux hawk. These haircuts may accommodate a range of fades with varying lengths on top.

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Taper Haircut

The taper haircut is both versatile and contemporary. What distinguishes it from a fade is that the sides are not buzzed with clippers but rather scissor cut for a more extended look. While the style still goes shorter towards the bottom of the head, a tapered haircut lacks the contrast of a fade. As more men begin to enjoy longer hairstyles, this cut is expected to be one of the most popular rugged hairstyles.

Tousled Hairstyle

Hair that looks like you just rolled out of bed has a place in men’s rugged fashion. Your hair should be mid-length initially, with the sides partially trimmed. The trick is to run a natural men’s pomade or hair gel through the hair to mess it up a little. Then you can experiment with alternative looks. It’s a raw, youthful style. You’ll be surprised, but it is an element of today’s bad-boy image that appeals to many women. Others may see an artist who could stay in bed all day and converse with them about life.

Man Bun Hairstyle

A man bun is just a long hairstyle for men in which all of your hair is gathered into a bun. The difference between a top knot and a man ponytail is a more circular knot of hair that lays toward the rear of the head rather than the top. To achieve a man bun, your hair should be at least several inches long.

Men who prefer the man bun, on the other hand, can trim their hair on the sides short or long. To contrast with the longer hair on top, you may add an undercut, taper fade, bald fade, or even shaved sides.

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Long Locks Hairstyle

Don’t be too hasty to disregard long hair because it’s not just for the ladies. Growing your hair might be the greatest look for you if you have the right face shape and characteristics. It instantly gives you a stern, macho appearance and is another style that goes well with a beard.

Beard Styles for Rugged Men

When most guys hear the word “hairstyle,” they only visualize the hair on top of their heads. Even so, they do not always regard the hair on their faces. Well, you’re passing up a chance to elevate your style by failing to consider how your facial hair relates to your haircut.

Below are beard styles that will give you the rugged man look you’re always aiming for.

Long Beard

This classic beard design emphasizes maintained length and helps to lengthen the face. It all comes down to allowing your whiskers to grow and fighting the impulse to cut them too soon. It is because it’s far easier to shape them once they’ve reached a certain length and volume than while they’re still growing. Once you’ve achieved the desired size, trim the sides to align with the sides of your face and keep the longest part directly under your chin.

Square Beard

A square beard is the opposite of an egg beard, which has more length on the chin. This medium beard style has more length on the sides to expand the face and make the jawline appear more angular. It’s good for guys with longer, more oval facial forms since it creates angles that they don’t have naturally. Allow whiskers to grow long enough on the sides to generate length, trim nearer to the chin while allowing extra length around the jaw corners.

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Viking Beard

Because of its devil-may-care style, the Viking beard reigns supreme among rugged, macho beard types. It’s long, flowing, and distinctly un-shaped; this isn’t a beard that needs to be trimmed daily or even weekly, and don’t even think of using a beard trimmer. The aesthetic relies on it appearing a little wild. Once you have the proper length, cut wayward hairs with scissors rather than a trimmer, which will give you a more consistent look.

Full Chin Beard

You might have heard that length on the chin always makes a face appear longer. This style is no different, and it almost guarantees it. You can allow the hair on your chin to grow long rather than grooming it into a sharp point at the tip or rounding the corners into an egg. Then keep the remainder of your whiskers somewhat uniform in length and blend if desired, but you want a bulbous appearance that reaches the full breadth of your chin.

The Bottom Line

Numerous hair and beard styles are ideal for men who wish to look rugged, trendy, and masculine. And some of those are listed above. We hope that we have helped you decide which style you’ll go for the next time you visit the barbershop.

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