What Happened to Rich on Mountain Men? 2023 Update!

If you’re a fan of the History Channel’s Mountain Men, you may have noticed that Rich Lewis has been missing from recent episodes. But what happened to Rich on Mountain Men?

Here’s the latest update on what he’s been up to.

Check out this Youtube video to find out what happened to Rich Lewis from Mountain Men. If you’re a fan of the show or just love rugged and adventurous lifestyles, this video is a must-watch!

Rich Lewis, who is he?

Rich Lewis is a former American football linebacker who played for the Houston Oilers, Buffalo Bills, and New York Jets. He was born on June 8, 1950, and played college football for the Portland State Vikings.

He now lives in the isolated Ruby Valley in southwest Montana with his wife, Diane. However, Rich is perhaps best known for his appearance on the popular TV show, Mountain Men.

Rich was first introduced to viewers of Mountain Men during the show’s second season. He quickly became a fan favorite due to his tough-as-nails personality and his willingness to take on any challenge.

Rich is a skilled trapper, hunter, and fisherman who spends most of his time living off the grid, relying on nature for his survival.

Despite his rough exterior, Rich is known for his good nature and willingness to help others. He has been a mentor to many young people in his community, and he is passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge with others.

Did you know? Rich Lewis was a professional football player before he became a mountain man.

What Happened to Rich on Mountain Men?

Rich Lewis from the hit TV show, “Mountain Men,” did not appear in the latest episodes, leaving fans wondering what happened to him. The reason why he didn’t appear is that he decided to sit out of the filming due to personal reasons.

Rich has been dealing with some medical issues, and his health has been declining since the last season. In an interview, he confirmed that he was going through some struggles, and he needed to take a break from the show.

Despite his absence, there is no news that he won’t be returning to later episodes of “Mountain Men” in the future. Many viewers and fans of the show are eagerly waiting to see if Rich will make a comeback, hoping for his speedy recovery.

Rich Lewis from Mountain Men

We wish Rich Lewis a speedy recovery, and we hope to see him back on “Mountain Men” soon!

Rich Lewis’ TV Career

Rich Lewis, widely known as one of the prominent cast members of Mountain Men, has been a part of the show since its inception in 2012. He is a Native of Idaho who now lives in Southwest Montana, where he and his wife, Diane, reside in isolation in the Ruby Valley.

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Before becoming a reality TV star, Rich Lewis, born on June 8, 1950, was an American football linebacker who played for the Houston Oilers, Buffalo Bills, and New York Jets of the National Football League. He later moved on from football and developed an interest in tracking animals living in the snow, which eventually led him to participate in the television show Mountain Men.

Throughout his time on the show, Lewis has become a fan favorite, with his rugged demeanor and expertise in outdoor survival. His accomplishments in hunting, tracking, and living off the land have been a staple of the show for years, and his expertise in these areas continues to be an integral part of Mountain Men.

Despite his success on Mountain Men, Lewis has also made appearances in other TV shows, including The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He has also built a following on social media, with fans following his outdoor adventures and his daily life in the isolated Ruby Valley.

Overall, Rich Lewis’ career in reality television has been defined by his expertise in outdoor survival, and his contributions to Mountain Men have made him an integral part of the show’s success.

What is Rich Lewis Up to Now?

Mountain Men star, Rich Lewis, has been keeping himself busy with his own projects after leaving the show in 2020.

Since moving to Montana, Lewis has developed a passion for tracking animals living in the snow. He has been spending most of his time in the great outdoors, tracking and hunting mountain lions and bears.

In addition to his hunting activities, Lewis also runs his own leather-making business, creating and selling custom leather bags, belts, and other leather products.

Although he is no longer on Mountain Men, Lewis has been keeping in touch with his fans through social media, sharing his outdoor adventures and wildlife sightings with his followers.

With no plans of slowing down, Rich Lewis looks forward to continuing his outdoor pursuits and growing his business.

Mountain Men: More About the Show

Mountain Men is an American reality television series that airs on The History Channel. The show premiered in May 2012 and follows several outdoor enthusiasts as they live off the grid in various locations across the United States.

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Rich Lewis is one of the cast members on the show, known for his tracking skills and living in the wilderness of Montana.

Before becoming a Mountain Men cast member, Rich Lewis played professional football in the National Football League for the Houston Oilers, Buffalo Bills, and New York Jets. He was a linebacker for the Portland State Vikings in college.

After suffering an injury that ended his football career, Lewis moved to the isolated Ruby Valley in southwest Montana, where he became passionate about tracking animals in the snow. This led to his interest in becoming a Mountain Man and joining the cast of the show.

Watch Mountain Men and follow Rich Lewis on his adventures in the wilderness of Montana!

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Rich Lewis from Mountain Men

Do you want to know what happened to Rich on Mountain Men? Unfortunately, there is no recent news about Rich Lewis as he has retired from the show.

The last time he was seen on the show was in 2020, where he continues to live a quiet life with his wife, Diane, in the remote Ruby Valley of Montana.

Aside from his appearances in Mountain Men, Rich Lewis is known for his career as a former American football linebacker in the National Football League (NFL). He played for the Houston Oilers, Buffalo Bills, and New York Jets during his career.

He was also a college football player for the Portland State Vikings.

Update: Comedian Richard Lewis announced that he is returning to the long-running TV series, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” after being absent for most of the last season.

Although Rich Lewis is no longer part of Mountain Men, his passion for nature and tracking animals is still a prominent part of his life. He had developed an interest in tracking animals living in the snowy mountain regions after moving to Montana.

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Lewis has been living in Ruby Valley for over 30 years now and continues to enjoy the peaceful life with his wife.

For more news and updates about Rich Lewis, continue to follow our page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Rich Lewis leave Mountain Men?

Rich Lewis chose to leave the show, citing his age and the toll the lifestyle was taking on him.

What is Rich Lewis up to now?

After leaving the show, Rich Lewis has been active on his social media channels, sharing updates on his daily life and adventures.

How did Mountain Men impact Rich Lewis' life?

Being on the show helped Rich Lewis garner recognition for his skills as a survivalist and outdoorsman, and has allowed him to pursue his passion for wildlife tracking in the isolated Ruby Valley.

What Happened to Rich Lewis on Mountain Men?

Rich Lewis was one of the main cast members on the History Channel’s reality TV series, Mountain Men. Fans of the show were shocked to learn that Lewis left the show after Season 8, wondering what happened to the skilled hunter and trapper.

The Reason Behind Rich Lewis Leaving Mountain Men

In an interview, Rich Lewis explained that his decision to leave Mountain Men was not an easy one. However, he felt that he was getting too old for the harsh lifestyle that the show demanded.

He wanted to focus on building a more sustainable life with his wife outside of the limelight.

Who is Rich Lewis?

Rich Lewis was born in 1950 in southwestern Idaho, and spent most of his life exploring the neighboring mountains. After moving to Ruby Valley in Montana, he became passionate about tracking animals living in the snow, and became a skilled hunter and trapper.

Life After Mountain Men

Rich Lewis is now 68 years old and still living in Sheridan, Montana with his 66-year-old wife Diane.


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