What Goes with Plaid Pants for Men?

Purchasing a pair of plaid pants is a terrific and practically fail-proof option to liven up your closet. The plaid pattern has been popular for a while and is notably popular in business settings. The design is most popular in the fall, but you may wear it any time of year based on how you dress it.

Plaid patterns attract the eye, making your lower half the center of focus. Check patterns are a legwear style that well and indeed demands attention. Although plaid pants are daring, they might be the ideal way to stand out if you want to make an impression or you’re in a fashion rut.

These pants are adaptable and go with any style, whether you choose to look preppy, sophisticated, grungy, or just relaxed and casual.

What To Wear With Plaid Pants

White Tops

Some of the best top options for styling plaid pants while you’re just starting include a simple white t-shirt. This is also perfect if you want to wear something basic and uncomplicated. You can choose t-shirts with a round neck. And this is something that men who believe in making an edgy outfit even at work might try. Adding a pullover to your ensemble might further shield you from brisk winds.

To look professional and impressive, wear tees in neutral colors. The rest of the magic is worked by a watch and a pair of stylish sneakers.

Black Long Sleeve Shirt

Due to its superiority, black continues to be the regal match with everything you wear. A stunning outfit would be gray plaid slacks and a sophisticated black long-sleeved shirt. The slim-fit, ankle-length plaid pants are easy to wear and help you look sophisticated. Don’t forget to accessorize with a stylish pair of sunglasses and chic formal shoes.

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Cable Knit Sweater

Because plaid pants are so fun, pairing them with an iconic turtleneck sweater adds a sophisticated touch to your ensemble and gives you a strong appearance. It is a great ensemble to pair with plaid pants and a wardrobe essential, especially during the chilly winters. On the other hand, the traditional cable knit sweater is considered a modest clothing item because it covers most of the upper body.

Moreover, these sweaters are currently available in various styles. Some have cut-outs to expose some flesh, some are cropped, and a few are sleeveless. All these styles can be used with plaid pants in men’s clothing, but it’s best to consider the proper color before donning one.

Leather Jacket

The fall and winter seasons are ideal for layering clothing. You may make several plaid pants outfits by simply swapping out your outerwear.

The leather jacket is among the most classic and current clothes that look great when paired with practically any other gear. This jacket does, in fact, have a strong, macho vibe, making it a powerful addition to your off-duty wardrobe. And the plaid pants for men give an overall attire a distinctive look. You may even consider wearing casual suede boots to go with your outfit.

Additionally, black leather jackets tend to enhance any such appearance. Even the ability to put on a colorfully varied plaid pant ensemble is included. You can even purchase colored pants to go with the outfit. Just make sure the color coordinates with the plaid pants.

Denim Jacket

Due to their superior adaptability, denim jackets are consistently in style. Everybody looks fantastic in a denim jacket, and this jacket matches every possible outfit, including a pair of plaid pants for men. These coats fall under the category of classy, timeless modern vintages.

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Anything, even your plaid pants, is a great candidate for concealment with a denim jacket. It welcomes a lot of quirky quintessences to your utterly necessary outfit. Denim jackets are, therefore, an incredible choice when worn with stylish checkered pants as you head to the meeting location.


By completing a plaid suit, a jacket that matches your plaid pants quickly improves your appearance. And the suit is the word for a set of pants that go well with a blazer. And it is a wardrobe staple for every man, whether they like a more casual or tailored look. Since the parts are bought as a set, suits make it simple and quick to seem well put together.

Men have worn plaid suits to work and other occasions because they may look dapper. You may wear a white dress shirt underneath your plaid suit to complete the look.

What to Consider in a Plaid Pants

There are many plaid pants, from straightforward one-color overcheck designs to intricate multi-check designs. So, which should you choose?


Color is a crucial component of plaid fabrics. The most basic checks have just one or two colors, whereas louder designs may incorporate several shades. Start by selecting a general color scheme, unless you’re attending a Scottish country concert, then go from there. Tonal plaids are a fantastic place to start, like navy checkered with lighter blue tones.


Plaid pants usually go better with more refined clothing. They fall on the dressier side of the spectrum. They are more frequently offered in dress trouser form, including pleated patterns or high-waisted suit trousers. Therefore, it is better to stay with a more refined, narrow shape while looking for plaid pants that will go with tailoring.

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Look for a cut that is roomy in the thigh but gets narrower toward the ankle, creating a hem that rests right around your shoes. If you choose a pair that is too thin, the check pattern will be warped, making it appear stretched and simply wrong. You usually want the pants to hang to ensure that the check sits correctly.

Wider-leg plaid pants are a good choice if you want something more casual. Stick to mild gray patterns to include them in streetwear-inspired designs because they go well with logos and bold colors and won’t overpower sneakers.

The Bottom Line

Without checkered pants positioned amid tailored pants and jeans, the world of men’s fashion will crumble. Men’s casual plaid pants outfits provide much-needed variety in a wide range of hues and inventive looks. So, whether it’s spring-fall or winter-fall, take out your plaid pants in your closet, wear them, and improve your everyday look with them.

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