What Do Men Wear in Paris? Must-Have Fashion Tips!

Paris is a fashion capital of the world, known for its art, culture, and fashion. Men who visit Paris usually wonder what to wear in Paris to look fashionable and avoid standing out as a tourist.

In this article, we will explore the must-have fashion tips for men who want to dress like Parisians.

According to misadventureswithandi.com, denim is a popular choice among men in Paris. It can come in slim-fit, skinny, or more relaxed styles.

For social occasions, many men opt for the classic combo of vintage denim paired with a laid-back t-shirt and a sleek leather or bomber jacket. A well-fitted jacket and trouser can make a huge difference in one’s attire.

It is important to get the perfect fit, but with a pair of jeans, there’s a bit more leeway. Parisians usually keep their color palette more muted and stick to neutral tones like black, navy, gray, and white.

When it comes to shoes, black leather sneakers, derbies, chukka s, and loafers are the preferred options among the locals. Accessories like scarves, hats, and belts can add an extra edge to one’s outfit and complete the entire look.

Parisian men aim for a balance of smart and casual attire, mixing streetwear with classic pieces. Avoid standing out as a tourist by leaving your flashy t-shirts and sneakers at home, and instead opt for timeless and refined pieces.

With these fashion tips, men can blend in with the stylish Parisians and enjoy the city’s fashion scene to the fullest.

Check out this Youtube video to see how French men look sharp and get inspiration on what to wear in Paris, featuring tips on grooming, color matching, and men’s clothing:

Men’s Fashion in Paris


Jeans are a versatile and beloved choice among Parisian men. There are various styles available, from slim-fit to skinny or relaxed.

Parisians often pair vintage denim with a casual t-shirt and a sleek leather or bomber jacket for social occasions.

Parisian Men's Fashion with Denim - what do men wear in paris

Neutral Colors

Parisian men prefer subtle and understated styles that don’t scream for attention. They opt for neutral shades, including black, white, gray, brown, and navy.

By sticking to these shades, Parisian men can easily mix and match different pieces of clothing. They avoid flamboyant watches, logos, and large accessories.

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Neutral Colors in Parisian Men's Fashion - what do men wear in paris


Parisian men complete their outfits with carefully selected accessories. Scarves, hats, and sunglasses are all popular choices.

It is important to note that baseball caps are considered a major fashion faux pas in Paris, regardless of the occasion or season.

Accessories in Parisian Men's Fashion - what do men wear in paris

Based on worldinparis.

What To Wear in Paris for Men

Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world, known for its effortless and classic styles. When it comes to men‘s fashion in Paris, it’s all about keeping it simple and stylish.

According to worldinparis.com, Parisian gentlemen prefer a distinct style that is subtle in essence and doesn’t scream for attention. Neutral shades such as black, white, gray, brown, and navy are favored by Parisian guys.

This minimalist approach allows them to mix and match their outfits with ease. Plus, Parisians tend to dress up a bit more than usual to keep their fashion game on point.


When it comes to tops, a crisp white dress shirt is a classic choice for a more formal occasion. Other options include cotton or linen button-down shirts, striped or patterned t-shirts, and a knit sweater or cardigan for the cooler months.

According to travelfranceblog.com, Parisians wear neutral colors and simple patterns to keep their outfits versatile.


For bottoms, slim-fit or straight-leg jeans are a beloved choice in Paris. Denim can come in slim-fit, skinny, or relaxed styles.

Chinos or trousers are also great options for a more formal look. According to misadventureswithandi.com, there’s a bit more leeway in choosing a pair of jeans, but it’s important to get the perfect fit when it comes to jackets and trousers.

Tailored shorts are also perfect for summer in Paris.


Jackets are essential during the cooler months, and Parisian gentlemen prefer tailored blazers, leather jackets, trench coats, and bomber jackets. According to worldinparis.com, Parisians don’t adorn themselves with flamboyant watches, logos, or large accessories, so they keep their jackets simple and stylish.


Accessories complete a Parisian gentleman’s look, and they prefer to keep them simple as well. A scarf, hat, sunglasses, and watch are all great accessories to have.

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According to worldinparis.com, baseball caps are an absolute taboo, irrespective of the season.

Parisians prefer to wear leather boots, lace-up oxford shoes, or sneakers. Shoes should be comfortable and functional, but still stylish.

According to worldinparis.com, Parisians prefer slim and clean-cut styles of shoes.

In conclusion, when it comes to what to wear in Paris for men, it’s all about keeping it simple, versatile, and stylish with neutral colors and simple patterns. Parisian gentlemen prefer classic styles that are subtle in essence and don’t scream for attention.

From tops to shoes, the key is to keep the outfit comfortable, functional, and fashionable.

When it comes to dressing up for different occasions while in Paris, French men tend to keep their outfits understated and stylish. According to worldinparis.com, Parisian gentlemen prefer neutral shades such as black, white, gray, brown, and navy to keep their minimalist approach.

They avoid flashy and branded accessories while opting for versatile and timeless pieces that can be easily matched. For business meetings, Parisian men choose tailored suits or dress pants and a blazer paired with dress shirts and leather dress shoes for a professional appearance.

On the other hand, formal events call for a classic tuxedo or a black suit with a tie complete with dress shoes and a pocket square. For casual weekends, Parisian guys often go for a relaxed look with a t-shirt or sweater, jeans, and sneakers or boots, as mentioned by travelfranceblog.com.

Therefore, it is best to keep clothing choices simple and elegant while in Paris for various occasions.

Grooming and Skincare for Men in Paris

Facial Hair

The Parisian gentleman takes pride in his appearance, including well-groomed facial hair. A trimmed beard or mustache is preferred to maintain a neat look.

Alternatively, a clean-shaven look can be achieved with a sharp razor and aftershave.

Parisian Men's Facial Hair Grooming - what do men wear in paris


A Parisian man values the importance of good skincare, usually with regular facials and quality skincare products. To keep skin hydrated and protected, invest in a good moisturizer and sunscreen for daily use.

Parisian Men's Skincare - what do men wear in paris

According to misadventureswithandi.com, Parisian men commonly opt for a minimalist approach to fashion with neutral colors of black, white, gray, brown, and navy, allowing for easy mix and match options. Denim is also a beloved choice, with styles ranging from slim-fit to more relaxed styles for social occasions.

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A laid-back t-shirt complements this look, paired with a sleek leather or bomber jacket for a classic combination. Headgear should avoid baseball caps, regardless of the season.

Expensive or flashy accessories and timepieces are also not commonly seen. The Parisian gentleman values personal style, preferring a subtle, understated look rather than logos or symbols.


When it comes to fashion, Parisian men opt for a classic and subtle style that exudes sophistication and charm. They usually keep their outfits simple and versatile, often sticking with neutral hues such as black, white, gray, brown, and navy.

Denim is a popular choice and comes in a variety of styles from slim-fit to more relaxed fits. Parisian gentlemen avoid flashy logos or branding, instead preferring to embrace understated elegance.

They also steer clear of baseball caps, even during the summer. Follow these tips to blend in with the fashion-forward crowd in Paris and dress like a true Parisian gentleman.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What should guys wear in Paris?

Guys should wear black, white, gray, brown, and navy to never go wrong in Paris. Men's Paris outfits fit slimmer than what Americans are used to. Tailoring has to be perfect when it comes to suits, shirts, or coats, and slim-fit jeans are a common sight on Parisian streets.

Do men wear jeans in Paris?

Yes, most French people go for jeans, as shorts are occasional. The packing list can also be used for spring and fall, depending on the weather.

What do older men wear in Paris?

Older men dress well in Paris, and even their casual wear is considered. Jeans are common, but often a trouser jean in a dark wash with a dress shirt tucked in and a cashmere sweater tied around the shoulders.

What would a typical French man wear?

A dress shirt, cardigan, and khakis or a suit jacket with slacks and dress shoes would fit in. Dressing down may be advantageous, but t-shirts, jeans, tennis shoes, flip-flops, and shorts are an absolute no.

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