What Color Tie Works Well with a Burgundy Suit?

Despite the burgundy suit having been around for a while, its appeal has gradually increased. This color is progressively gaining popularity across the globe as a timeless, adaptable, and distinctive suit that can make a statement past the typical tuxedo jacket. This is primarily because black tie gatherings have evolved over time into settings where attendees can showcase their individuality by standing out using specific colors, such as burgundy.

You could think that there must be some pattern that cannot stand, and you will likely be as shocked to learn the benefits of the maroon combination. Burgundy suits have been winning over more and more guys who believe this color may rule their wardrobe as firmly as gray or navy for special occasions. Burgundy suits allow you to sneak into the ocean of fresh design concepts.

But, what color tie should you wear with a Burgundy suit? Let’s find out!

Color Ties That Match with Burgundy Suit

Selecting a tie that will match a burgundy suit might be challenging for you. So, here are a few outfit combinations you could wear, especially when trying a new color.

Maroon or Burgundy Ties

This could be an excellent opportunity to experiment if you like the monochrome style. A tie that matches the color of your burgundy suit will look quite stylish, and a darker or lighter hue gives a lovely touch.

White Ties

It should come as no surprise that white complements burgundy. White’s brilliance complements burgundy’s decadence perfectly. Both are an excellent contrast to one another. Thanks to the refined effect, this combination will accomplish the modern aesthetic many men strive for.

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Black Ties

If you want to add a flair to your outfit, black and burgundy is a dramatic color combination that can do so. It can also create a minimalist vibe. And the outcome will undoubtedly be stylish and contemporary, and the ensemble will look amazing.

Purple Ties

It stands to reason that purple and burgundy would make a stunning color combo for any outfit, as burgundy has purple undertones. The outcome will be royal and striking, but not way too harsh.

Beige Ties

Suppose you do not want to be very daring or make a statement with your wardrobe. In that case, a beige is always an acceptable option. Beige’s understated elegance and bold burgundy’s contrast are complementary.

Green Ties

The appropriate green shade can work pretty well with burgundy because the two hues contrast and enhance one another. A stunning mint green tie stands in bright and cheery contrast to a burgundy suit’s deep tone. The outcome will be an elegant ensemble with a decidedly vintage style.

Navy Ties

Men’s fashion is always at its best when wearing navy. It enhances any look. A maroon or burgundy suit looks warmer when paired with a navy tie. It’s not quite a black tie, but it’s close. It is refined and simple.

Blue Ties

Burgundy and blue are two colors that can add personality to an outfit if you want to make your suit stand out. Your attire, if made up of a burgundy suit and a brilliant blue tie, will undoubtedly be powerful. It will certainly appear stylish and appealing to the fullest.

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Brown Ties

The brown tie goes perfectly with the brown undertones of your burgundy suit. It will tone down the striking suit color. Although it may seem like an odd color combination, it should never be underestimated.

Floral Ties

Consider a floral tie in line with the festive and enjoyable theme. A shade of the same color or a complementary hue should be used for the base tie. And a few vibrant flowers will look lovely snuggled inside a suit of such deep hue.

Dress Shirt Colors That Match with Burgundy Suit

White Shirt

Burgundy is undeniably a striking color that can be slightly outside your comfort spectrum. You can try to ease into this daring suit with a nice, secure white dress shirt. A white shirt is usually attractive since it is clean and pristine. In addition, white makes the maroon hues stand out strikingly.

Pale Blue Shirt

A light blue shirt looks unexpectedly good with a burgundy suit. The blue and contrasting red tones create an attractive color combination. A red and a blue combined would typically look very childlike. But combining the two creates a highly angular, elegant look. This is the right choice for a contemporary suit and shirt color scheme.

Light blue dress shirts look less formal when worn with a suit. In general, this combination seems better during the day.

Black Shirt

Want a look that is genuinely adventurous and stylish? Put on a black shirt and a burgundy suit. Amazingly beautiful, the dark red and black colors go together. They bring out the rich colors in one another and achieve the ideal tone proportion.

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Pink Shirt

In terms of men’s fashion, a pink shirt is deemed to be edgy. That makes it even edgier when worn with a burgundy suit. Combined, these two impossible color choices in clothing will draw notice.

The two hues are variations of the color red. Remember that red is typically the color of power, even though they may be various shades on the color wheel. Pink is a hue that guys wear that is badly underappreciated, but it is impressive. And almost any suit will look good in this versatile color.

Patterned Shirts

Almost every suit looks great with patterned shirts. We are pioneering by mixing the two when that suit is already captivating on its own.

A striped or patterned shirt looks great with a maroon or burgundy suit for an ultra-chic yet laid-back appearance. Choosing the right colors for your shirt may create a winning look.

The Bottom Line

The burgundy suit is a stylish alternative to the traditional black and navy suits we frequently see on formal occasions. It brightens up your look a little without becoming overly spectacular. On the plus side, the deep red color is perfect for formal situations and is enhanced by the burgundy’s purple tones. Burgundy is rich, formal, and bold, yet it’s also rather versatile. To make it into a fashionable outfit, you must mix the appropriate shirt and color tie.

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