What Color Shirt Goes with Gray Shorts

All men probably have at least one pair of gray shorts in their wardrobe, or you might be planning to get one. Adding gray shorts will make your wardrobe multifunctional as it’s a versatile piece. But, are you ready to make stylish outfits out of it?

They say that black and navy blue are the best colors for shorts and pants, but there’s actually a wide range of gray shades to choose from. Almost every color goes with gray, but you have to make sure that it is the right shade. That is why we made a list of the best color shirts that will go with your gray shorts. Let’s go!

Gray Shorts and Shirt Combinations

Thanks to its versatility, gray can be successfully partnered with many colors. However, to select the most flattering combination, it’s important to consider the shade and tone. Gray can vary drastically between different garments, so not all items featuring this color will look good with the same hues. There are general guidelines to follow that’ll make selecting a compatible combination easier.

Blue Shirts and Grey Shorts

Shorts in the cool shade of gray could be partnered with another cool shade, such as a blue shirt. This combination will give you a more relaxed vibe, making you look, well, cool.

Brown and Grey Shorts

If you own shorts in a warm gray tone, it’s best to partner them with a brown shirt. Mixing a warm shade with another warm shade will give that edgy look (and you’ll surely steal glances from people, believe us.)

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White and Grey Shorts

Rule of the thumb: light shades of gray should be paired with a shirt with light shades, too, like white. We all know that white shirts could be partnered with any color, so we bet you’ll look great with this combination.

Black or Dark Blue and Grey Shorts

On the other hand, if you’ve got yourself shorts in a dark shade of gray, black and dark blue shirts will work and complement. If you’re aiming for a more dapper look, then this combination is a must-try.

There are general guidelines when it comes to mixing the color gray with other colors, however, you can always go beyond these guidelines. Do not hesitate to try some other fun colors, too, to match your gray shorts.

Gray Shorts Outfit Ideas for Men

We’re excited to share some outfit ideas that we’re sure you’re going to pull off. Ready?

Off-duty looks

  • The combination of a crew-neck white t-shirt and gray shorts will give you a dapper look without much effort. For a more laid-back vibe, wear your gray rubber shoes, too.
  • For a casual look with a classic twist, consider pairing a mint crew-neck t-shirt with grey shorts. The most effective way to punch up this look is with white canvas slip-on sneakers.
  • Another off-duty outfit that you can try is the combination of a gray sweater and gray shorts. This gives a modern manly look and is very easy to pull off. For your shoes, try throwing on your white and navy leather low top sneakers.
  • Those dressers who favor laid-back styles, gray shorts partnered with a navy blue t-shirt, are a perfect match. And low-top sneakers in white and blue canvas will complete this getup very well.
  • When you have no spare time, a navy crew-neck sweater and gray shorts make the kind of winning off-duty combination that always works. With a pair of low top sneakers in white leather, your favorite sunglasses, and some black leather bracelet, you’ll have a total glance-stealer.
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Casual outfits

  • To achieve a seriously dapper and modern casual outfit, you can rock a navy crew-neck t-shirt paired with gray shorts. For an otherwise relaxed look, brown athletic shoes will add a little more edginess.
  • The casual combination of a mustard crew-neck t-shirt and gray shorts offers a stylish look. Pairing the outfit with low top sneakers with black print canvas is a great idea.
  • Pairing a white and black horizontal striped crew-neck t-shirt with gray shorts is a no-brainer for a casual look. To inject a dose of trendy effortlessness into this look, why not finish with gray athletic shoes.
  • For a knockout laid-back menswear look, play with combining a charcoal-colored hoodie and gray shorts. Then, mix it up with a pair of white low-top sneakers and voila… this outfit is complete.
  • If you want to pull off a comfortable yet trendy look, match an olive crew-neck t-shirt with grey shorts for a modern twist. A fail-safe option to add to your getup is a pair of white athletic shoes.

Semi-formal attires

  • A white dress shirt and a gray blazer paired with gray shorts are the kind of no-brainer outfit to wear when you don’t have time but want to look a little formal. Finishing it off with low-top navy canvas sneakers and a tan straw hat is a surefire way to give your ensemble an air of trendiness.
  • You will definitely make a great choice with a charcoal blazer, white dress shirt, and a gray necktie, partnered with gray shorts. This outfit will make you look refined but not too formal. To make your outfit a little more polished, wear a pair of brown leather loafers, and you’re good to go.
  • If you want to achieve a sleek and classy ensemble, pair a gray blazer and pink undershirt with gray shorts. To quickly turn up the wow element of this look, add a pair of white leather low-top sneakers to the equation.
  • Another take on a not-so-formal outfit is a blue long-sleeve shirt partnered with gray shorts. This is a casual outfit with a trendy twist. This getup ties together with a great pair of white leather low-top sneakers. Also, for a more edgy look, put on your favorite eyeglasses.
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The Bottom Line

If you want a multi-functional wardrobe, you need a pair of gray shorts. With their versatility, you’ll never run out of great outfit ideas. And if you already have your own pair of gray shorts, then it’s time to try the outfit ideas we’ve listed above just for you.

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