What Color Pants Goes with Purple Shirt for Men?

Purple is one of the colors frequently ignored, underused, or purposefully avoided. The color purple is intriguing. Yet, it stands for luxury, serenity, and creativity. But when it comes to using the color in fashion, purple frequently puzzles individuals. Although avoided by many men, purple used to be the color saved for the clothes of kings and emperors, produced with rich and rare dyes. But purple should not only be used by a few people since it is now not difficult to create.

It’s time to get past the monotonous blues, blacks, whites, and grays and dress up a bit. In the modern age, purple is a fashionable hue for men. And why wouldn’t it be? This is not surprising given the variety of great shades it appears in and how gorgeous it is.

Colors That Match with Purple

Although purple may appear challenging to wear, it works well with a wide range of colors. The beautiful thing about purple is that it has a wide array of warm and cool undertones, making it work with almost any color palette. Also, because purple comes in a wide variety of hues, the purple you choose can give you distinct ensemble looks. Its versatility allows it to emit thoroughly mixed feelings.

Emerald Green and Purple

Although some people may find the combination of purple and green too eclectic, it can be a great way to organize your closet. So we’re going to call it. Since aubergine color schemes are supported by theory, they will never go out of style. Purple and green complement each other beautifully despite being opposite hues.

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Mustard and Purple

Consider using this winning combination if you’re a fashionista trying to add more purple to your wardrobe. Not only do mustard and purple complement one another well, but they also give you a royal appearance and vibe. Wearing additional reddish-purple is advised to bring the tones closer to the warmer side.

Gray and Purple

While green and yellow are purple’s complementary colors, a neutral shade of gray is always a good alternative. This serene color is ideal for a wedding. Together, gray suits and plum bridesmaid dresses appear sophisticated and elegant without being overly safe or uninteresting.

And do you know what matches with purple when the color scheme is more muted, like cream, white, and beige? Despite not being many people’s first choice, orange may enliven a neutral palette and go perfectly with purple.

Blue and Purple

The combination of blue and purple is the color of dreams. When you think of this color combination, it will make you think of childhood and cotton candy. But if you find it a little too plain, why not attempt further blending and matching? Try the cool, eye-friendly, deeply calming blue, green, and purple color scheme for your next outfit.

Dusty Pink and Purple

When you add a subtle, dusty pink, this combination loses some of its sugary tendencies and becomes ideal for men’s outfits. Purple is ideal for social settings, combined with the delight and warmth that pink provides.

Purple Shirt and Color Pants Outfit Ideas for Men

Purple Shirts Casual Outfits for Men

  • A well-executed outfit consisting of a purple shirt and black chinos looks casual and suitable for any occasion. You can also put on more refined shoes, like low-top canvas sneakers in black and white, to balance your look.
  • It’s simple to pull off and quick to change an ensemble that consists of a purple shirt and tobacco jeans. Then, bring in a pair of navy canvas casual boots to complete your look if you want something a little dressier.
  • Pairing a purple shirt with white chinos is a fantastic choice for a casually stylish style. And why not finish off this outfit with a pair of brown suede low-top sneakers if you want to liven it up with just one item instantly?
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Smart Casual Wears for Men

  • A stylish menswear ensemble comprises a purple shirt, a charcoal checkered topcoat, and burgundy chinos as the foundation. Also, consider adding a set of burgundy leather derby shoes for a touch of class to your outfit.
  • Gray chinos, a navy jacket, and a purple shirt are simple variations of attire that men can wear daily. You can add elegance to your ensemble by wearing a pair of dark brown leather loafers.
  • Why not think about wearing beige chinos with a purple shirt and a brown blazer? These pieces look great together and are pretty comfortable. Add a pair of dark brown leather loafers to round off your ensemble with something more sophisticated.

Purple Shirts Formal Ensemble for Men

  • A blue check waistcoat, white chinos, and a purple shirt are sure ways to add effortless sophistication to your everyday wardrobe. To add some variety, add a pair of brown leather brogue boots to the equation.
  • The pair of purple shirt and yellow check dress pants are the pairing pinnacles of high-octane sophistication. Oxford shoes made of brown leather will give this outfit a more refined feel.
  • Wear a purple shirt, a black checkered blazer, and purple chinos to look effortlessly stylish. And finishing off with a pair of black leather loafers will ensure that your ensemble has a touch of sophistication.

The Bottom Line

Purple is less naturally occurring than green or blue, which makes it look strange to certain people. But truth be told, purple may easily match just like any other color. Ready to don your purple shirt?

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