What Color of Underwear Should Men Wear Under White Pants?

Wearing a pair of crisp white chinos or pants is the best way to liven up your ensemble in warm weather. They instantly give any casual clothing a more put-together appearance. But there’s a serious concern. What should men put on beneath?

What you should be wearing underneath raises the question of how confident you should be when wearing white pants or trousers. The right underwear is crucial because white pants are notoriously a see-through garment (well, most of the time). So, finding and wearing the right underwear color is essential to keep your goods to yourself.

Color Briefs to Wear Under White Pants

You indeed own white, black, and navy underwear, but if you’re planning to wear a pair of white pants, those won’t be the best color choice.

nude color is the greatest option for color underwear for your white pants. But it doesn’t only revolve around nude color. You might also wear brown, beige, or tan underwear in the circumstances like this.

Underwear in a nude tone remains entirely invisible. For a more natural impression, please pay attention to the color’s shade and ensure it blends well with your skin tone. Choose what looks best on you based on the color of your skin. The translucence of your pants is not a problem if your underwear is nude-colored. No one will see your boxer or briefs.

Black, on the other hand, can still be an option. While some would think that wearing black underwear with white pants produces an unpleasant contrast and is excessively dark, others could think it looks chic and sophisticated. Ultimately, it is up to the person to choose what they are most comfortable with.

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Color Briefs to Not Wear Under White Pants

Some of you may find it apparent, but not everyone may. The first rule is to stay away from any colorful underwear that will show through your white clothing, such as blue, green, or orange. All of these colors contrast too much with white, so your underwear is visible when they are worn underneath light-colored pants.

Additionally, stop combining patterns with vivid colors. For the time being, say goodbye to your beloved pink and green boxer. Because they catch attention more than plain briefs or boxers for men, any printed and patterned underwear looks better beneath colored shorts or jeans.

If you wish to wear white pants, you should avoid wearing white briefs or boxers. In reality, it’s also a reasonably typical mistake to wear white men’s underwear. The color contrast between your underwear and skin makes the underwear even more obvious. Because of this, even in a color of neutral, non-contrasting underwear like white, people can still clearly see the boxer or briefs underneath.

Underwear Style to Wear Under White Pants


The thong is undoubtedly the most suggested cut for wearing light pants. It limits the marks and is textile-free on the buttocks. Although the men’s thong isn’t known for its comfort, several companies offer front pouches with an ultra-tailored fit that provides greater room but, most importantly, support. There are no longer any reasons for you not to wear thongs. They are currently as cozy as boxers or briefs can get.

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Boxer and Shorty

A shorty is shorter in the thighs and notched at the buttocks than a boxer. Boxers and shortys for guys still cover the glutes more broadly than briefs do. They leave fewer traces on the buttocks and descend lower on the thighs than a brief or thong. Just ensure that the boxer fits your body comfortably without scraping into your flesh, just like thongs.

And if you have to choose between a boxer and a shorter boxer, go with the boxer because it fits more comfortably than a brief and doesn’t cut the buttocks. You can be confident that your underwear will be unseen because it is longer. And then pair it with a sensible color choice.


Although they shouldn’t be avoided, briefs are less advisable than thongs. The buttocks, which are the most constricted and prominent in your pants, are where it ends up due to the cut. Because this is the area of your body where your pants’ fabric is most adhered to, you can clearly see where your underwear ends, and your pants begin.

If this form dramatically appeals to you, there is still a fix: opaque, seamless underwear. When the slip is your favorite underwear cut, it’s a good compromise. If not, go with a flesh-colored brief, which is a good middle ground if you remain with this cut.

Seamless Underwear

Because there are no visible seams or stitches, seamless underwear is discrete. It stays utterly undetectable beneath your clothing and doesn’t leave any unattractive marks on the body. As a result, if we want to wear transparent pants, this is a great alternative.

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This type of seamless variety for men, including briefs, thongs, boxers, etc., is recommended by most men’s underwear specialists. These models are frequently laser-cut. The finishing quality is significantly more elaborate and exact for practically translucent undergarments.

The Bottom Line

You should choose a nude tone if you aim to keep your undergarments invisible under your white pants. This shade could be pale pink, beige, brown, or even the natural shade of nude.

Remember that the color nude will always be preferable over white, regardless of your skin tone, whether you are highly fair or have a deeper complexion. The nude looks more natural against any skin tone than white or black underwear.

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