What are the Features to Look for in a Waterproof Hat for Men?

Getting a waterproof hat may not appear to be a serious concern when you plan on heading out. However, that will most certainly change if it begins to rain. Those who do not allow rainy weather to spoil their day understand the need for good raingear. A waterproof hat might also be helpful at the beach if you wish to stand in the water while protecting yourself from the sun.

If you’ve never owned one before, deciding on the best option can be difficult, so this article will walk you through the process.

Features to Look for in a Waterproof Hat

Waterproof hats are helpful for nearly any outdoor activity. A waterproof hat is often beneficial for a simple walk in the fresh air or a trekking trip. Anyone drenched in an unexpected downpour understands the value of keeping a rain hat on hand. This hat can also help keep your head and face dry, making you warm and dry. Furthermore, a rain hat can help to guard your hair against the harmful effects of rain, no matter where you are. Remember that breathable materials, UV protection, and a lightweight style are all essential considerations when purchasing this hat style. Other aspects that can make a significant impact in regards to comfort, convenience, and effectiveness are important, too.


The fact that you can enjoy wearing the hat and that the materials are breathable is maybe the most crucial factor. It’s recommended to wear hats made of nylon or polyester with a mesh liner. And the rain will surely stay off your face thanks to waterproof materials.

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These materials are also beautiful for hats to wear at the ocean when you want sun shielding without worrying about a water-logged hat.

Sweat Protection

As crucial as the waterproofing is on the exterior, the anti-sweating belt is the most vital on the inside. The sweat-absorbent strap on high-quality waterproof hats keeps your forehead dry and cool. And since many outdoor activities that could include water take place in warm weather, a sweatband for all-around wearability shouldn’t be disregarded.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor

An Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating is frequently found on rain hats. The amount of UV radiation a fabric will permit to reach your skin is indicated by its UPF sun protection rating. A fabric with a UPF 50 rating will shield your skin from 98% of the sun’s rays while allowing 2% of them to go through.

Wash and Dry Feature

Various polyester waterproof hats are available that are simple to wash and dry. You will want a hat that can be swiftly washed and put back to use, especially when exploring the outdoors. Fast-drying materials come into play in this situation; hats made of these materials are the finest choices if your vacation requires continual movement.

Best Waterproof Hat for Men

Rains Boonie Hat

Look no further if you need a compact, lightweight, waterproof hat that you can keep in your bag just in case. You can simply store the Rains Boonie Hat in any storage area, making it an excellent choice for rain protection.

The Rains Boonie Hat is made of Rains’ recognizable PU fabric, which is waterproof and has a smooth, soft feel. It is a style that will round off any statement raincoat appearance. The silhouette is defined by the wide rim and color-coordinated rope that is tied beneath the chin for a snug fit. And for increased comfort, the design is lined with a delicate, breathable fabric.

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Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Storm

For the adventurer who wants the most coverage, Sunday Afternoons created the Ultra Adventure Storm. The 314-inch Reverse Split Brim of this legionnaire-style hat is strengthened with three wired panels to prevent in-your-face fabric flapping. It is 100% waterproof. It also has a 6-inch neck cape to shield your neck from the elements. This accessory may resemble a mullet for hats, but it is beneficial in sunny and stormy weather.

Rains 5-Panel Nylon Cap

The Rains 5-Panel Nylon Cap is regarded as a cap for all weather situations and is the ideal combination of a hat for cold weather and a cap with sun protection. With the addition of Rains’ recognizable waterproof nylon fabric, it gains a sportier feel. This design can be worn all day thanks to the thin material, integrated sweatband, and laser-cut vent holes. The tonal stitch accents on the brim and the flexible webbing strap with buckle fastening complete the appearance.

Outdoor Research Helium Radar Rain Cap

Again, this outdoor item is entirely waterproof and exceptionally light at only 12 grams, making it ideal for any activity where weight is an issue. The Pertex Shield+, 2.5 layers, is the material utilized in this hat, and all seams are taped as is customary for OR.

There is a sizable brim solely on the front of the hat. It has foam and offers an excellent level of facial protection. The drawstring has a clip on the back, so you may adjust it to fit the diameter of your head. And to top it off, a headband for the moisture is inside.

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Rains Bucket Hat

The Rains Bucket Hat’s straightforward appearance might not immediately catch your eye, but you’ll soon see its advantages. Like all of their other hats, the Rains Bucket Hat is made of their recognizable PU fabric, which is waterproof and has a smooth, silky feel.

The rim of this Bucket Hat has been given a lower, more vertical profile, and stitch details are used to complete the design. The design is lined with a soft, breathable fabric for better comfort and fit.

The Bottom Line

All of us have been there. You go out and then suddenly it starts raining. And we know you don’t like to keep an umbrella with you whenever you go out. The answer? Replacing the umbrella with a reliable waterproof hat for men, just like the ones in this article.

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