What are the Different Types of Watches for Men?

Without a doubt, a wristwatch is an essential piece of modern fashion, especially for men who don’t have a lot of accessory choices, to begin with. A wristwatch is a unique fashion accessory because, in addition to telling time, it improves our style – in other words, it improves our overall image. Men’s watches are an extension of their individuality and sense of style. And when it comes to important events, the right watch at the perfect time will be your good luck charm.

But the realm of watches can be bewildering at times. Choosing which one to buy can take quite some time because there are so many various styles and technical specifications to regard. And learning about timepieces and making the best purchase decision can be a complete information overload. Don’t be the man who purchases a watch on the spur of the moment only to regret it later. That is why we help you find the right type of watch for you. Let’s go!

Types of Watch Movement

The system that propels the ticking hands is the watch movement, the driving engine for the entire watch. It is the heart of the watch, and without one, a watch is as lifeless as the steel block from which it is made.


This is the standard. The first watches were mechanical, with delicate inner workings centered on the mainspring. It is the part that powers the watch. Mechanical watches have movements comprised of hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny little pieces designed to keep the clock ticking indefinitely. They are hand-wound, which means someone must spin down the crown for the internal system to engage.

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The watch’s tightly wound mainspring progressively launches tension over a set period, facilitating all wheels and other components. It will ultimately lose pressure over time; to retain your timepiece ticking, you must keep that mainspring wound.


An automatic watch, also known as a self-winding watch, is composed of mechanical components and operates on the same principles as a mechanical caliber. Still, it incorporates a rotating rotor that winds the mainspring using the wearer’s natural wrist motions. Because it still has mechanically moving parts, the time tends to slow down, as it does with manual mechanical watches.

Even though automatic watch precision lags far behind quartz calibers, timepieces with the movement are highly valued for their elegance and the effort required to produce them. Most watch manufacturers use the movement. It can be found in many timepieces, from military-style to fancy dress pieces.


This is a newer method of powering watches. Quartz movements use an internal battery rather than the elaborate inner workings of mechanical and automatic movements. Many quartz watches are less expensive than their more complex counterparts due to their simplicity.

Quartz watches do not rely on highly complex mechanical parts to function. To function, they are powered by an electronic oscillator regulated by the vibrations of a quartz crystal. They gained popularity in the 1980s, and now quartz movements are found in most of the world’s wristwatches and clocks. Electric watches are another name for these.

Types of Watch Dials

The face of a wristwatch is significant in the overall appearance of the device. In terms of appearance, dials are classified into four broad categories: analog, digital, chronograph, and hybrid.

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This is the most widely used type of display for watches— and timepieces overall. The analog watch display is the oldest and most traditional type of watch display. It has the most common hour numbers (1 to 12) arranged in a circle, with 12 o’clock at the top. The hour numbers are counted from 1 to 12 in a clockwise direction. The most common analog watch has three hands: hour, minute, and second.

Almost every teaching school has an analog clock on the wall. And nearly every student has stared at the second hand at some point during their tenure. An analog display has hands that turn and point to numbers on a dial.


This is a standard timepiece with a stopwatch difficulty. The standard layout for these watches is to have two additional smaller dials that keep track of time from when you begin the stopwatch until you stop it.

Different crowns on the side control the complication. The top crown usually starts the stopwatch, and the bottom one resets it to the beginning. They can keep track of activities over time. For example, how long it took to accomplish a lap in a race is essential in some life-or-death situations, such as military strategies and piloting.


The digital watch display is the polar opposite of the analog watch display. It is now the least expensive display type, big props to the mass production of LCD, making it cheaper than even analog displays.

Instead of analog and chronograph timepieces, the classic digital watch shows the time on a screen in numerical digits. A quartz movement usually powers it, and such a simple watch is usually the least expensive on the market. The percentage of vintage-looking digital watches has declined in recent decades. However, some people still find their simple attire timeless.

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Hybrid watches integrate the two most common dials – analog and digital – and add an element with various apps and functions. Following the breakthrough of smartwatches, the number of such wristwatches began to rise.

When apps do not actively use a watch, many wearers prefer a classic analog face over a digital one. The digital display takes up only a portion of the face in hybrid watches, leaving a substantial part for a traditional analog dial, providing a reasonable compromise without sacrificing functionality.

The Bottom Line

Lastly, the sort of watch you choose is as unique as you are. You may prefer a simple style that is pretty iconic enough to wear every day but stylish enough to wear with a suit, or you may choose a fancy design with many extra functionalities.

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