What are the Best Leather Messenger Bags for Men?

Leather messenger bags are a classic and practical way to transport documents, devices, workout clothing, and much more. Compared to canvas or other textiles, a leather messenger bag exudes a more refined appearance no matter where you take it. And we believe that a working man like you deserves a well-made and authentic leather messenger bag that complements your successful, refined style.

Honestly, briefcases may have a timeless style that will never go out of style. Yet, many offices are more casual than they were once. And there are several trendy messenger bags available these days that have plenty of storage space, are easy to carry, and so on. Of course, there are numerous styles to pick from – and not all of them are created equal. So, we are here to help you find that perfect messenger bag for men.

What is a Messenger Bag

You’ve probably heard of the term messenger bag. Most men may have undoubtedly possessed one at some point in their lives, so they likely don’t require an introduction. But, for others who are unfamiliar with the term, let us attempt to answer the question.

Messenger bags, also referred to as courier bags, sling bags, satchel bags, or shoulder bags, have a long and colorful history.

This essential piece of the everyday bag with one strap that goes over the shoulder has been around for a long time. Although in reality, it’s hard to pinpoint when the first messenger bag was created. What is sure is that its name derives from postmen, who referred to it as a messenger bag due to its efficiency in transporting letters.

The trendy messenger bag may be traced back to the 1950s. De Martini Globe Canvas Company crafted the bag for use by line workers. Messenger bags were designed to hold all of the tools they needed to work with, so they were roomy and efficient. The original messenger bag was made of cotton canvas that was lined with waterproof cloth. Inside, there were compartments for storing invoices, and the bag was secured with two straps. These bags were not accessible in stores because they were issued and utilized solely by various companies.

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What to Look for a Leather Messenger Bag for Men

Before you go and buy yourself a leather messenger bag, it is only relevant to know what to look for. And believe us, there are two things you need to consider as you purchase one.


As you look at different messenger bags, you’ll see that the styles vary a lot. And there are several types which are very common nowadays.

  • Minimalist: It has a simple and modern design. It is the most adaptable, with uses ranging from casual carrying to formal business meetings. It usually has a lovely, silky leather texture.
  • Utilitarian: It usually has a lot of pockets on the outside, padded inserts, and other elements. This design is appropriate for commutes.
  • Vintage: The design is authentically western in appearance. It’s a cross between a functional and an outdoor-oriented bag. And it is very suitable for everyday use.

Leather Type

Leather is available in various grades, each of which has a considerable effect on the functionality and price of the messenger bag.

  • Top-Grain: This is the most aesthetically-pleasing leather. It’s created from the top of the cowhide and has been cleaned and treated to remove any surface flaws like scars and natural weathering. A lovely patina will indeed develop over time.
  • Full-Grain: The thickest leather type, it offers unrivaled durability and strength. It will produce a patina, just like top-grain leather. This leather requires a lengthy break-in period. This is leather that you will keep for the rest of your life.
  • Nubuck: Nubuck, like suede, has been buffed and sanded to create a velvet-like feel. On the other hand, Nubuck leather is made from the top-grain of leather, making it substantially more robust than suede. Nubuck leather is frequently made from calfskin.
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Best Leather Messenger Bags for Men

Frye Logan Messenger Bag

The Frye Logan Messenger Bag exudes class. Its traditional cognac style is never going out of style. It includes cotton inside that protects the leather from everything you put inside of the bag. The texture lends authenticity to this leather bag. The quilting is also quite delicate, retaining the bag’s simple style.

Also, the bag has an adjustable shoulder strap that is fastened to it with brass hardware. However, it is not removable, which is not a significant concern. Because the leather is so soft, it’s pleasant and easy to wear even when worn close to the body.

Because the bag is made of leather, the brass slider that regulates the length of the strap will show signs of fading and wear. Nonetheless, it does not detract from the quality and longevity that you will experience with this bag.

Kodiak Sitka Leather Messenger

The messenger bag is made of premium top-grain leather. The top-grain leather will produce a lovely, smooth patina. Second, because of the reliance on this sort of leather, you can expect it to endure a lot of damage. It can also be a terrific partner that will perform well no matter where your journeys take you.

The interior also features a plush lining and intricate leather organizational pockets. Suppose you intend to work while on your next trip; the padded laptop cover will keep your gadget safe. Also, the Kodiak Sitka Leather Messenger should be a top pick if you are a rugged outdoors person who appreciates classic and vintage flair. We believe you will enjoy the high-quality leather that is built to endure a lifetime.

Samsonite Colombian Leather Messenger Bag

With its leather top handle, you may carry this leather bag as a briefcase. The straps can also be used to hold it as a messenger bag. The strap, however, is not made of leather, but of braided nylon, with an added shoulder pad for comfort. It also contains several pockets and sections for storage. There is an outside slide pocket for fast items such as pens and business cards and a zipped compartment for more precious goods.

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The main compartment is also zippered and opens to several interior pockets to access your smaller belongings conveniently. Because it features a separate laptop case, it is often known as a laptop bag. Another great thing about this bag is its flap. The flap of this leather messenger bag is held by two clasps and is opened with a single press of the button. And because it is constructed of genuine leather, it is not very waterproof. Just be aware that there will be scratches and wear from regular use.

Satchel & Page Leather Mailbag

Regardless if you use it as a commuting or adventure bag, the leather will take a lot of wear, acquire texture on the surface, and develop a wonderful, soft patina as it ages.

This bag’s buckle closure ensures that your gear is securely stored. Also, the shoulder pad includes leather padding for enhanced comfort and will sit comfortably on your shoulder. For a more rustic and old appeal, the bag is embellished with well-crafted brass fittings.

The interior includes compartments for all necessities, such as a laptop sleeve, business cards, pens, and so on. It’s worth noting that the laptop sleeve on this backpack has an extra inside strap for added security. And because this bag is made of full-grain leather, it will take some time to break in. The design is adaptable and can be worn casually or formally.

The Bottom Line

Leather messenger bags are an eye-catching accent to any casual or professional outfit. They are incredibly functional and, if adequately picked and used, will assist you in organizing your daily routine, weekend errands, or business or personal trips.

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