What are the Benefits of Partner Yoga?

Yoga is traditionally known as an individual practice and activity. But there is no limit to yoga. Not only that you can practice yoga together with your yoga classmates, but you can also practice it with a partner. Yes, there’s this thing called partner yoga. And you might be wondering what partner yoga is and the benefits, well you’ve landed on the right article. Let’s talk about it.

Yoga will cultivate and accept deeper attachment levels, intimacy, confidence, and vulnerability when done with another person, whether it’s a friend or a (romantic) partner. In a nutshell, partner yoga is similar to a normal yoga class, but two people assist and direct each other by physical contact in each pose.

Partner Yoga Benefits

Partner yoga is a great opportune time for partners to play, relax, and deepen their love while receiving all the benefits of yoga at the same time. Aside from the usual benefit, one can get from practicing yoga, you and your partner can get some specific benefits once you practice together.

Here are some of the many benefits you can get from practicing partner yoga:

Deepens the connection between the two of you.

There’s no denying that practicing yoga with a partner isn’t always easy. To collect, lift, and trust that the other person has your back, literally. It requires a certain degree of connection between the two of you to do it.

In a particular way, the physical and emotional difficulties of mastering some yoga pose together will help promote communication and closeness.

Yoga is also a good way to bring the connection to your breathing, body, and mind together. When you practice yoga by yourself, you can holistically experience every aspect of yourself, but when you practice yoga with a partner, you will feel the bond and connection so well.

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You will surely make a deep connection with your partner’s breathing, body, and mind, and this connection helps to strengthen a relationship.

Creates authenticity and honesty.

Increased self-awareness, tolerance for intense stimuli and feelings, and noticing inner perceptions without being judged all help create an atmosphere for authenticity and integrity between yoga partners.

Because of good contact and confidence, which is brought about by gentle touch and strong physical support, partner yoga creates a more profound and natural link and bond through partner yoga.

You’ll discover that you don’t have to place your needs on hold for a partner pose to work. Instead, you learn to take responsibility for your alignment and how your actions relate to your partner’s support.

In this way, the practice cuts through projections and misunderstandings and provides an opportunity to be more real, honest, and vulnerable with each other.

Promotes mindfulness.

Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being all benefit from mindfulness. Mindfulness involves living in the present moment and not dwelling on past mistakes or remorse. It is also not feeling nervous or pessimistic about the future.

Being in the moment with your partner while practicing yoga helps you be aware of each other, strengthening your bond even further.

Creates a sense of balance.

When we’re in a relationship, we tend to be excessively sensitive and yielding to others to the point that we lose contact with a healthy sense of self. On the other side, we can be emotionally and energetically guarded to the point that we cannot make real relations with others.

Increases intimacy and fun.

Practicing with your partner, family or friends will help you get closer. When the status quo is threatened, all partnerships go through downtimes or hard times that this pose must work through together.

Partner yoga provides a wonderful sense of fun. It also gives a sense of letting go and helping you not to take any issues that might be present seriously.

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It’s like making your own personal blooper reel some days when you’re doing yoga with a buddy. Transitions aren’t always smooth, so things like playfulness, fun, and laughter are valued.

Poses for Yoga Partner

If you’re trying to spice up your yoga practice or want to try something different, grab a partner and try some yoga poses for two. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy doing these poses.

So, grab a mat, grab a water bottle, grab a partner and enjoy doing the poses listed below.

Partner Breathing

This pose is a great place to start because it helps you communicate with your partner while still easing you into more challenging poses. Partner breathing is a relaxing and efficient way to stabilize yourself and chill out—together—even if you don’t plan on doing a full routine.

Chair Pose

This partner pose strengthens the quads and improves posture. Standing back-to-back with your partner, feet hip-width apart, slowly step out your feet and lean into your partner’s back for support. If you’re happy with it, you can interlace your arms for added stability. The next move would involve communication to ensure that you are on the same page.

Squat down into a chair position slowly. To achieve the chair position, you will need to move your feet further out. For stability, keep driving against each other’s backs. Keep this posture for a few breaths before slowly rising and walking your feet back in.

Partner Forward Fold

Partner Forward Fold is an easy yoga pose for two that stretches the hamstrings.

To do it, sit with your legs wide apart and straightened out in front of you, facing your partner. Take hold of each other’s forearms and put the soles of your feet against each other.

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Then one of you hinges forward from the hips while the other gently draws you towards them. Continue until your hamstrings are completely extended, and then hold the pose for a few breaths. And do it vice versa.

Seated Twist

This pose, just like solo twisting movements, helps stretch the spine and boost digestion, assisting in body cleansing and detoxification. Take note that it’s normal if your back cracks a little as you twist, particularly if you’re not completely warmed up.

Start the pose by sitting back-to-back and crossing your legs. Place your right hand on your partner’s left thigh and your left hand on your right knee. Your partner should take the same role as you. Then inhale while stretching your neck and exhale while twisting. Keep for four to six breaths, then untwist and repeat on the opposite side.

Twin Tree

When you’re alone, tree pose, or Vrikshasana, can be difficult to learn. On the other hand, the Twin tree pose needs two people and should provide you with enough extra support and balance to really master it.

Start by standing next to one another and looking in the same direction. Stand a few feet apart and put the inner arms’ palms together and upwards. Start to draw both of your outer legs together by bending your knees and touching the bottom of your foot to the inner standing leg’s thighs.

Keep this pose for five to eight breaths before slowly releasing it. Face the opposite way and repeat the pose.

The Bottom Line

Working with a partner adds to the excitement and enjoyment of the practice. Partner yoga will improve your experience and offer an excellent way to deepen your relationship while also making it more satisfying.

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