What are Some Casual Hats for Men Other Than Baseball Cap?

The finest hats for men can put an additional dash of style to any outfit, even a t-shirt, and jeans. Hats can also serve a practical purpose. And while everyone is aware that a stylish baseball cap can help you cover up that unflattering haircut, there are many other hats and caps to choose from.

There are many different types of men’s hats, and it appears that many of the nicest men’s hats are featured during the spring and summer months. And besides, the hot weather is favorable to hat enthusiasts. Whether you’re going camping for the weekend, attending a festival, or attending a party that requires a casual outfit, there’s a hat that can surely complete your look.

Casual Hats for Men

You can often tell a lot about a man by what he wears on his head, whether it’s a felt fedora, a bucket hat, or a Boonie hat. So, with this essential accessory in mind, we’ve created a list of men’s hat styles that you can wear casually.

Bucket Hat

The bucket hat is one of the best hats for men who want to dress up in casual attire. The bucket hat is precisely what its name implies: a bucket-designed hat. This fashionable piece can be dressed up or down. And it is usually determined by the brand of bucket you want to show off. A bucket with designer brand recognition makes a strong fashion statement.

The brim’s sloping downward motion is flattering on those with lighter skin tones. The heavy-duty construction indicates that you won’t have to worry about it at concerts and festivals.

Boater Hat

Another summer must-have for men’s headwear is the boater. The popularity of this stiff straw hat started in the early twentieth century. They were commonly seen on barbershop quartets and period dramas, but they are now a rare wardrobe sight. A boater hat is ideal if you want to make a statement on the fashion world during summer. They’re a fun, stylish, and unique alternative to a Panama hat or a fedora. You can surely turn your casual attire into a more stylish one.

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Boonie Hat

The Boonie hat is a variation on the slouch hat. These lids were developed for military use, specifically for those serving in hot tropical and desert settings. The structure of the Boonie and bucket is similar, but this hat has a few additional tricks up its sleeve.

This one is for men who have exhausted all available space. You can store everything that hangs from the convenience of your melon with the Boonie hat. This is due to the webbing surrounding the crown area and often extends to the brim of the Boonie hat.


The trilby resembles a fedora in appearance, and the two are commonly confused in popular culture. In the trilby vs. fedora debate, the shapes are similar. Still, the trilby has a shorter brim and a higher crown, customarily ideal for warmer weather. In addition to this, trilbies were initially made of straw or tweed, though felt versions are now available. This hat can also add a splash of color to a casual outfit.

Gambler Hat

The Gambler hat has a 3-inch medium to the wide brim with either a tight turned up lip across the edges, or a slight turned up western flair at only the sides. When viewed from the side, it has a flatter profile and is available in nearly every material.

The sizeable oval-shaped crown is the one distinguishing attribute of the Gambler hat. Most are rounded in the middle, but a barely noticeable pinch in the center, comparable to an Optimo style, can also be found. This type of hat can also make your casual outfit extra stylish.

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Visor Hat

The visor is a popular style because of its ease of use and portability. The only objective criterion for a visor is that the top of the head is exposed, similar to a hat without a crown. There are now full brims that resemble donuts and 3/4 brims with a split in the back for those with long hair —such a great addition to your casual hat collection.

Derby Hat

Derby hats, also known as “bowler hats,” are classic headgears that have been prominent since the mid-nineteenth century. You may be more familiar with them as Charlie Chaplin hats, but they’ve also been linked with other famous people.

The derby is characterized by a bulbous crown and a short, rolled-up brim and is typically made of stiff wool felt. The traditional way to wear a derby is to have it sit nicely on top of your head, with the sides about 2 inches above the tops of your ears. If the brim touches your ears, then the derby is too large. The derby is the way to go if you want an iconic retro casual hat.

Dad Cap

The dad cap has become a must-have for any hat lover due to its laid-back fit. Basically, the dad hat copied all of its assignments from the baseball cap, but what it didn’t copy is what makes it unique. The brim of the dad cap is slightly shorter, and the fit is more relaxed due to the use of softer materials. The pull cord on the back of the dad hat is longer, and the logo over the front is most often worn ironically.

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After the New York snapback became incredibly common among Yankees fans, the ’90s style baseball cap popped onto the fashion scene. Snapbacks now have a monopoly on the market, being worn by cap enthusiasts across the world.

The name is derived from the hat’s adjustable back fastener. It is one-size-fits-all, just like its iconic cousin, the dad hat, and provides a comfortable, oversized fit. The snapback, on the other hand, has a more rigid design, making it more formed. Indeed, snapbacks can instantly add a casual yet relaxed vibe to any attire.

Flat Cap

The flat cap has a rounded top and a small, hard brim upfront like a newsboy hat. These men’s hats are usually made of tweed, although some fabrics are available too. Despite its history among working-class men, the flat cap has emerged recently as dressy weekend wear for younger men. You can pair it with a tweed jacket, a stylish sweater, or a nice blazer and khakis for a picnic in the countryside. You can also do brunch if that is more convenient for you.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of different hats other than the baseball cap. You may think that most of them look just the same, but they aren’t. Each has its history, and most often than not, their unique names and history are fascinating.

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