What Accessories to Wear for Confirmation?

It is not usually easy to find the best accessories to wear on a man’s confirmation day. Everything should be perfect, from pocket squares to bow ties. The outfit you choose to wear for confirmation must feel right. It’s your chance to show your personality and dress up in something other than jeans and a hoodie.

And since it is not that easy for boys to choose the right look for the big day, wearing the right kind of accessories will surely help. So, we’re here to help you find the accessories that’ll complete your confirmation look in style.

Mix and Match Accessories for Confirmation 

Accessories aren’t just something for girls at confirmation. The right pop of color (nicely folded) in your lapel pocket or around your neck is exactly what takes your outfit from 0 to 100.

Since you only get one confirmation, you can go all-in with your look. Celebrate with a suit and add suspenders and a bow tie. You can take off your jacket after the service and show off the suspenders for the party. And with pre-tied bow ties, you won’t have to wake up super early to get ready.

When it comes to mixing and matching, stick with colors like blues, greys, and blacks. These make a great base layer and mean you can add whatever color you want on top of it.

Just remember that dressing up doesn’t equal boring. Even if confirmation means you’re almost an adult and have to spend hours in a church, there’s still plenty of ways to reflect your personality and individuality.

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Level Up Your Confirmation Look with Rings, Necklaces, and Bracelets

If you want to take your confirmation look to the next level – and look different than the guy sitting next to you at church – add a bracelet, ring, lapel pin, or watch.

Adding a chain bracelet may not seem like much, but it can be the finishing detail that helps tell your story without saying a word. And if it’s engraved, it’ll be something that constantly reminds you of the day you entered adulthood.

The Confirmand’s 8-Step Checklist to Dressing Well

Whether you’re the confirmand who knows what he wants, or the guy still deciding between a tie or a bow tie, the goal is to find the perfect one. So, we listed below the things you need to dress well. The list will also help you not to forget a thing.

  • The Basics: Trousers, button-down shirt, and jacket.
  • Neckwear: Bow tie or tie
  • Shoes that match the outfit: Brown, black, or a clean pair of sneakers.
  • Socks that match: You can always trust a clean pair of black socks.
  • Clean underwear: You’ll be in them all day, so make sure they’re comfortable.
  • Belt or suspenders: Choose one, not both.
  • Suit accessories: Pocket square or lapel pin
  • Extra style: Watch, bracelet, necklace, and ring.

Note: You don’t have to choose everything on the list. Well, some things – like socks, underwear, and shoes – are non-negotiable. You must be comfortable and confident at your confirmation. If you’re not either of those, forget the list and find what makes you feel your best. Stick with that, and you’re golden.

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How to Level-Up Your Look

Now that you’ve got your confirmation to look all wrapped up, it’s time to focus on the next most crucial day – Blue Monday.

Whether you head to Tivoli in Copenhagen or hit the high streets in Aarhus, it’s your first day as a confirmed man and your chance to showcase a new style. 

Everything from wallet chains to bold gold-plated neck chains is fair game for Blue Monday. And to freak your mom out, get an earring. Or at least a magnetic one that looks like the real thing. All the fun without the pain of an actual piercing or permanency. 

Maybe you’re not quite ready to spend your hard-earned confirmation cash on a new accessory. If that’s the case, ask for it as a gift, because surely someone would definitely give that to you. And the giver will be glad that they got you something you wanted instead of something you secretly hate.

The Bottom Line

Confirmation day and Blue Monday are special days for some men, so the way you look on that day should be perfect. Accessorizing will be the way to go for you to pull off a not too luxurious yet stylish outfit. So, what do you think?

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