Tshirt Over Hoodie: New 2023 Fashion Trend

The Tshirt Over Hoodie trend has become increasingly popular in the fashion industry, and for good reason. This layered outfit provides a stylish and comfortable look that can be easily customized to fit anyone’s style.

Whether you’re looking to create a casual or edgy look, this trend is perfect for those looking to experiment with their style. In this article, we will explore different ways to style a t-shirt over a hoodie and how to make the most out of this trend.

Tshirt Over Hoodie

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The Perfect Look: T-Shirt Over Hoodie

1. Go For An Oversized T-Shirt

The T-shirt over hoodie trend is best achieved by pairing a fitted hoodie with an oversized graphic tee. This combination creates a balanced and trendy look with a comfortable vibe.

Oversized T-Shirt

2. Make Sure Your Hoodie Isn’t Baggy

Avoid looking bulky by wearing a fitted hoodie that complements the oversized t-shirt. A well-fitted hoodie will maintain balance in your outfit and enhance your overall look.

Fitted Hoodie

3. Contrast The Garments

Choose colors that create a stunning contrast between the t-shirt and the hoodie. For instance, a classic black and white outfit is always in style but don’t be afraid to mix things up with bold and vibrant color selections.

Contrasting Garments

4. Keep The Hood Outside The T-Shirt

Wear the hoodie over the t-shirt and make sure the hood is outside. Tucking in the hoodie may work for some, but leaving the hood visible creates an effortless style that is both stylish and comfortable.

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Hood Outside T-Shirt

5. It Looks Great With Jeans

To complete the trendy look pair your outfit with a pair of classic jeans. Light-wash or dark-wash denim, tapered or straight, any style of jeans can go with a t-shirt over hoodie outfit.


6. Consider Tucking In Your Hoodie

An alternative style you can try is tucking in your hoodie. This unique way of wearing your hoodie creates an entirely different vibe while still maintaining a trendy and stylish look.

Tucked in Hoodie

7. Keep It Casual

The T-shirt over hoodie trend is a laid-back and casual style. Don’t be afraid to dress down with this outfit and embrace the comfortable yet stylish look that it provides.

Casual Outfit

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important to choose the right size for both the t-shirt and hoodie?

Yes, choosing the proper sizes is essential to achieving the T-shirt over hoodie look. A properly fitting hoodie and T-shirt will provide the necessary structure to create a layered look that fits well.

Can I layer different types of shirts over hoodies?

Yes, you can layer different types of shirts over hoodies to achieve variations of the T-shirt over hoodie trend. Oversized graphic tees and designer tops are popular choices to layer over a hoodie.

Can I wear T-shirt over hoodie with a jacket?

Yes, you can wear a T-shirt over a hoodie with a jacket for colder weather. It's a great way to incorporate a jacket into the T-shirt over hoodie trend while still keeping warm.


The Tshirt over Hoodie trend is a versatile and trendy combination that can elevate your overall look. It’s essential to keep in mind the proper fit, color combination, and overall comfort level when experimenting with this style.

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To achieve a stylish outfit, choose complementary colors, and opt for plain hoodies with the right shirts. Layering clothes should not only be for fashion but also for comfort.

Remember to keep the user engaged by using shorter paragraphs and incorporating analogies and metaphors to your content. So, go ahead and be creative with your style and enjoy the Tshirt over Hoodie trend!


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