Trend Colors of Millennial Style

Be prepared to find an obsession with new trend colors in 2020, because the new year also brings along several new color trends, and of course these colors look so beautiful. It is estimated that there will be around five hottest colors of the year 2020, and be prepared to repaint the entire house with those colors.

The strength of the color influence had expressed by Darwis Triadi, an Indonesian photographer in his book with the entitled “Color Vision”. Darwis Triadi said that with color we can create a calm and peaceful tone. With color, we can create violence and chaos. This statement relates to the concept of color psychology, which will later explain the correlation between humans and the way they perceive colors around them.

The pink millennium has been passed, but there is something better coming. Here are some colors which are supposed to be the trend color in 2020:

  1. Dark Green
    Being a representation of natural colors, green has full of harmony, prosperity, freshness, peacefulness, even to the effect of relaxation for somebody. In spite of having a negative impact (causing a sense of trapped, boredom, ambition and weakness), the shade of dark green supposedly will be one of the trend colors in 2020, you can use them or even avoid them altogether. This dark tone is a repetition of a huge hunter green in the 90s. Tolbert said, “there are a few gray hits in dark green that make it less fabulous and more sophisticated. “

  2. Muffled Pastel Color
    Pastel colors are the colors which lead to light colors of variety colors or bright colors. When blue is mixed with white, it will turn into light blue. This is also applies to the other colors. Pastel colors generally look brighter but the colors are not overly strong.

    In the 2010s to the present, in this recent digital era we are very familiar with the use of pastel colors. Starting from a combination of website colors, clothes, etc. All of that because pastel really has a positive impact on eyesight. It is because of the brightness that can be interpreted as: cheerfulness, simplicity, optimism, feminism, excitement and happiness.

    Both pink, purple, or blue, think a little more smoothly in terms of pastel. “A more softly and more mute version makes their way back in a much calmer way,” said Tolbert. We love you pink millennium, but the color “black pink” can be even more pastel in 2020. Goodbye pink millennium.

  3. Gray
    Gray is a neutral basic material. But this year, you will see it colored with deeper tones, like purple, blue, and green. “This gives them a sharper and more sophisticated tone,” Tolbert said.

    Gray also shows different visual functions. Gray can increase eyesight attraction to the color which is extinguished or inconspicuous, while at the same time gray also draws attention from the overly bright color.

  4. Terracotta Color
    Be prepared to bring all earthy natural vibe. “This dusty color might not be suitable for your walls, but in this year, this color has popping up in some accessories, potteries, textiles and accents in a very interesting way,” Tolbert said.

  5. Mushrooms Color
    I know what you are thinking of, but in this case we will talk about cream color, which is less chocolate and more gray. “This is more softer and smoother color rather than camel and cream color. And it brings a lot of warmth to a room without making it feel old-fashioned or boring, “.

    In spite of it is commonly found out around us, the existence of this color is not purely a natural result, but it is meaningful and “interpreted” by humans. Nowadays, we often find many interpretations of color meaning in many sectors, starting from film, photography, graphic and interior design, even to health.
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So what is your favorite color? The choice depends on your own self. You can use this guide to the trend color in 2020 as a standard for living a more dynamic life in a year which has full of challenges and optimism.

And finally, may successful will always be a part of your life, with whatever color you choose.

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