The Leather Jacket: Ways to Customize it

The leather jacket as a piece of apparel once made a significant statement. Its usage was formerly restricted to bikers or anyone who wanted to project an aggressive and powerful atmosphere. But during recent years, a significant shift has occurred. Whether it be a leather aviator jacket or a bomber jacket, they can be worn all the time and at any event, nothing is restricted now. 

A lot of the time, our clothing reflects on who we are. Our entire persona is influenced by our taste in colors and our preferred “feel.” This tells us why the vast majority of us adore the concept of personalizing our outfits and attire. After all, it is the ideal technique to guarantee that you’re clothing accurately reflects the person you are. 

You might be someone with a custom bomber jacket which might be very flashy or maybe you would customize it to be plain with just different zippers and buttons. Customization all depends on a person’s mood and how they think about clothing. 

In this blog, we are going to take things to another level and let you know how you can take a basic leather jacket and customize it according to your wants and needs. We want you to know that even a tiny change can make a huge difference; so choose your customization according to what you would like to portray as we believe that what you wear does say a lot about you. 

Pick The Leather Jacket You Want 

Leather jackets are available in a variety of sizes, colors, patterns, sorts, and materials. You should choose which type of leather jacket best meets your demands prior to making a purchase. Individuals may choose to follow recent trends or put their comfort and interests over all else. Nevertheless, the very first stage in customizing your jacket is to pick a jacket based on your preferences. 

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Start Customizing 

Once you have picked the leather jacket you want, and you are satisfied with your pick then it is time to start customizing. Think about what you want to do with your jacket and plan accordingly. Lay out your jacket and write down ideas that you think would suit you. Let’s us tell you about some ways in which you can customize your jacket

Paint Your Jacket 

Painting your jacket is one of the easiest ways in which you can customize a jacket. Pick the pattern which you feel is going to look the best and will suit your look. If you are good at painting and drawing, then even free hand painting would do. However, if you need neatness then make some stencils or buy them, you can buy stencils from a lot of stores. When you start painting your jacket, make sure that you put newspaper around so that there is no mess, and even make sure that you do not put paint outside your stencil. Once you are done, let it stay, and then peel off the stencil once the paint is dry. Varnish your paint and you are done to slay it around!

Add Fur Around

Even now, sheepskin and fur-covered leather jacket styles are some of the most well-known. You might want to stick with this design if you’re making a winter jacket. Even a basic jacket can be made into a winter jacket, pick your fur, and decide where you want to put it. If you want to make it very warm, then sticking the fur entirely is a good pick. However, if you just want a peek of the fur then you can just stick it on the wrist side of your jacket or maybe in front, where the zipper goes and surely around the collar. 

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Stick On Some Studs

If you are someone who wants to make your jacket all sparkly then you can add studs and glitter to your jacket. A long time back studded jackets have been reduced to simple ornamentation. Add those studs to your jacket if you enjoy creating a statement. Leather jackets with embellishments can also provide guys with the edge they need in their plain clothing. You may effortlessly and mess-free adorn your leather jacket with a little fur, studs, or tassels. Silver or golden edgy studs around the wrist or the neckline might give you the badass look, for women, you can make patterns and adjust colorful sparkles on it. 

Cut Out Patches 

Jackets with patches are considered appropriate clothing, just as ripped jeans. Patches around the elbow or packets in front would look amazing for everyday usage. Polka Dots, cheetah prints, zebra prints, floral patterns, and whatnot, there are multiple patterns that you can opt for. Cut out square pieces or maybe just randomly cut pieces that are going to give you the look you desire. 

Attach Some Tassels

There will almost certainly be at least one character sporting tasseled coats in any 1960s American film. People who want to dress up in eccentric clothing will love the power of tassels on jackets even though they may not be appropriate for formal settings. Be a junkie, pick out different tassels, and put them on the back side and the downside lining of your leather jacket. 


Leather jackets can never be boring but if you want to opt for a different leather jacket that stands out in the crowd then customize it. Go for something that is catchy and out of the box and defines you. Paint your name or maybe your zodiac star, pick out some dark colored fur and attach it to your jacket and if you want to be flashier then add studs and glitter on your wanted places on the jacket. You have an intricate pattern that has been left over, stitch or stick it around your leather jacket, and make it pop out. 

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Well, these suggestions were all from outside, if you guys can think of something different, and how you can customize your leather jacket more differently than do not hesitate to apply the method. Take out your essentials, plan on your jacket and start doing what you want, we are sure that it is going to turn out in a marvelous way. 

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