Style Tips for Men on a Sunny day

A smile is the best-looking thing you can wear

Not to trivialize the subject, but without a doubt, self-assurance is a very attractive quality.

That aside & presumably someone asking this question is likely somewhat lost when it comes to putting things on in the morning …. What (&why) to wear (something) has many variables: age, location, appropriateness, stature and what might be right for one thing could be very wrong for another. But in a general sense, as the world gets more crowded and media-centric, people are breaking out of the traditional ways and formalities of the past. Today you see people expressing their individuality – Perhaps through the use of bolder patterns & prints, the use of ironic social narrative, episodic detailing, and also combining them in ways that disregards the older ideas of matching pieces.

“outfit” to that end … The word has the danger of sending guys down the wrong road. (this is less true for a woman) An outfit connotes effort and for men the goal (especially during the casual months of summer) is (more often) to appear effortless & (hopefully) well done. To inadvertently look good while not appearing to try is way cooler than anything related to trying too hard.

– Lee W. Johnson, Founder – Old Bull Lee

The Footwear Specialists choice this summer

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that I, as a Footwear Specialist, will be recommending summer footwear! You don’t have to be stuck in flip-flops all summer that lack support and leave your feet aching by the end of the day. Why not go for some comfortable sandals with airflow or lightweight sneakers instead? If you’re a sock guy, go for a low-cut model to avoid the dork thing.

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– Steve from

Light-colored trilby hat, and then a pair of champagne-colored brogues

First of all, if you have a pair of jean shorts, bury them in the back of your closet so they will never be seen again. No man has ever looked good in those. To look good all summer, first, take into account your head and then your feet. Look for a light-colored trilby hat, and then a pair of champagne-colored brogues will set the tone for stylish but not too serious. Finally, don’t be afraid to wear a blazer with a silk pocket square. No tie needed for those casual summer gatherings.”

–  Dan Blacharski, editor, The Vivant

Wearable sun protection

An important tip for men’s summer outfits would be to add hats for necessary sun protection. To ensure you are getting sufficient protection, choose hats with a wide brim, and hats which offer UPF 50+ protection. UPF 50+ is the highest possible rating for any clothing item. 

GearTOP’s Sun Hat with UPF 50+ protection would be a terrific addition to your outfit. Not only does this hat offer maximum sun protection, but a comfortable elastic band also makes this hat adjustable to your personalized fit. In addition, an adjustable drawstring ensures this hat will stay on when any breeze hits. Breathable mesh keeps you feeling cool and fresh.

These hats are available in 4 different colors: Army Green, Khaki, Beige, and Black Camouflage. Get a great outdoor look, for traveling, outdoor activities, or combine it with a casual summer outfit.

A Yellow Year?

Spring and Summer 2020 are all about feeling confident and stylish but also being comfortable with effortless pieces that keep you stress-free throughout your day. Yellow will be a strong color because it feels happy and people want to spread positive vibes, optimism, and exude a sunny disposition during these uncertain times.

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Breathable and all-purpose Merino wool t-shirt for every occasion

The best tip for any summer outfit is to start with natural fabrics that breathe and wick sweat. A great option is the Ridge Merino Wool Journey Tee. ($59)  The soft, durable tee features a modern fit and is cut a little slimmer than a standard tee and a touch longer for more coverage. While it looks great, this versatile piece is built for any type of activity – work, play, and anywhere else the day leads. It can be worn on its own or layered. 

More basics: For all weather

ALMI created a versatile all-day sock that is a balance between dress and athletic. In other words, not all hope is lost when you show up for your cross-fit class and realize that you forgot to pack your gym socks. Their All-Day Performance Dress sock have you covered whether you’re finishing up a report at the office or working out. We love these socks, especially in the summertime when everyone wants to make sure they stay consistent going to the gym.

A premium sock experience, featuring light compression which is perfect for keeping your feet energized and feeling good whether you’re in the office, traveling, or doing fitness. They also used a Swiss Silver anti-odor technology that kills odor-causing bacteria

I noticed their 100-day guarantee. They are designed for active professionals to be worn all day, definitely check them out. You can learn more about them here:

Great socks with active cooling for a sunny day!
I hope you got some ideas for your summer outfit. Enjoy.

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