The Best Summer Outfit For The Year

Today your getting some of the best tips for men’s summer outfits from Sam Whittaker, a style expert, and editor-in-chief at Mantelligence.

Summer is a time that’s hard for men when it comes to style. They have no excuse not to wear trendy and stylish outerwear that would make them look good no matter what. 

A preppy look may be what comes to mind when we think of comfort. When it’s summer, you dress for comfort because you wouldn’t want to put plenty of layers just for fashion. Sure, preppy looks may come into play, but whatever your style is, you can step it up this summer. Just always remember that you need to follow some simple rules to keep your style in check. You can check out tips on how to improve your style here:

The best summer outfits include the following:


It’s hot, so keep it light. Remember that when you’re thinking of what to wear. It is a safe bet to wear light-colored shirts with plain or simple patterns. You can never go wrong with those. If the occasion calls for a little more class and formality, you can always wear button-ups. 

If you decide to wear button-ups, keep it simple also. Opt for plain, light colors so as not to feel the heat too much. Not only will they keep you light, but they never go out of style, too. Remember to always keep it breezy and go for lightweight linen when wearing button-ups.

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When it comes to shorts, you have many options to choose from. Since I have mentioned that comfort is important, chino shorts are up there when it comes to shorts. If you decide to go with chino shorts, go for more neutral or dark colors such as navy blue or black. This keeps you away from looking like a “prep” or “frat boy”. 

Another option you have is athletic shorts. These are getting in style lately, so it’s just right that you put it in your wardrobe. Don’t be pressured to wear these with only tees or tanks. Be bold enough to switch it up. Again, it’s safe to wear athletic shorts in neutral colors.

Although not obvious, denim shorts also come into play here. When choosing denim shorts, make sure they’re well-fitting. You have to learn to pair it with a nice top. It doesn’t always go with everything.


When it’s summer, the best way to go with your shoes is to go for a plain white or black sneakers. It’s stylish and comfortable, so what else will you be looking for? However, don’t be afraid to go for sneakers with a different color as long as it’s elegant and makes your outfit pop. 

Summer may seem like a season that’s hard to get in style in, but that’s not the case. You just have to opt for lighter colors and clothes that are more breezy than usual, but you can always be in style.

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