2023 Guide: Shoe Color for Black Suit – Tips & Ideas

When it comes to dressing up for a formal occasion, a black suit is a classic choice. However, finding the perfect shoe color to match a black suit can be quite challenging.

Choosing the right shoe color not only shows your attention to detail but also elevates your overall look. While black shoes are the safest and most traditional choice, a dark burgundy shoe color can also be a great complement to a black suit.

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Shoe Colors That Go Best With A Black Suit

When it comes to a black suit, the right shoe color can make all the difference. Here are the best shoe colors that complement a black suit:

  • Black shoes are the most classic option and should be your go-to choice, whether it be a glossy leather or matte finish.
  • Brown shoes can also work with a black suit, but you should make sure to choose a darker shade of brown, such as chestnut or chocolate. Lighter shades, like tan or cognac, are not recommended and can clash with the dark color of the suit.
  • Burgundy shoes provide a great alternative to black shoes, bringing a touch of warmth and sophistication to your outfit. Opt for a darker, deep burgundy color for a more traditional look.
  • Oxblood shoes are another great option and can add a pop of color to your outfit. Like burgundy shoes, opt for a darker oxblood shade for a more traditional look.

When choosing shoes to wear with a black suit, always consider the occasion, your personal style, and overall color coordination. Regardless, whether it’s black, brown, or burgundy, never underestimate the power of a great pair of shoes to elevate your outfit and complete your look.

Tips for Matching Shoe Colors With A Black Suit

Matching shoes with a black suit can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. To help you out, here are some tips and recommendations:

  • Consider the Occasion: If you’re going to a formal event, stick with black shoes. However, if it’s a less formal occasion, consider a dark burgundy shoe as it can be a great complement to a traditional black suit.
  • Match Belt Color With Shoe Color: Always remember to match your belt color with your shoe color. If you’re wearing black shoes, wear a black belt.
  • Consider Texture and Fabric: Matching the texture and fabric of your shoes to your black suit can elevate your entire look. For a sleek and sophisticated look, consider a patent leather shoe. For a more casual look, suede shoes can add some texture.
  • Match Formality of Shoes and Suit: It’s important to match the formality of your shoes to your suit. If your black suit is more formal, opt for a classic pair of leather dress shoes. If your suit is more casual, consider wearing loafers or even sneakers.
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By following these tips, you can confidently match shoe colors with your black suit for any occasion.

Alternative Shoe Colors to Pair with A Black Suit

While black shoes are the most traditional pairing for a black suit, there are other shoe colors that can add some personality to this classic look. One color that works well is navy blue, which complements the formal feel of a black suit while adding a subtle pop of color.

Light gray shoes offer a modern twist on the black suit and look great for office settings or semi-formal events. Beige and white shoes can also work as alternative options, giving a more casual and summery feel to the outfit.

It’s important to note that brighter or neon colors are not recommended to pair with a black suit as they can appear too flashy and clash with the traditional formality of the suit. Choosing shoes in darker shades that complement the suit’s color scheme is key to pulling off a chic and polished look.

Experimenting with alternative shoe colors can add some personality and modernity to the classic black suit, but sticking with darker shades is essential to keep the outfit polished and chic.

alternative shoe colors for black suit

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear sneakers with a black suit?

It's not recommended to wear sneakers with a black suit as it can come across as too casual.

What shoe color goes with a black tuxedo?

Black shoes are the best option for a black tuxedo, as it creates a cohesive and formal look.

Is it okay to wear brown shoes with a black suit in a formal setting?

Traditionally, it's not considered appropriate to wear brown shoes with a black suit in a formal setting. However, it's become more acceptable in recent years to mix and match different colors.

Style Inspirations for Shoe Color And Black Suit Pairings

When it comes to pairing shoe colors with black suits, there are limited options. Most people opt for the obvious choice, which is to wear black shoes with a black suit.

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However, it does not mean that there are no other colors to choose from.

The key to pulling off a black suit and shoe combination is to make sure that the shoes are dressy and appropriate for the attire. A dark burgundy colored shoe can give an added sophisticated touch to the traditional black suit.

Check these style inspirations to get ideas on how to pair black suits with different shoe colors:

Black Suit + Black Shoes: This classic look is perfect for formal occasions. Make sure to keep your shoes polished to maintain the sleek and elegant look. Black Suit + Dark Burgundy Colored Shoes: Dark burgundy colored shoes add a splash of color to the outfit without being too bold. This combination works well for both formal and semi-formal events. Black Suit + Brown Shoes: This pairing is perfect for a more casual or business-oriented event. Brown shoes come in different shades, allowing you to choose the best shade that complements your black suit.

Remember, shoes can make or break an outfit. Always make sure that your shoe game is on point when wearing a black suit.

Looking at these style inspirations, which shoe color and black suit combination is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Tips for Maintaining Shoes To Prolong Its Life

When it comes to preserving the beauty and function of your shoes, it is important to practice proper maintenance. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Polish Your Shoes Regularly: Applying shoe polish can help restore the shine and color of your shoes while also adding a layer of protection to their surface. A good rule of thumb is to polish your shoes every two weeks or as needed.
  • Use a Shoe Horn: When putting on your shoes, use a shoe horn to prevent the back of your shoes from bending and cracking. This will also help avoid wrinkles and creases in the leather.
  • Rotate Your Shoes: Wearing the same pair of shoes every day can cause them to wear down quickly. By rotating your shoes, you not only prolong their life, but also give each pair a chance to rest and air out between uses.
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By following these simple tips, you can keep your shoes in great shape for a longer period of time.


Matching the right shoe color with a black suit is crucial in creating the perfect style for any occasion. Remember that black shoes are the best option, but a dark burgundy colored shoe can also be a great complement to a traditional black suit.

Brown or linen suits can be paired with different shades of brown and black shoes. When it comes to medium-gray suits, black shoes are the best choice, especially when wearing a white dress shirt with a tie.

To complete the perfect look, follow these tips: waterproof your shoes, reinforce the soles, spread out your use, wear socks, use a wooden shoe tree, and shine leather shoes weekly. That being said, finding the perfect shoe match to wear with a black suit can elevate your overall style and personality.


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