Shirt Over Hoodie: The Coolest Street Style Combo of 2023

Street style fashion has been continuously evolving over the years, with different trends making a resurgence among younger consumers. One particular trend that has caught the attention of many is the shirt over hoodie look.

This trendy style involves wearing a shirt over a hoodie, creating a layered effect that adds an edge to any outfit. While this trend might seem new to some, it actually first gained popularity in the early 2000s before fading away.

However, the resurgence of vintage fashion has brought it back to the forefront of street style once again.

Check out this Youtube video: “How to Wear a Hoodie | 6 Ways – YouTube” for tips on how to style a shirt over a hoodie and elevate your casual look.

Why Shirt Over Hoodie is the Coolest Street Style Combo of 2023

When it comes to street style, the shirt over hoodie combo has become a popular choice amongst fashion enthusiasts in 2023. Here are the top reasons why:

  • Comfortable and versatile: By layering a shirt over a hoodie, it allows for extra warmth and comfort in colder weather while still appearing chic and stylish.
  • Unique style statement: This combination offers a unique take on layering that stands out from the typical hoodie and jacket pairings.
  • Can be dressed up or down: Whether you are going for a casual or formal look, this combo can be adjusted to suit any occasion.
  • Provides layering options: With the shirt over hoodie combo, there are endless layering options that allow for experimentation with different colors, patterns, and textures.
  • Allows for mix and match: The versatility of this combo means that it can be mixed and matched with various items like jeans or joggers, sneakers, or boots, to create an array of different looks.
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If you are looking for a fresh take on street style, try the shirt over hoodie combo and see how it can elevate your outfit to new heights!

Tips to Ace the Shirt Over Hoodie Look

The trend of wearing a shirt over a hoodie has become increasingly popular, but it can be tricky to pull off without looking sloppy or uncoordinated. With these tips, you can effortlessly achieve a stylish and comfortable look every time.

1. Find the Right Fitting Hoodie

The first step is choosing a hoodie that fits properly. A hoodie that is too baggy or too tight can ruin the entire look.

A fitted hoodie is the best option as it will define your waist and offer a better shape for the upper body.

2. Choose the Right Shirt

Contrasting colors and patterns can make your outfit stand out, but choosing the right combination is essential. Go for an oversized t-shirt made of breathable material that complements the colors of your hoodie.

Avoid graphic tees or shirts with bold logos as they can detract from the overall look.

3. Focus on Layering

The key to nailing the shirt over hoodie look is experimentation. There are various options to layer your outfit, such as contrasting or matching colors, different lengths, and materials.

Play around with these options until you find a combination that suits your style.

4. Add Accessories

To complete the look, add some statement accessories such as a stylish hat or a trendy scarf. Additional accessories can add a pop of color, dimension and make the outfit stand out.

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Just make sure not to overdo it as you want the attention to focus on the unique layering of the hoodie and shirt combo.

Expert Tip: Always opt for a plain white or black t-shirt to wear under the hoodie to create a neutral base for matching different colors and patterns.

Shirt Over Hoodie

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the shirt over hoodie trend work for formal events?

While the shirt over hoodie trend is generally seen as a casual look, it can be dressed up for semi-formal or formal events. Pairing a crisp white shirt over a fitted hoodie, paired with dress pants or a skirt, can create a chic and sophisticated look.

Is it necessary to match the colors of the shirt and the hoodie?

No, it is not necessary to match the colors of the shirt and the hoodie. In fact, experimenting with different color combinations can make the look more interesting and unique. However, it's important to ensure that the colors complement each other and don't clash.


The shirt over hoodie trend is making a comeback and shows no signs of slowing down. Experimentation and mixing and matching different styles is encouraged to create unique and fashionable looks.

So go ahead and try out different combinations to find your perfect style!


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