Plus Size Men Fashion Hacks to Look Slimmer

There are a lot of ways on how plus-size men could get slimmer – diet, workout, supplements. But let’s be honest, it’s not enough to follow a workout routine and a nutrition plan. And these can’t give you that slimmer look instantly. Here’s when some fashion tricks and hacks come in handy.

Adopting the slim fashion style means spending fewer hours at the gym and putting more attention on your clothes. And there’s no need for a man to wait to lose weight if he can look great right now, with just some fashion hacks.

We are excited for you! Read on.

Style Tips for Plus Size Men Who Want to Look Thinner

It’s a truth that if a plus-size man looks good in his outfits, he may be inspired to eat better, get outside, and engage in life more simply because he has chosen to be his best stylish self. And just because you’re not thin doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. Plus-size men can be just as fashionable as their slim counterparts with just a few fashion hacks.

So, pay attention to the fashion hacks you are about to read because, believe us, this will save you from a plus-size men fashion disaster.

Stripe Down

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to slimming down. Embrace those stripes as a quick way to slim down. Vertical lines running down your body visually lengthen your body. In contrast to a checked pattern or horizontal stripes, a pinstripe trouser or suit will direct eyes up and down the length of the body.

You can buy striped trousers, a shirt, or even a jacket, and wear it with a solid color to achieve the same slimming effect. If you don’t want a bold stripe, go for a monochromatic look with thinner lines to make yourself look thin.

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Black It Up

When you want to look slimmer, black is the color to pick. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times, and it’s because it’s true. Black is most likely to be found in everyone’s closet. What you should know about wearing black is that it can magically help you slim down. How? Well, it covers up all the shadows cast by your wobbly bits because there isn’t any contrast if there isn’t any color. It effortlessly hides your curves and bulges while making you look great. 

So, if you don’t have any black clothing in your closet, get some now. Just make sure your entire outfit is a saturated shade of black: dull, washed-out jeans aren’t only unsightly, but they also won’t hide those excess fats.

Try Those V-Necks

V-neck sweaters aren’t the most fashionable choice, but they do have a few advantages: they’re classic, versatile, and, most notably, slimming.

When layered with fashion basics, a mid-plunge V-neck jumper provides diagonal lines that help lengthen your face and upper body. Unlike a crew neck that has a round shape that only accentuates the roundness of the face, V-neck will help your face look slimmer.

However, there are some guidelines to follow. Wear a comfortable, roomy fit that enables your body to breathe. Also, never, ever tuck your jumper into your jeans – this will only enlarge your tummy. Clearly, V-neck tees, along with polo shirts and Henley tops with a bunch of buttons left undone, can give off some slimming effect.

Ditch Those Baggy Clothes

When it comes to covering up the extra pounds, your first instinct might be to put on baggy clothes. After all, no one can tell if you’re carrying too much weight if your clothes are too big, can they? However, it’s worth repeating: baggy clothing makes big people appear even bigger. Period.

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Fitted (not tight) clothing, regardless of size, creates a better silhouette. This is the absolute opposite of what you desire. You want clothing that fits properly and makes you look slimmer. Baggy clothing makes you appear larger, which is precisely what you want to avoid. You want to strike a balance between slim and form-fitting. You want to breathe comfortably, but not too much space, which makes you appear heavier.

Contrast is Crucial

Another crucial rule to follow when dressing to appear slimmer is to reduce the contrast with both the upper and lower halves of the body. When you combine a bright or dark color with something lighter, you will appear shorter or wider. The contrast cuts your body at the waist, causing you to appear shorter and flatter.

Well, you can avoid drawing attention to your waist by wearing low contrast or monochromatic tones. Also, unless you have a slim waist, avoid wearing large buckle-belts, as they will only emphasize the waist.

Find more style tips for plus size.

Clothing Tips for Plus Size Men Who Want to Look Thinner

There are still a few hacks that you can learn if you’re a plus-size who wants to look slimmer. If you are planning on shopping for new clothing pieces, we have listed below some things you should remember before buying one.

Men’s Dress Shirts

We’ll get straight to the point: purchase a slim-fitting dress shirt. Because when you wear shirts that hug your shoulders, waist, and chest, you will indeed appear slimmer.

Take note that modern and athletic fits are all excellent options. Just make sure you don’t overdo the slim cut. Remember that the shirt should fit snugly without pulling, grabbing, or bunching in any visible area. The shirt is too tight if you can’t cross your arms, and the buttons are stressed during movement.

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Men’s Pants

We suggest that you purchase slim, flat, or plain front pants in dark colors such as gray and navy when it comes to pants. 

Also, pleats should be avoided whenever possible. Why? Because pleats add weight to the frame rather than shedding it, flat or plain front pants give the man a relatively clean waste while using less material. Another thing, pinstripes should be worn regularly.

Now, jeans. Dark, plain-wash jeans should be worn because dark colors hide weight imperfections. Note that the waist should sit on the hips and the leg should be straight cut.

The Bottom Line

Keep these tips in mind when dressing up to appear slimmer, and you’ll be fine. There will be no more rushing to the gym or skipping lunch to look good for a dinner date. All you have to do is reorganize your wardrobe and wear better-fitting clothing, and you’ll be looking fit in no time. These clever fashion hacks will make you look slimmer each day.

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