What happens if I pluck my beard?

A well-maintained beard is highly attractive and quite a style statement these days. For the proper maintenance of the beard, it is important to remove excess hair to keep it in shape. This can be achieved by several methods. 

Plucking or tweezing hair is perhaps one of the most economical ways of getting rid of unwanted hair. Tweezing is not only cost-effective, but it is highly-precise and easy to do as well. But is it the right way? What happens if you pluck your beard?

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Is plucking your beard a bad thing?

Whether plucking is a good or bad thing depends largely upon how you do it and how much hair you’re plucking. Removing facial hair using tweezers is a pretty standard practice among men and women; however, there is a specific technique to it. 

First off, you have to sterilize your tweezers before and after you’re done using them. You should tweeze your hair in the direction of the grain rather than going against it. Furthermore, it is important to remember that you should only use tweezers for a few stray hairs, but they shouldn’t be the primary tool for shaping your beard. Moreover, tweezing needs to be done gently and carefully; otherwise, it may result in ingrown hair.

Plucking your beard hair randomly is not a good thing at all, and for a lot of men, it is a genuine problem that they don’t truly realize can be quite bad for the skin and beard. They have gotten so used to picking their beard that it is almost a subconscious thing they do when tensed or nervous. 

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But why is it bad exactly? Well, it can majorly contribute to bald patches, irritation, and itching. If you pluck broken or in-grown hair, you might cause severe skin irritation. Besides, it can be quite upsetting, spending so much time taking care of your beard so it can grow out and then having to suffer from patches due to frequent picking.

Bad beard grooming practices:

There are certain practices one does knowingly, out of habit, or due to lack of knowledge, which is bad for your beard. Here are a few of these habits you should avoid if you want to maintain a healthy and stylish beard:

● If you notice grey hair in your beard, then instead of plucking, try embracing them. If you still feel like you want to get rid of them, dying is a better option. Plucking the hair will only cause irritation and ingrown hair.

● Try not to touch or stroke your beard too often, as you may have dirt, bacteria, or oil on your hand.

● Using the same shampoo on your beard that you use for your hair isn’t a wise thing. Your beard and the skin underneath need milder shampoo or soap.

● Don’t forget to moisturize your beard using beard oil to make the hair soft, manageable and reduce hair fall.

● Don’t use combs with bristles that are too harsh on your skin; instead, opt for wooden combs. 

How to stop?

If you have a habit of plucking your beard, then it might be difficult for you at first to stop because it almost becomes a reflex action after a while. Most people who are habitual of plucking their beards usually do so in response to a trigger. The trigger may differ from person to person. 

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If your trigger is your hands being idle, then try to keep them occupied or put them in your pocket when you feel the urge to pluck your beard. Furthermore, if you pluck your beard, it is always best to keep a comb with you, so when you feel the urge to do so, you can simply take the comb out and brush it through the hair. This will reduce the urge and divert your mind. Look for alternate behaviors, such as drinking water, painting, drawing, etc., which may help divert your mind.

Plucking your beard may also be an anxiety-induced response. Talk to a professional if you have anxiety or any other deep psychiatric condition, so you can get to the bottom of the problem. A lot of people tend to pluck their beards, and you can beat the habit if you identify the trigger and take relevant action.

Best methods for hair removal

Shaving, when done right, is perhaps the easiest and the most cost-effective way of hair removal. Just make sure you’re doing it hygienically with the right tools. If you want to trim your beard and shape it, then get a trimmer with different heads, so you can get the style you want. Furthermore, there is something called the Electrolysis treatment, which is also an excellent way to remove hair from small areas like the neck and brows. 

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