Perms On Short Hair Guys: Best Hairstyle Ideas

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Are you looking for stylish options for perms on short hair guys? Perms can add volume and texture to short hair, creating a charming and fashionable look for men.

With the right perm, men with short hair can achieve modern wavy or curly styles that are on-trend for 2024.

Perms for short hair guys involve using chemicals to change the hair texture, creating waves or curls. This process typically involves saturating the hair with a chemical treatment, wrapping it around rods and rollers, and using a neutralizer to set the curl pattern.

If you’re interested in trying a new look, perming short hair can provide a variety of options for men. Whether you prefer a modern wavy perm or iconic spiral curls, there are plenty of styles to choose from to achieve your dream look with a short hair perm.

Check out this Youtube video: “How to Get Curly Hair | Short Hair Perm Men” for some great tips on getting perms for short hair guys!

Key Takeaways

  • Perms on short hair guys can add volume and texture, creating a charming and fashionable look for men.

  • The evolution of perm styles for men has shifted from tight curls to more relaxed and natural waves.

  • Perms offer enhanced texture and volume, making styling easier for short hair guys.

  • Popular perm styles for short hair guys include loose, natural curls and tight, defined curls.

  • When considering a perm for short hair guys, factors such as hair type, texture, and consultation with a stylist are crucial for the optimal outcome.

The History of Perms on Short Hair Guys

Early examples of perms on short hair guys

In the early days, perms on short hair guys were a symbol of rebellion and non-conformity, with icons like James Dean and Elvis Presley showcasing this edgy hairstyle. Men embraced perms as a way to defy traditional grooming norms and express their individuality.

The tight curls and volume created an effortlessly cool look, setting a new trend in men’s hairstyling.

Evolution of perm styles for men

The evolution of perm styles for men has been remarkable, shifting from the tight and defined curls of the past to more relaxed and natural waves today. This transformation is evident in the shift from the 1980s’ bold and dramatic perms to the modern, softer versions inspired by K-pop and TikTok trends.

Men now opt for subtle perms that add texture and movement to their short hair, embracing a more effortless and natural aesthetic.

The Benefits of Perms on Short Hair Guys

Enhanced texture and volume

A perm on short hair guys can add enhanced texture and volume to their hair, creating a fuller and more dynamic look. This is especially beneficial for those with thin or fine hair, as the perm can add body and thickness to the hair, making it appear more voluminous and attractive.

A hair perm involves the process of altering the hair’s natural texture by manipulating the protein bonds inside the hair cuticle. Through this process, perms can make straight hair curly or add waves to hair, thereby enhancing its overall texture and volume.

With the addition of loose waves or tight curls, a perm can transform the hair’s appearance, giving it a more dynamic and lively look.

Men with short hair can particularly benefit from perming as it can make their hair more manageable and stylish. The enhanced texture and volume provided by perms allow for exciting styling options that can significantly elevate their overall appearance.

A perm on short hair allows for the creation of diverse styles that were not possible before, giving the individual the freedom to experiment with different looks and hairstyles. In essence, perms offer a broader array of styling possibilities that cater specifically to short hair, empowering men to express their unique style and personality through their hair.

A perm’s ability to add texture and volume to short hair is a game-changer for men looking to elevate their style. With the right approach, perms can truly transform the appearance of short hair, providing a fresh and exciting look that exudes confidence and charisma.

A perm can uplift the overall aesthetic of short hair, providing a boost of texture and volume that opens up endless styling options, making it a valuable choice for men seeking to add flair and dynamism to their appearance. The enhanced texture and volume from perms can completely revitalize the look of short hair, breathing new life and vitality into men’s hairstyles.

Easier styling options

In addition to enhanced texture and volume, perms on short hair guys offer easier styling options, simplifying the everyday hair routine. The added texture and volume from a perm make short hair more manageable and versatile, allowing for effortless styling options that suit various occasions and settings.

The natural-looking texture and volume provided by perms present short-haired men with the opportunity to achieve a stylish and put-together appearance with minimal effort. The added body and wave to the hair make it easier to style, ensuring that the hair looks great without requiring extensive maintenance or styling products.

Moreover, perms on short hair can streamline the styling process, saving time and effort while still yielding impeccable results. The enhanced texture and volume of permed short hair offers a level of versatility that makes it easier to achieve different looks, whether it’s for a casual day out or a formal event.

With perms, short hair becomes more pliable and receptive to styling, enabling individuals to effortlessly experiment with various hairstyles, from tousled and relaxed to sleek and refined. This level of adaptability and ease in styling is a significant advantage for men who prioritize simplicity and convenience in their grooming routines.

Perms on short hair guys provide a gateway to easier and more versatile styling options, commemorating intricate textures and effortless volume that facilitate a hassle-free approach to daily hairstyling. The simplified styling options alongside the captivating texture and volume make perms an invaluable asset in the pursuit of a stylish and refined appearance for men with short hair.

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Popular Perm Styles for Short Hair Guys

Loose, natural curls

Perm styles for short hair guys often include loose, natural curls that exude a laid-back and effortless vibe. This style is achieved through the use of large rollers during the perming process, resulting in soft and gentle waves cascading around the face. Men can opt for this look to add texture and movement to their short hair, providing a relaxed and casual appearance that suits various occasions. It’s crucial to consult with a professional hairstylist to determine the ideal size of rollers and perm solution, ensuring the desired level of looseness and naturalness is achieved.

Tight, defined curls

For short hair guys seeking a more defined and structured look, the tight, defined curls style is an excellent choice. This perm style involves the use of smaller rollers and a specialized perm solution to create well-defined and springy curls that add volume and dimension to the hair. The resulting tight curls can provide a polished and stylish appearance, elevating one’s overall look with a distinct and refined flair. Consultation with a seasoned hairstylist is essential to determine the right roller size and perm technique, ensuring the curls are tailored to the individual’s hair texture and desired outcome.

perms on short hair guys - How to Choose the Right Perm for Short Hair Guys - perms on short hair guys

How to Choose the Right Perm for Short Hair Guys

Perm hairstyles for men have gained popularity in recent years, offering a distinctive look that exudes confidence and style. When considering a perm for short hair, there are essential factors to keep in mind for the optimal outcome.

Consider hair type and texture

Hair type and texture play a crucial role in determining the suitability of a perm. Thick or coarse hair types generally hold curls well, making them ideal candidates for perms. On the other hand, individuals with fine or thin hair may face challenges in achieving desired results. It’s important to consult with a professional stylist to assess your hair’s texture and understand how it may respond to the perming process.

Short hair’s natural texture also impacts the perm’s outcome. Individuals with straight hair can achieve defined curls or waves with a perm, while those with naturally wavy hair can enhance their texture for a more pronounced look. Understanding your hair’s baseline texture is vital in aligning your perm goals with achievable results.

Factors such as hair health and previous chemical treatments must be taken into account when choosing a perm. Healthy hair generally responds better to perming, while hair that is damaged or over-processed may require special considerations and treatments prior to the perm application.

Consultation with a stylist

Discussing your perm aspirations with a seasoned stylist is imperative for a successful outcome. A professional stylist can assess your hair type, texture, and overall health to recommend the most suitable perm technique.

They will consider your desired look and lifestyle, ensuring the chosen perm style complements your personality and daily routine.

During the consultation, the stylist may conduct a strand test to evaluate how your hair responds to the perming solution. This test helps gauge the level of curl or wave achievable and provides insight into the perm’s potential longevity.

An open and candid conversation with the stylist about your expectations and concerns allows for a personalized approach to the perm process. They can address any fears or uncertainties you may have, providing reassurance and clarity to make an informed decision.

Moreover, the education and expertise of a professional stylist ensure that the perm procedure is executed with precision and care, minimizing the risk of hair damage and maximizing the aesthetic appeal of your new hairstyle.

When deciding on a perm for short hair, leveraging a stylist’s knowledge and guidance is pivotal in achieving the desired outcome while maintaining the health and integrity of your hair.

Hair Type Perm Suitability Styling Tips
Straight Defined Curls Use quality styling products for enhanced definition.
Wavy Enhanced Texture Opt for a beachy, relaxed look with loose waves.
Coarse Strong Curls Embrace voluminous and defined ringlets for a bold style.
Fine Consideration Needed Use volumizing products to add body and fullness.

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Perm

Maintenance and upkeep

For short hair guys considering a perm, maintenance and upkeep are crucial factors to take into account. It’s important to understand that maintaining a perm requires a commitment to a specific hair care routine. Immediately after getting a perm, it’s essential to nourish and moisturize the hair to prevent dryness and maintain the perm’s integrity. This involves using specialized products designed for permed hair and minimizing the frequency of shampooing to preserve the perm’s longevity. Additionally, regular trims are necessary to prevent split ends and maintain the perm’s shape.

To ensure the longevity of a perm, it’s vital to refrain from washing the hair immediately after the perm treatment. Using gentle shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for permed hair is essential to prevent damage and maintain the perm’s appearance.

Furthermore, minimizing heat styling and refraining from brushing the hair vigorously are key aspects of maintaining the perm’s texture and structure.

Potential damage to hair

When considering a perm, it’s important to be aware of the potential damage it can cause to the hair. Perming short hair can lead to hair weakening if proper care is not taken.

During the perm process, the chemicals used can result in hair breakage, skin irritation, and damage if not handled correctly. Therefore, it’s crucial to seek professional hairstylists who are well-versed in perming techniques and use high-quality products to minimize the risk of damage.

Furthermore, it’s essential to prioritize the aftercare of permed hair to mitigate potential damage. Using repairing hair care products, including nourishing oils and creams, can help maintain the hair’s hydration and prevent excessive dryness.

Additionally, reducing the hair’s exposure to heat styling tools is critical to prevent further damage. Being mindful of styling practices such as minimizing heat styling and avoiding excessive use of styling tools is imperative to preserve the health of permed hair.

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perms on short hair guys - The Process of Getting a Perm on Short Hair - perms on short hair guys

The Process of Getting a Perm on Short Hair

Consultation with a stylist

When considering getting a perm on short hair, it’s crucial to start with a comprehensive consultation with a skilled stylist. This phase is the foundation for a successful perm, as it allows the stylist to assess your hair type, condition, and suitability for the perm.

During the consultation, the stylist will discuss the desired perm outcome, whether it’s for adding texture, creating waves, or achieving a specific style. Your stylist will consider your hair’s current health, any prior chemical treatments, and your lifestyle to create a personalized perm plan.

Be prepared to communicate openly with your stylist about your hair goals, as this will ensure satisfaction with the outcome.

One helpful tip for the consultation phase is to bring visual references or examples of the perm style you are aiming for. This allows for a clear understanding between you and your stylist, ensuring that the envisioned outcome is accurately conveyed.

By openly discussing your hair history, any sensitive scalp conditions, and the level of maintenance you are comfortable with, you set the stage for a successful perming experience. Remember, communication with your stylist is key to achieving the desired results and maintaining the health of your short hair during and after the perm process.

Another critical aspect of the consultation process is understanding the aftercare and maintenance requirements of the perm. Your stylist will provide detailed instructions on how to care for your permed hair, including recommended shampoos, conditioners, and styling products.

Keeping these instructions and following them diligently will contribute to the longevity and health of your permed short hair.

Maintenance Tips for Permed Short Hair

Proper Hair Care Routine

Proper hair care routine is essential for maintaining those luscious, curly locks after getting perms on short hair. Firstly, limit hair washing to once a week to preserve the perm’s longevity, using a sulfate-free conditioning shampoo to avoid stripping the natural oils from your hair.

After washing, gently blot and air-dry or use a diffuser to avoid disrupting the curls’ pattern.

Additionally, maintaining a consistent moisturizing and nourishing routine is crucial. Apply a leave-in conditioner or moisturizing cream daily to keep the curls hydrated and bouncy. When styling, opt for a wide-tooth comb to detangle, starting from the ends and working your way up to prevent breakage. For added moisture, consider using a hair mask once a week to deeply condition your curls.

Seeking professional advice for specific hair care needs is always recommended, as they can provide tailored advice according to your unique hair type and perm treatment. Moreover, schedule regular trims to prevent split ends and maintain the health and shape of your permed short hair.

Recommended Products for Permed Hair

When it comes to recommended products for permed hair, it’s crucial to choose formulations designed specifically for chemically treated hair. Look for sulfate-free shampoos to gently cleanse the hair without stripping away essential oils, preserving the integrity of the perm. Additionally, opt for conditioners enriched with nourishing oils and protein to strengthen and moisturize the curls.

To combat frizz and maintain the curls’ definition, incorporate a curl-enhancing serum or cream into your styling routine. These products help define and separate the curls while taming frizz, creating a polished and well-defined look. Furthermore, it’s essential to invest in a heat protectant spray to shield the hair from heat styling tools, minimizing potential damage to the perm.

Lastly, consider using a deep conditioning mask once a week to replenish moisture and fortify the hair strands. These masks provide intense hydration, helping to revive and maintain the health and vibrancy of permed short hair. Prioritize products that are specifically tailored for permed or chemically treated hair to ensure optimal care and maintenance.

Recommended Products for Permed Hair Benefits
Sulfate-Free Shampoo Gentle cleansing without stripping oils
Nourishing Conditioner Strengthens and moisturizes the curls
Curl-Enhancing Serum/Cream Defines curls and tames frizz
Heat Protectant Spray Shields hair from heat styling tools
Deep Conditioning Mask Intensely hydrates and fortifies the strands

Common Misconceptions About Perms on Short Hair Guys

Perms are only for long hair

Misconception: Many people believe that perms are only suitable for long hair and cannot be achieved on short hair. However, this is a common misconception as short hair can also be permed to create stylish and voluminous looks.

Short hair perms, also known as “body wave” or “layer perm,” are specifically designed to add subtle curls and texture while giving an overall fuller effect. The misconception of perms being exclusive to long hair often stems from the historical portrayal of perms in media and popular culture.

Perms are high maintenance

Misconception: Another misconception about perms, especially on short hair, is that they require high maintenance. While it’s true that some perm styles need more upkeep, such as regular styling to maintain the curls, there are low-maintenance options available for short hair.

For instance, a body wave or layer perm requires minimal maintenance, making it perfect for individuals with busy daily routines. Contrary to the belief that perms are high maintenance, modern perm techniques and products allow for easy maintenance while achieving stylish looks for short hair.

To debunk these misconceptions, it’s crucial to showcase the versatility and ease of managing perms on short hair, providing men with more confidence in experimenting with different styles.

Misconception Rebuttal
Perms are only for long hair Short hair can be permed to create stylish and voluminous looks.
Perms are high maintenance Low-maintenance options such as body wave or layer perm are available for short hair.

Celebrities and Public Figures with Perms on Short Hair

Trend-setting male celebrities with permed short hair

Celebrities have been setting trends with permed short hair, redefining traditional masculinity and embracing a more versatile and expressive look. One trend-setting male celebrity is Zayn Malik, who has been spotted rocking a permed short hairstyle, showcasing a blend of edginess and sophistication. Another notable figure is Timothée Chalamet, who has sported a textured, perm-inspired hairstyle, adding a modern twist to the classic look.

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Social media influencers with permed hairstyles

On the social media front, influential personalities like @CurlyGuy have garnered attention for their permed hairstyles, inspiring a surge in interest and engagement around the look. Additionally, @CurlGenius has contributed to the proliferation of permed hairstyles among men, offering styling tips and product recommendations to their devoted followers. These influencers have effectively utilized their platforms to showcase the appeal and versatility of permed short hair for men, further popularizing the trend across various online communities.

Recommended Amazon Products for Perming Short Hair

Here’s a curated list of products that can help you achieve the perfect perm for short hair with ease. These recommendations are based on the functionality, price, and reviews from actual customers.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip Cord Cordless Hair Clipper for Barbers and Stylists- Easy Fading and Blending, All-Star Combo ( Professional 5-Star Magic Clip Cord)

Product 1 Product 2

The Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip is a high-quality clipper suitable for short hair maintenance before and after getting a perm. It’s cordless, making it convenient and easy to use, and offers great value for its price.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Versatile usage May need routine maintenance
Long battery life Might not be suitable for all hair types
Comfortable grip

Mudder 150 Pack Disposable Silicone Ear Protector Covers, Ear Caps for Hair Salon Barber Hair Styling Tools

These ear protector covers are an essential tool during the perming process, providing comfort and protection for clients. The pack of 150 ensures you have a large supply for multiple appointments at an affordable price.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Hygienic May not fit all ear sizes
Affordable Some other content
Convenient Some other content

Salonchic Hair Color 2.5″ Wide Tint Brush ( Hair Color)

Product 1 Product 2

A tint brush is crucial for applying perming solutions, and the Salonchic Hair Color tint brush is a top choice for professionals and DIYers alike. Its design allows for precise application and easy cleaning.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Easy to clean Handles may be too long for some users
Even application

Diane Jumbo Hair Coloring Tint Brush, 1.5 Inch, ( Jumbo Hair Coloring Tint Brush)

Product 1 Product 2

Another great option for a tint brush, the Diane Jumbo Hair Coloring Tint Brush, offers versatility and quality for applying perming solutions. The jumbo size allows for quick and efficient coverage.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Jumbo size May be too large for precision application

Diane D722 Color, Perm, and Conditioner Brush Set of 3, Multicolor ( D722 Color, Perm, and Conditioner Brush)

Product 1 Product 2

This set of 3 versatile brushes includes a color brush, perm brush, and conditioner brush for various salon needs. The durable and high-quality design makes them perfect for professional use.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Versatile usage Not suitable for individual purchase
Durable May not be needed for single use
High-quality Missing Cons data

Top Recommended Product for Perming Short Hair

If you’re looking for the best solution for perming short hair, we highly recommend the Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip Cord Cordless Hair Clipper. It offers versatility, convenience, and high value for its price, making it an essential tool for maintaining short hair before and after getting a perm.

Ready to improve your perming experience for short hair? Check out Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip Cord Cordless Hair Clipper today for the best results! ( Professional 5-Star Magic Clip Cord)

Product 1 Product 2


Perms on short hair guys offer a versatile and stylish option to enhance their look. The addition of texture and volume through perms can elevate the overall appearance of men with short hair, providing them with a fresh and dynamic style.

Experimenting with different perm styles can empower men to express their individuality and embrace modern trends, allowing them to showcase a confident and fashionable look.

Encouraging experimentation with different perm styles for men is essential in discovering the perfect look that suits their personality and lifestyle. From loose, natural curls to tight, defined curls, there are numerous perm styles that can cater to a variety of preferences.

By exploring different options, men can find a perm style that resonates with their desired aesthetic, providing them with a unique and personalized appearance that exudes charm and charisma.

The versatility of perms for short hair guys opens the door to a world of styling possibilities. Embracing perms can be a transformative experience for men, empowering them to revitalize their look and confidently express their individual style.

With the multitude of perm styles available, men with short hair can confidently explore different options and enjoy the confidence-boosting effects of a stylish and modern perm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can guys with short hair get a perm?

In the world of hairstyling, the possibilities for men with short hair are limitless, and perming is a fantastic way to add character and texture.

What length of hair is too short for a perm?

Although perms may turn out better with longer lengths of hair, hair can be any length as long as it can be wrapped around some texture altering.

How long will a perm last on a guy with short-medium hair?

A perm lasts for 2 to 4 months. If you use the right product for your perm, you can keep it for a long time, especially if you don't wash them.

Do perms damage your hair men?

Perms can cause damage to your hair over time, especially if you don't take care of your scalp health and get perms only from a trusted salon.

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